» » Nie ma rózy bez ognia (1974)

Nie ma rózy bez ognia (1974) Online

Nie ma rózy bez ognia (1974) Online
Original Title :
Nie ma rózy bez ognia
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Stanislaw Bareja
Cast :
Jacek Fedorowicz,Mieczyslaw Czechowicz,Stanislawa Celinska
Writer :
Stanislaw Bareja,Jerzy Dobrowolski
Type :
Time :
1h 31min
Rating :
Nie ma rózy bez ognia (1974) Online

After moving from a small flat to a bigger one, a young married couple unexpectedly meet their new flatmate. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jacek Fedorowicz Jacek Fedorowicz - Janek Filikiewicz
Mieczyslaw Czechowicz Mieczyslaw Czechowicz - Lusia's Father
Stanislawa Celinska Stanislawa Celinska - Lusia
Jerzy Dobrowolski Jerzy Dobrowolski - Jerzy Dabczak
Wieslaw Golas Wieslaw Golas - Kowalski
Halina Kowalska Halina Kowalska - Wanda
Bronislaw Pawlik Bronislaw Pawlik - Administrator
Stanislaw Tym Stanislaw Tym - Zenek
Jadwiga Chojnacka Jadwiga Chojnacka - Tradeswoman
Maria Chwalibóg Maria Chwalibóg - Neighbour
Jan Himilsbach Jan Himilsbach - Guard
Cezary Julski Cezary Julski - Man in Cloakroom
Henryk Kluba Henryk Kluba - Bogus Poganek
Krzysztof Kowalewski Krzysztof Kowalewski - Militiaman
Jan Kobuszewski Jan Kobuszewski - Postman

User reviews

The Sphinx of Driz

The Sphinx of Driz

Nobody wouldn't believe, that screenplay wasn't total sci-fi. But one of the best movies directed by polish comedy master Stanislaw Bareja, was based on a real and completely absurd tenant regulations (script was advised by a lawyer). It's a 1974's Poland. Young marriage Jan and Wanda Filikiewicz, moves from one little room to a large flat. Unfortunately, a former husband of Wanda Filikiewicz came along with them, because twisted regulations allows that action. Poor Jerzy is trying to kick off uninvited co-tenant Jerzy Dabczak, but everything he touches, turns back to him. But it's going even worse - clever Jerzy does his best to make hell out of Jan and Wanda's life. Just like other Bareja's comedies, "Nie ma rozy bez ognia" is fully understandable only for someone who lived in Poland those days. And believe me - it's one of the best polish comedies ever.