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Plasma (2014) Online

Plasma (2014) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Short / Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Rick Peters
Cast :
Jake Moore,Dave McNulty,James Griffin
Writer :
Rick Peters,Rick Peters
Budget :
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Chicago 2035, terrorists have attacked. An average man holds the key to a cure. As time runs out and the viral infections reach epidemic proportions, the leaders of government operation attempt to save the man and find the cure.

Plasma (2014) Online

When terrorists attack Chicago in the year 2035, the government responds by creating a special unit called RIFT to combat the blood-borne virus unleashed by the blast. An average man living in the suburbs holds the key to a cure, but before RIFT can apprehend him, he is kidnapped and held hostage by the terrorist group. As time runs out and the viral infections reach epidemic proportions, the leaders of RIFT approve a daring, risky and desperate mission to save the man and find the cure.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Jake Moore Jake Moore - Agent Nolan (as Jacob Moore)
Dave McNulty Dave McNulty - Agent Keyes
James Griffin James Griffin - Agent Harris
Andrea Kfoury Andrea Kfoury - Megan Burke
Shannon Brown Shannon Brown - Michael Burke
Mino Mackic Mino Mackic - Andre Petrov
Dan J. Johnson Dan J. Johnson - Agent Nichols
Osahon Tongo Osahon Tongo - Agent Tongo
John Cella John Cella - Agent Nickens
Anthony Panzica Anthony Panzica - Agent Lawrence
Richard Renik Richard Renik - President of the United States
Will Gillespie Will Gillespie - Agent Ross (as William Gillespie)
Talena Caza Talena Caza - Agent Matthews
Adam Stephenson Adam Stephenson - Reporter #1
Corrina Crade Corrina Crade - Reporter #2

The movie contains no stock footage of any kind.

The crew used six different types of cameras to shoot the movie. These included the Red One, Red Scarlet, Red Epic, Canon 7D, Canon 60D, and the GoPro Hero.

Agent Nolan was originally set to be played by a different actor but when he suddenly quit the project after one day of shooting, Jacob Moore was bumped up from a supporting role to the main role.

Most of the costumes are simply Halloween costumes.

All the gunshots and muzzle flashes were created digitally, none of the weapons fired blanks. Blood splatters and bullet hits were also created digitally, without the use of squibs.

This is technically the third version of Plasma. Writer/director Rick Peters originally made a horror version, featuring a vampire in the plot, but eventually dropped that element and remade it with a more realistic, military angle. He then further expanded the scope and realism for this version.

Actor James Griffin has appeared in six projects directed by Rick Peters, including the previous version of Plasma, where he played an almost identical character.

When one of the RIFT soldiers throws a grenade into a hole, with his back to the wall, there is a spray-painted logo on the wall. This is the RP logo that director Rick Peters uses on his website.

Due to scheduling conflicts, most of the action scenes with the RIFT soldiers were shot using body doubles, which is why their faces stay covered with masks for most of the sequence.

User reviews



When a dirty bomb releases a virus, the Government race to secure the one man whose blood can be mixed to produce a cure – however the enemy is also racing to get to him first.

Interest to read around on the internet to find out a little more about the making of this film. Reportedly it was made for about ?3500, in several states over the space of several years – I also read that it uses no stock footage at all. Watching the film this is a little hard to believe, as it really looks like a film that must have cost much, much more than that. It has sky-diving, prop weapons, effects shots of explosions, jets and helicopters, and generally has the sheen and excess of a blockbuster action movie. I guess that, if it did cost what they say, that certainly a lot of it was made from favours and borrowing props/outfits (the writer/director has a very busy resume of being on the set of blockbuster action movies as a a production assistant).

Regardless though, it is a film that aims high is manages to pull off the feel of a summer thriller surprisingly well; the director having a good sense of the type of music and movement that generally makes these things work. The irony then is that it also manages to capture the weaknesses of the blockbuster. The plot is poor and even though it is only 20 minutes long, the plot holes are there for the taking. Accordingly the characters are weak and, without a big presence in the lead, there is no charisma or star-power to cover this gap. In the end it is hard to be too interested in what is happening and how it ends, even if it is distracting to watch men with guns running and shouting.

As a production Plasma is a real achievement that will make you want to try to understand more of the making, since it seems almost impossible to have done on such little money. However, as a film it engages a lot less, producing some solid generic pace, but not too much more than that.