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Dieser Mann ist gefährlich (1953) Online

Dieser Mann ist gefährlich (1953) Online
Original Title :
Cet homme est dangereux
Genre :
Movie / Adventure
Year :
Directror :
Jean Sacha
Cast :
Eddie Constantine,Colette Deréal,Grégoire Aslan
Writer :
Jacques Berland,Peter Cheyney
Type :
Time :
1h 32min
Rating :
Dieser Mann ist gefährlich (1953) Online

An escaped convict on the run becomes the newest member of the international criminal network. In order to gain the respect of the gang, he gets involved in a plot to kidnap a rich American heiress.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Eddie Constantine Eddie Constantine - Lemmy Caution
Colette Deréal Colette Deréal - Constance
Grégoire Aslan Grégoire Aslan - Siegella
Claude Borelli Claude Borelli - Miranda
Véra Norman Véra Norman - Susanne
Jacqueline Pierreux Jacqueline Pierreux - Dora
Roland Bailly Roland Bailly - Johny
Guy Decomble Guy Decomble - Jacques le Dingue
Luc Andrieux Luc Andrieux - Maurice
Henry Djanik Henry Djanik - William Bosco (as Henri Djanik)
Émile Genevois Émile Genevois - L'athlète
Roger Goze Roger Goze
Gil Delamare Gil Delamare
Jacques Angelvin Jacques Angelvin
Don Ziegler Don Ziegler

User reviews



CET HOMME EST DANGEREUX, directed by the rather unknown Jean Sacha in France in 1953, is a top drawer French B film noir, and is the match, or better than, any other B film noir anywhere.

US special agent Lemmy Caution (the highly popular US-born actor Eddie Constantine, who made a career in European movies) infiltrates a gang led by the suave but deadly Siegella (Gregoire Aslan). Caution conveys his plan: to abduct a wealthy American heiress, Miranda, played by the curvaceous 19 year old Claude Borelli, and he is not shy to demand the then fabulous sum of $250,000 to get the job done.

Prior to that, Caution shows his assassin-like touch by dispatching another criminal kingpin who had killed a couple of his colleagues. The sequence is done in stark chiaroscuro and Tavernier highlights it in his JOURNÉE A TRAVERS LE CINEMA FRANÇAIS (2016), noting the interesting detail that Caution pinpoints the position of his nemesis by following the sound of the music played on the yacht.

The gorgeous Collette Deréal plays Constance, cold and professional enough to keep Caution's charm at arm's length, whilst attempting some devilish moves to foil him.

Action sequences are pretty good, the earlier ones better than the final shootout, and I also enjoyed the comic touches, above all when Caution tells Miranda to not speak in English because audiences do not like subtitles.

Photography and direction are excellent for a B product. Acting is pretty good, with Constantine, Deréal and Aslan magnetic throughout, and the script has some great zingers, even if credibility occasionally suffers.

I had great fun watching this flick and can understand why Constantine and his films were so popular in Europe in general, and France in particular, in the 1950s and 1960s. A well deserved 8/10.