» » Recycled Percussion: Live at Allegheny (2006)

Recycled Percussion: Live at Allegheny (2006) Online

Recycled Percussion: Live at Allegheny (2006) Online
Original Title :
Recycled Percussion: Live at Allegheny
Genre :
Creative Work / Music
Year :
Directror :
Alex Thompson
Cast :
Justin Spencer,Greg Kassapis,Jerami Bellofatto
Budget :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Recycled Percussion: Live at Allegheny (2006) Online

Cast overview:
Justin Spencer Justin Spencer
Greg Kassapis Greg Kassapis
Jerami Bellofatto Jerami Bellofatto
Ryan Vezina Ryan Vezina

User reviews



The live show is amazing, and this video captures the show in all of it's spectacular glory! Musically amazing, and the interviews are fantastic! I have seen many shows in Vegas, Cirque, Blue Man, Stomp, and Recycled Percussion will most certainly be a fixture in Las Vegas soon. Having seen the show and the DVD many times, something new is always revealed. The DVD brings insight to the performers, the show and the difficulty behind the production that you would never realize from just watching the show. The only thing more interesting than the DVD is the bands podcast from the road. I recommend this DVD... it should be on TV!!!


We all have seen someone play buckets, but after seeing their live show AND seeing the DVD, I am beyond impressed. I love drumming and music, and that made me attracted to the show. I figured it would be kind of a novelty experience, but it was like a full blown rock concert. I bought the DVD, and what a blast. The band is hilarious, interesting, and even the director was cool enough to respond to my e mails about the DVD and the filming. Experiencing this show in any way is a total win. There are concepts in this DVD that refine your understanding of what it takes to put on a performance like Recycled Percussions. From hitting on buckets that don't "give" as much as a regular drum, to breaking ankles and touring non-stop with a huge production. The show rocks, the DVD made me a fan for life.


I have seen their live show three times, and the DVD is amazing! As a musician and a music performance fan, anyone will appreciate not only the great performances but the awesome quality of the DVD itself.

Everyone has seen street performers drum on buckets. These guys have entire drum kits made of buckets but it doesn't stop there. Power tools, jack hammers and a ton of other "junk". The DJ element adds a twist that really fills out the music.

The DVD also has lots of interview footage that doesn't give some pre-scripted bunch of sound bytes. It really shows the personality of the players and what it is like to be on the road. The show is truly amazing and so many things can go wrong... you really get a great feel from this DVD. Really makes you feel like you are part of the show.