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Seeds of Doubt (1998) Online

Seeds of Doubt (1998) Online
Original Title :
Seeds of Doubt
Genre :
Movie / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Peter Foldy
Cast :
Peter Coyote,Alberta Watson,Joe Lando
Writer :
David Wiechorek
Type :
Time :
1h 34min
Rating :
Seeds of Doubt (1998) Online

Jennifer Kingsley, a newspaper journalist, believes a man has been falsely convicted of murder, and becomes set on proving his innocence.
Credited cast:
Peter Coyote Peter Coyote - Police Lt. Henry Dexter
Alberta Watson Alberta Watson - Jennifer Kingsley
Joe Lando Joe Lando - Raymond Crawford
Colin Fox Colin Fox - David Golden
Frank Moore Frank Moore - Lester Crowley
Brooke Johnson Brooke Johnson - Mary Grimes
David Storch David Storch - David Grimes
Tony Rosato Tony Rosato - Nick Brand
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Allan Aarons Allan Aarons - Vagrant
John Bourgeois John Bourgeois - Amos Caldwell
David Collins David Collins - Doctor
Joseph Di Mambro Joseph Di Mambro - Mike Delabonte (as Joseph DiMambro)
Michael Dunston Michael Dunston - Jail Guard
Sten Eirik Sten Eirik - Joe Bly
Nuala Fitzgerald Nuala Fitzgerald - Marleen Donovan

User reviews



So-so thriller mystery that will bore some but mainly watchable for Joe Lando's sexual presence. Basic Instinct wannabe that sends you the usual "is he guilty or isn't he?" route. Alberta Watson, as usual, is cold as an iceberg, but Lando's on fire. Watch out for different editions of this movie: the love scene goes from pg13 in the US edition with Joe rocking suggestively his naked arse to X-rated in the harder to find director's cut where Joe goes full frontal, erected and obviously experiences a real orgasm while "playing" the part. A very surprising animalistic side for the fans of Dr. Quinn: Sully was romantic, but Lando is one sexy beast!


I recently watched Seeds of Doubt film with Joe Lando, Alberta Watson and Peter Coyote. For those who like good thriller's especially suspense thrillers this is the movie for you. This movie will keep you on your toes all the way and is very well acted. I would recommend everyone to try and see this film, it is worth the money. Alberta Watson and Joe Lando together are well suited as co-actors, they seems to work in sink with each other. This is no ordinary Who Dunit film but a Who Dunit with a twist, Joe Lando has an amazing body although from the other review I read I did not get to see the uncut version, the version I saw did have the usual nudity scene in it but nothing that children could not view, would have loved to see the other version as well as I am a huge fan of Joe Lando and to see him uncut would be very pleasant indeed.


A journalist clears a man of a murder committed 4 years earlier. She falls in love with him but her former policeman lover is convinced the man is guilty.

The film works to a 'standard guess the culprit' formula. It's quite exciting with a couple of twists. If you like murder mysteries this fits the bill. 7/10


***SPOILERS*** Straight to video or DVD slasher movie that takes place in Montreal Canada involving investigative news reporter Jennifer "Jenny" Kingsley, Alberta Watson, trying to get a convected murderer artist Raymond Crawford, Joe Lando, released from jail in that he was railroaded into prison on false and flimsy evidence. That all came to light when religious fanatic Joe Bly, Stan Eric, was nabbed by the cops and admitted murdering fashion model Sara McBain, Lisa Wagner, whom he sliced open from her throat down to her belly button. With the very obvious deranged Bly confession both only to Sara's murder but Lois Kowalski's, who was murdered the exact same way four years ago, as well it's now apparent to reporter Jenny Kingsley that an innocent man, Raymond Crawford, was sent to prison for a crime that he didn't commit!

With Bly later committing suicide in his jail cell by slashing his throat and wrists with his crucifix where he couldn't be cross examined it's now a slam dunk that Crawford will be released from prison due to the late Bly's confession from the murder Lois Kowalski that he was convicted of. It's now that the seeds of doubt about who murderer Sara as well as Lois start to blossom together with the love affair between ex-con Crawford and reporter Jenny Kingsley who had the hots for the very hairy, they don't give haircuts in prison?, and handsome guy since she covered his murder trial some four years ago. Checking out all the evidence in the Lois Kowalski murder Jenny finds out that the main witness at the trial Mrs. Mary Grimes' (Brooks Johnson), who later was also murdered by the elusive killer, testimony had a number of major inconsistencies in it.

****SPOILERS**** While Jenny was digging for more proof a number of other like wise murders were committed in and around the Toronto Metropolitan area. One of which was a former cell-mate of Raymond Crawford Lester Crowley, Frank Moore, who claimed that Crawford confessed his murder of Miss Kowalski to him while the two were serving time behind bars! There's also wild eyed and obsessed Toronto police detective the creepy looking Let. Henry Dexter, Peter Coyote, whom Jemnny Kingsley threw aside for the blond handsome hairy and viral Raymond Crawford which made one wonder what his obsession in putting Crawrod behind bars was rally all about! Crawford stealing his love Jenny Kingsley away from him or in him really being what was soon to be dubbed by the local newspapers the "Toronto Model Slasher".

The ending of the movie leaves the viewers a bit confused in just who the on the loose "model murder or slasher" really is since we at the time you thought he was already exposed and apprehended by the Toronto police. It's done in such a sneaky and underhanded way that if you turned off the TV a minute or two before the credits started rolling you would have missed it.