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Ex-Mom Movement (2016) Online

Ex-Mom Movement (2016) Online
Original Title :
Ex-Mom Movement
Genre :
Creative Work / Adult / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Stills By Alan
Cast :
Mercedes Carrera,Goldie Glock,Riley Reid
Writer :
Lucy J
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
2h 45min
Rating :
Ex-Mom Movement (2016) Online

Cast overview:
Mercedes Carrera Mercedes Carrera
Goldie Glock Goldie Glock - (as Goldie)
Riley Reid Riley Reid
Allie Haze Allie Haze - Dr. Allie
Karla Kush Karla Kush - Bonus Scene: Patient

User reviews



Except for a lame moment at the end trying vainly to link this feature to Bree Mills' ongoing Lesbian Apocalypse mythos and her Mantis resistance group, "Ex-Mom Movement" is an asinine episode in the porn filmmaker's ongoing nonsense about a world filled with predatory step-moms. In fact, this Girfriends release from one of Gamma Entertainment's labels takes Mills' notion to such an extreme as to be utterly ridiculous on its face.

Mercedes Carrera, a surefire villainess in Mills' porno universe, is cast as a remarried woman who had a history of having sex with her previous step daughters and is now having sex with her new step-daughters, making four victims in total. I found the exposition confusing, but one could conclude that rather than begetting offspring of her own (boy children don't exist in the Mills universe) she may have acquired serially four daughters with different fathers, whatever concatenation fits the crypto-incest format so that the daughters are not blood-related to each other, either. It is this straining of credulity and specificity to avoid violating some porno doctrine against incest, while exploiting incest to the hilt, that makes these Bree exercises not merely overly complex but stupid.

In flashback we get to see wonderful Sara Luvv and Jenna Sativa humped by Mercedes during her previous marriage (neither young actress gets a screen credit, typical slovenliness by these filmmakers), and then we see current daughters Riley Reid and Goldie plotting against their new mom to get her in the sack. This is dramatically untenable, as what easier target than this child molester could one find for the new kids to try and seduce -not much of a conflict there. As usual, the mysterious "Lucy J" gets story credit -thank you Lazy Lucy.

After all this sex, Mercedes heads to a shrink, or rather psychotherapist, unconvincingly played by Dr. Allie Haze, who previously has played this role in Bree's Mantis series. The young (too young for the role, obviously) doc puts Mercedes through conversion therapy which ironically is not the traditional '50s conversion to "cure" homosexuals but rather seems to be conversion to create homosexuals or in this case lesbians, which Mercedes already is despite her protests. None of this crap is meant to make any sense, but presumably amuses a brain-dead audience tuned in for wall-to-wall sex in the first place.

Treated as a bonus feature is what is termed as a "Pilot" for a series, which hopefully will be rejected. Actually it's just Allie continuing her shrink role, this time with kute Karla Kush as patient, also treated to Sapphic Conversion Therapy. As with Mercedes, it's just role-playing with Allie again seducing her patient. Yes, repetition is the main mode of creativity of producer Mills and her right-hand-man, director Stills by Alan. Bottom line is that all these talented performers, headed by superstar Reid and lovely newcomer Goldie, photograph well in lesbian action and that is all this loser has to offer. Generic sex content.