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Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed (1998) Online

Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed (1998) Online
Original Title :
Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed
Genre :
Creative Work / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Raymond Martino,Anna Nicole Smith
Cast :
Anna Nicole Smith,Morgan Daniel,Ahmo Hight
Writer :
Raymond Martino,Anna Nicole Smith
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed (1998) Online

Anna Nicole Smith as herself describe a "normal" day of her life and shows what she think and feel about any person or anything in her daily life. From male servant to female servant, from cook to driver, from friends to lawyers, from photographer to a camera, from bed to bath-tub, she describes everything about her daily life.
Complete credited cast:
Anna Nicole Smith Anna Nicole Smith - Herself
Morgan Daniel Morgan Daniel - The Chauffeur
Ahmo Hight Ahmo Hight - The Maid
Jason Schnuit Jason Schnuit - The Chef
Chris Gann Chris Gann - Baron (as Christian Gann)

The entire film was shot in three days.

User reviews



I'm going to take a break from my stream of horror movie reviews to analyze another piece of fine art...

For some reason I've decided to watch Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed! on Showtime this evening. When it opens, Anna is just waking up in bed, with the usual fake lashes, fake mole and three inches of make-up schlepped on her face (ahhh... the natural look!)... "Every morning I masturbate... A refreshing wake-up...What a great way to start the day!" Whoa! Next thing I know she's in a bubble bath with her "maid" going to town and then talking in her third-grade educated twangy Texas voice about how "personal" oral sex is while lopping cream off a strawberry. I'm waiting for her to accidentally smudge her fake Marilyn "beauty mark" right off her cheek, but no such luck. True artistry at work, I tell ya. But as a big fan of the train wreck that was the Anna Nicole show, I can't stop watching this... In between the sex scenes, we get Anna modeling sessions, Anna blowing bubbles, Anna confessing her ridiculous sex fantasies into an RKO-style radio microphones, Anna lying in bed rubbing her silicone mounds, Anna moaning like like she's standing at the end of 50 foot tunnel and much more. So yes... This is basically Anna Nicole Does Soft Core. Some of the scenes are great, especially if you're an Anna Nicole fan and there are long clips from her action movie TO THE LIMIT (1995), but the best thing is listening to Anna Nicole fumbling at reciting her "sexy" dialog.


It makes me feel a bit miffed when folks down grade women who model in the erotica & sensuality media. "Exposed" is Anna Nicole Smith doing what she dreamed of doing apparently most of her life: modeling.

What I enjoy about her style is that she is direct, believable, gorgeous and speaking intimately to viewers as if we were right at the dressing room table with her.

During "Exposed," Smith is obviously having a blast, especially when she gets to play the lady boss, interviewing men for a job. Smith reveals the power play that is essential to all sensuality.

The photography is done mainly by women. The scenes are created mainly by women. The entire production is Smith's. Her costumes are scrumptious.

When there are sex scenes, Smith does an over-voice during a few--explicating how she feels about what's happening during the staged scenes. When Smith is not talking viewers through the scenes, the music is hot stuff for folks who are from the generations that like rock n roll.

Now that I've seen her modeling in "Exposed," I'm madder than ever that Smith was given such a public bum rap about being a talentless hussy. She was very talented as a model. When she wasn't trying to act and was being herself at that dressing room table, Smith had a way about her that made me want to know her. She comes across as a super lovable woman who's easy to work with, if not a delight.

Women's cameras trained upon her surely loved what they shot of Smith as well. "Exposed" to me reveals a very real Anna Nicole Smith. The show doesn't need any of the sex scenes. The modeling scenes, in and of themselves, are great sensuous media. I can now see why she compared herself to Marilyn Monroe--physically. Actually, Smith's figure in "Exposed," is better than Monroe's ever was. However, Monroe was a fine actress and shouldn't either have been dismissed as simply a "sex-symbol." Just like Monroe had terrific comic timing (especially in "Some Like It Hot," with Lemmon & Curtis in drag!), Smith had a great sense of how much to give and show of herself, what clothes were exotic on her, what colors revealed the lovely near flawlessness of her skin.

"Exposed" is a very adult only film about Smith's fantasies as a model. I have one more gripe--the list of credits of her work here on IMDb is by no means complete. If Smith was such a gold-digger, as she was made out to be by media thugs, then how come she's got a work vitae pages long? The woman worked! And she loved her work.

I bet 1992-1994 Playboy media of various sorts with Smith modeling has sold like mad from the moment her images hit the public's eye.

Why isn't it okay for a girl to pursue a dream of becoming a sensuous model who rises to the top in her field when she's a grown woman? I say to anyone who puts Ms. Smith down for the dream she did fulfill, the laugh's on you. This was a powerful woman who went after exactly what she wanted out of life. Since she died barely middle-aged, it's a darned good thing she did reach many of her life goals. I'm very glad that she had a good time with her body while she was alive in it!


If you like Anna - and want to see her revealing more - then catch this. The feature takes us through one of Anna's typical days and, as a bonus, you get some of the sexy clips from her movies at the end.

The plot is weak (as can be expected) but the abundance of nudity, TV-camera shot sex scenes and oozings of Anna naked will certainly attract some. If you don't want to see this - miss it.


Anna Nicole Smith is the epitome of "free spirit". A beautiful, sexy woman, would make any man's heart rate speed up. I could watch her anywhere, anytime. Anna Nicole is probably the material of every man's dreams. In spite of the criticism of others, she is an inspiration of sexuality.


I saw Anna Nicole:Exposed just last night and I must say that I was stunned. She was and still is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. I just wish everyone would quit ragging on her about her weight and her life choices. No one has the right to cast a stone at Anna, she does what she wants and doesn't hurt any of us in the process. Way to go girl! I watch her faithfully and she never fails to bring a smile to my face.



The movie that shows Anna Nicole Smith's "typical" day. Or let's just say what people wish her typical day was. Just masturbating, having sex and taking erotic pictures.

The movie is obviously not a documentary, nor is it porn,, I am not even too sure how to rate it based on the genre. I guess it is some soft erotica.

Of course the movie is mainly directed at men. But as a female I still enjoyed it. The casting scene was pretty hot, but obviously the main target were guys because she told the hottest guy to leave and chose the normal guy who most men could associate with. In the female fantasy she would be banging the hot blonde.

Besides that we have some lesbian sex, sex with butlers, and a lot of hot picture taken. Anna looks beautiful. I just recently watched Skyscraper and thought she looked to weird and stiff. None of it is here. She is very good looking and charismatic.


I thought that this was an interesting type of film.. The fact that she was not afraid to delve into the adult side of film acting just shows how dynamic she truly was. RIP Anna Nichole.. If you watch this film, you'll definitely be a little surprised! I know I was. As a matter of fact, I knew that she had done some soft core, however, I didn't know that it had been released. Anyway, as we all know, Anna was one of the most beautiful women to live, and we are fortunate to have so many beautiful images of her. She will go down in history as a truly iconic female. It's a shame that we didn't get to see more. I wonder what she would have done with her life had she been able to live it out completely. So sad.