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Lost in a Dream (2018) Online

Lost in a Dream (2018) Online
Original Title :
Lost in a Dream
Genre :
Creative Work / Adult / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Alis Locanta
Cast :
Cassie Del Isla,Caomei Bala,Julia Roca
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 14min
Rating :
Lost in a Dream (2018) Online

Cast overview:
Cassie Del Isla Cassie Del Isla
Caomei Bala Caomei Bala
Julia Roca Julia Roca
Ena Sweet Ena Sweet
Silvia Dellai Silvia Dellai
Crystal Caitlin Crystal Caitlin - (as Cristal Caitlin)

User reviews



I discovered director Alis Locanta with Dorcel's excellent feature "Madam Eva and Her Girls", but watching his work for Viv Thomas demonstrates the significance of who one is working for. The sparkle and narrative magic of the Dorcel approach is nullified by the mindlessness of a typical Viv lesbian exercise.

Alis is quite repetitive in these four silent vignettes, each consisting of a lesbian "top" as it were gazing at her sleepy partner and imagining a dreamy sex scene while in reality one or the other masturbates. It's boring in the extreme, especially when cobbled together into a short (74 minutes, gyp level running time in an era of three hours & up vignette shows) DVD.

The rising young star Cassie Del Isla, better showcased in various recent Dorcel releases including the aforementioned "Madam Eva", is here too, but the beauties on view have little to do other than XXX posturing.