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Project Gelb (2014) Online

Project Gelb (2014) Online
Original Title :
Project Gelb
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Short
Year :
Directror :
Francis Luta
Cast :
Aliaksander Hryb,Chris Tsujiuchi,Chris Jai Centeno
Writer :
Francis Luta
Budget :
CAD 7,000
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Project Gelb (2014) Online

In individual interviews, urban Asian males living in Canada speak about being Asian in western culture in light of what is the prevalence especially in gay dating ads specifying "no fats, no fems, no Asians". The issue with such statement is that no one can do anything about their ethnicity, but they can change their weight and the way they act. Asians - most specifically east and southeast Asians - are generally viewed as the least physically attractive cultural grouping in western society, with south Asians not far behind. This awareness of what can be viewed as racial discrimination, and not just a preference, has increased with online dating and hookup sites and geopositional apps such as Grindr. Beyond the discrimination they've faced in their sexual life, they talk about: their own sexual preferences in terms of race, why they think it may be and what they've done to address it; what they think their sexual life would be like if they were white; what being Asian means to their ...
Complete credited cast:
Aliaksander Hryb Aliaksander Hryb - 'No Asians' Protester
Chris Tsujiuchi Chris Tsujiuchi - Himself - Interviewee
Chris Jai Centeno Chris Jai Centeno - Himself - Interviewee
Albert Wong Albert Wong - Himself - Interviewee (as Dr. Albert Wong)
Steven Van Nguyen Steven Van Nguyen - Himself - Interviewee
Jaime Woo Jaime Woo - Himself - Interviewee
Gord Hatanaka Gord Hatanaka - Himself - Interviewee
Ruban Lawrence Ruban Lawrence - Himself - Interviewee
Kevin Wong Kevin Wong - Himself - Interviewee