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Angel (2015) Online

Angel (2015) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Ray Burdis
Cast :
John Hannah,Margo Stilley,Karel Roden
Writer :
Ray Burdis
Type :
Time :
1h 23min
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Angel (2015) Online

Angel, a woman who was horribly abused by her grandmother as a little girl and institutionalized after killing her, embarks on a killing spree as an adult. Though sentenced for the rest of her life to an insane asylum, She was released due to inside governmental pressure while being pronounced dead in order to avoid public outcry. Now she is on the loose again, and a government agent is ordered to kill her in order to cover up the blunder.
Cast overview, first billed only:
John Hannah John Hannah - Lapslie
Margo Stilley Margo Stilley - Bradbury
Karel Roden Karel Roden - Stevens
Mark Burdis Mark Burdis - Mark
Jenn Murray Jenn Murray - Angel
Peter-Hugo Daly Peter-Hugo Daly - Uncle Tommy
Georgina Hale Georgina Hale - Grandma
Jason Maza Jason Maza - George
Christopher Sciueref Christopher Sciueref - Colima
Beryl Nesbitt Beryl Nesbitt - Violet
Andrew Woodall Andrew Woodall - Lord Hall
David Elliot David Elliot - PC Dunne
Crissy Rock Crissy Rock - Auntie
Richard Blackwood Richard Blackwood - Junior
Debra Baker Debra Baker - Little Girl's Mother

When filming on the pier in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex the fifty extras ,all locals, were unpaid but got fed twice a day by the local Pier Avenue cafe

The Scenes shot in Clacton were shot during one of the worst winters for several years. The Stormy Sea scenes were some of the roughest seas off Clacton Beach for several years and around the same time the nearby village of Jaywick was evacuated due to an Atlantic Surge that threatened to flood the area. Shortly after the movie was shot, the Helter Skelter used for the exterior shots of The Clowns Hideaway was damaged by high winds and had to be taken down as it was dangerous. It has not been replaced as yet.

User reviews



Still Waters (Angel) is almost a parody of classic sci-fi Species. It follows an enigmatic girl as she goes on a killing spree while a team of experts is chasing her. The delivery is astonishingly bad and highly unrealistic, it practically becomes comedy at times. Script consists of profanity spamming for every other sentences, which doesn't help the forced silly acting. The movie is a test of patience and endurance.

The problem starts with the main character Angel (Jenn Murray). Be it the direction or acting from Murray, she looks like a ludicrous imitation of mannequin. It's so terribly exaggerated with repetitive bland monologue and sudden burst of tantrum. This is supposedly to be a dangerous girl, yet she just looks odd as though she's is trapped in bizarre Halloween party for eternity, both the look and reaction are so fake.

Other characters don't fare better either. They are made of several crime drama clichés, the stern female investigator for example. She is the epitome of 80s macho template but now in lady form. The bravado is superficially overwhelming, she may just wear eyepatch and grow a beard. Surprisingly, John Hannah is here, though it doesn't help much with the feeble script.

Writing is sloppy, utilizing chain of curses for any development. Furthermore, the story is littered with irregularities, from surreal reactions to dumb characters. It tries to bring heavy issue like child abuse or psychological trauma, yet the presentation is too odd to be believable. There's no decent conclusion for the excruciating spectacle.

There's a term, uncanny valley, to depict CGI effect that almost mimics real human but eerily not enough and eventually looking like strange doll. This applies to this movie, it extremely fake and foolish, it's unbearable to watch.


I was surprised to read the highly negative reviews for this film. I found it creepy and intriguing. The theme of child abuse pulled at my heart strings. The strange mixture of politics and intimate horror, was quite unusual and interesting, as such. The fact, that the film is British added to my pleasure, as I generally find British films more realistic/serious, than American films. I appreciated all the actors in their roles. The tough female cop, although not unattractive, didn't look like a (ridiculous) fashion model, as so many do in American crime films. I thought, that she had a realistic edginess. This wasn't a "great" film, but I appreciated its dark quirkiness.


As a lover of movies not everything has to be Finely polished as long as an attachment and understanding can be found with the characters and a story line can carry itself along while keeping me entertained. This movie had all this for me and I found it quite enjoyable. It contained a story line that Contained elements of a thriller, elements of horror as well as comedy. Some people expect to much from movies and give bad reviews simply because they expected something different, a preconceived idea of what a film is about and how it should evolve. You just have to take in what the characters are trying to convey and let the story unfold. Pay attention to the dialogue and the scenes. Take note of all the details on the screen not just the main characters. While some films could have a better ending we can always end it differently in our minds. I enjoyed this film and found it to be individual and different.


Sadly my career as courier to cheeky governments and well dressed spy, is over. I was thrust into a seat (Like I've been on many occasions In my career - perks of the job etc) while the enemy employ various means to try extract secrets I'm holding.

Well the chair, the heating turned off, a bit of water-boarding began then they tightened the straps ensuring I wasn't able to move and made me watch this film! I gave them everything, including my ultra secret fantasy for Sarah Palin dressed in a catsuit while reading Tolstoy to me.

This isn't a film - It's a torture technique. I hope my eyes will one day forgive me.


8.5 of 10. As you would expect from well-done horror, the true villain gets away and you wind up with a sort of tragic cliff hanger. As you'd expect in cheap horror, there are lots of clowns, but virtually no humor.

There's much more to this film than simple horror, a psycho serial killer, police detective, spy, or political drama. Thriller ends up capturing a complex film of government power corruption that's based on a book.

Set in the UK, if you don't have it spoiled by a poorly written review or excessive trailer, you also get the pleasure of not knowing what direction the story is going. The actors fit their roles and the sex and action come from unexpected angles. For horror fans and haters alike, the pain and gore aren't forced.

As a whole, a highly integrated, never boring story that defies standard film classifications.


This British thriller tells the story of Angel, a girl in the centre of a paedophilia conspiracy that goes deep into the heart of the UK government. Her mind cracked after years of abuse she is on a killing spree and several branches of law enforcement are after her for varying reasons.

One thing I'll say about Angel is it's smart, its well written and a very clever piece of cinema. Everything that happens is entirely believable and many parts could be considered almost a dark satire.

The trouble is its not very entertaining. We witness Angel on one side and the powers that be on the other leading to the inevitable showdown but when the credits rolled I found myself unimpressed with the film.

Well written, well created and exceeds most British pieces but perhaps it just needed a bit more time to develop. Something about Angel simply missed the mark.

The Good:

Very clever little film

The Bad:

John Hannahs presence is hardly felt

What the hell is with that cover?

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

After all the sexual offences within Parliment that Prime Minister Theresa May has brushed under the carpet this could very well be based on a true story


I enjoyed this movie. Jenn Murray is quite believable as a victim of child abuse and her performance was chilling at times in the way she played Angel fighting her inner demons. Peter Hugo-Daly is the essence of evil as the depraved clown and sent shivers down my spine. The only downside to me is the amount of swear words in the dialog. I suppose they were put in to make it realistic but I believe that swear words are unnecessary in a movie as I know several people that won't watch a movie that contains swear words no matter how good the movie is.

The Plot kept me guessing until the very end.

The Film is inspired by the book Still Waters by NigelMcClery and not Core of Evil as stated on the Front Page here. The Book is also a very good read and sufficiently different so as to not spoil the Film. I can Recommend Both.


The film opens with young Angel killing a little girl and a psychic who apparently didn't see it coming. She is sentenced to life in prison. Due to circumstances we discover later, she (Jenn Murray) is released 15 years later and starts killing again which included flashbacks to her abused childhood. There are cops who are quietly trying to get her, which included a bad guy played by Christopher Sciueref who had one of the ugliest grills I have seen in the movies. The killings and stabbings were done off screen, all we got to see were the results. Minimum gore.

Based on the book "Core of Evil" by Nigel McCrery.


I liked Angel a lot although it took few viewings to understand all that was going on but that did not minimize the viewing. There is a surreal quality to everything, over-realistic, which made everything more interesting, twisted and gruesome.

The title of the original book, Core of Evil, is very fitting as abuse of people as children is investigated both intimately, personally and according to the higher echelons which also are caught up in this. It is a societal and generational issue and therefore to me important subject matter.

One thing, the female agent, 'This is what I do.' and then she 's sneaking around in loud heals.

Loved the visuals and the characters.


I enjoyed this Film, a lot, it starts off as a Horror,has elements of a Thriller, and has dark Comedy moments, not something I expected,but very much enjoyed, very well DIRECTED by Ray Burdis, (who clearly has a knack for Horror scenes) as the opening of the film works very well and the night time sequence in the rain stand out as well set up, I don't want to give the plot away, so my review covers more the technical side, acting in my view was good, the shots well crafted, good cinematography, and the MUSIC SCORE by JOHN BECKETT was great, I LOVED the song "ANGEL'S PRAYER" sung by Brooke Burdis, A good British film, that deserves much praise for handling a story of mental abuse and the way the victim deals with it, On my favourite top 10 British made films list, along with DARK CORNERS starring Thora Birch, which is another underrated Horror, Personally I can't wait for RAY to Direct another Horror, with hopefully JOHN BECKETT doing the music score, they are VERY TALENTED as this film shows. 9 out of 10 due to a couple of "minor" technical flaws, (I noticed), but I highly recommend it,


I did not find this movie appealing on any level. Even with horrors or thrillers that are disturbing you still would normally find something you liked about them.

Angel is a disturbed young lady who was horrifically abused as a child by her grandmother and grandmothers friends. The abusers wore masks and called the scene of the abuse a 'party'.

The characters in this movie are very one-dimensional, unlikable and lack depth or development. The story content is of course very dark but the path the movie takes just continues along on that darkness and doesn't let up.

The police and government become involved due to a cover-up whereby Angel shouldn't actually be free.

For me personally I did not enjoy the film, I maybe didn't understand what the makers were trying to achieve. To me it's just a film of misery and darkness.