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Power Play (1994) Online

Power Play (1994) Online
Original Title :
Power Play
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Sport
Year :
Directror :
Rocky Lane
Cast :
Marietta DePrima,Ken Olandt,Hagan Beggs
Writer :
Rocky Lane,Michael O. Sajbel
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Power Play (1994) Online

Credited cast:
Marietta DePrima Marietta DePrima
Ken Olandt Ken Olandt - Cody Harris
Hagan Beggs Hagan Beggs
Campbell Lane Campbell Lane
Olivia Jones Olivia Jones - (as Olivia Palenstein)
Ryan Walter Ryan Walter
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Don Knodel Don Knodel - Hank the bus driver
Sue Morales Sue Morales - Native American Store Owner

User reviews



It has hard to believe that this film was only 62 min's long ! It was excellent, and for having a no-name cast, it was a great piece of art. This movie made me smile and at times , cry. The message of the story is the best thing - some things are more important than money !!! The excerpts with Billy Graham gave this movie direction and purpose. But it is the word of God that makes this short film great ! Any Christians (or non )who are dating will love this movie. I thought it was romantic too. Before the film ends, you will be so interested in the leading characters, that you will wish for a sequel. This movie is living proof that motion pictures can be clean and still be very entertaining. That Heroes are the ones who are doing the right things regardless of what the secular world believes. I just loved the performance of the lady called "the Terminator" - lol.


Roberta, known as Robbie (Mariette DePrima) is a hotshot Vancouver lawyer. She works for the local hockey franchise, The Blades, and she has heard that the owner wants to sell the team. Hoping to up the ante and add a step to her own career ladder, she decides to ask a newly-retired player, Cody (Ken Olandt) to join the Blade's roster. Truth is, Cody was an excellent athlete and the attendance at hockey games would be great increased, thus adding mightily to the value of the team. But, finding him is a problem! It seems that Cody left hockey because he became a dedicated Christian and didn't want to rough up the opposition anymore. Also, he is now living in a remote area of Canada, mountainous and difficult to locate. But, Robbie does, for this is one determined female. Initially, Cody resists the whole idea but, in time, he warms up to the lady lawyer and her request, especially when she goes hiking with him. But, the hockey great tells Robbie that he will not be slamming anyone into the boards in the future or getting into fights. So, will Cody recapture his hockey stardom and, perhaps, Robbie's heart and soul? This is really a lovely film, despite being made on a more limited budget with no real stars. Actually, DePrima, Olandt, and all of the others do a very fine job, nothing amateurish whatsoever. Billy Graham himself makes a brief but important appearance, for he had a hand in the making of the film. The setting in Canada is beautiful and the story, direction, and production values are high. Olandt's costumes leave much to be desired, for such a handsome man, but DePrima's outfits are winning. Most importantly, the film's Christian themes may be attractive to certain audiences. However, that should not limit its potential viewer base, for it really is a fine romantic drama. Power up the DVD player and put his one in for an enjoyable watch.