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The Soviet Union's Last Stand (2001) Online

The Soviet Union's Last Stand (2001) Online
Original Title :
The Soviet Unionu0027s Last Stand
Genre :
Movie / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Malcolm Brinkworth
Type :
Time :
Rating :
The Soviet Union's Last Stand (2001) Online

Cast overview:
Rod Culbertson Rod Culbertson - Himself - Narrator (voice)

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Although I am of this period of time, it took a recent trip to Russia for work to make me take a second look at Russia as a country. If my handful of other reviews on this site doesn't tell you, I should point out that when I look for information I will generally look to BBC4 and Storyville for documentaries on every and any subject. Coincidentally, while I was out in Russia, BBC4 did a season of documentaries on various aspect of the country – from the long term history through to the modern Putin Government .

This film focuses on the period where power moved from Gorbachov to Yetslin through way of coup, civil war and, ultimately, political process and the fall of communism occurred. It is a complex and globally impacting period but yet the film manages to make it simple without ever being simplistic. I did feel that the subject could easily have filled three hours but as it was for the level I was at one hour was probably the right period of time to cover it at the level I needed. The film benefits from contributions (albeit brief contributions) from key players at the time and this does lend it some weight that helps it but mainly it is easily watched because of how accessible the structure makes the topic.

Overall then a simple documentary but not a simplistic one that does a good job of making recent Russian history accessible and understandable even if those already fully in the know will find it all a bit too basic. However if, like me, you know of but not about the events of the film then this will be a good tool in your education.