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Raquel busca su sitio Online

Raquel busca su sitio  Online
Original Title :
Raquel busca su sitio
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Cast :
Cayetana Guillén Cuervo,Leonor Watling,Nancho Novo
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
Raquel busca su sitio Online

Series cast summary:
Cayetana Guillén Cuervo Cayetana Guillén Cuervo - Quela 25 episodes, 2000
Leonor Watling Leonor Watling - Raquel 25 episodes, 2000
Nancho Novo Nancho Novo - Manuel 25 episodes, 2000
Javier Albalá Javier Albalá - David 25 episodes, 2000
Laura Cepeda Laura Cepeda - Sara 25 episodes, 2000
Resu Morales Resu Morales - Lola 25 episodes, 2000
María Vázquez María Vázquez - Rosa 25 episodes, 2000
Miguel Hermoso Arnao Miguel Hermoso Arnao - Marcos 25 episodes, 2000
Chema Muñoz Chema Muñoz - Carlos 25 episodes, 2000
Luis Olmos Luis Olmos 25 episodes, 2000
Ana Polvorosa Ana Polvorosa - Marta 25 episodes, 2000
Elena Bagutta Elena Bagutta - Lucía 25 episodes, 2000
Abel Folk Abel Folk - Martínez 25 episodes, 2000
Lope Gómez Molero Lope Gómez Molero 17 episodes, 2000
Zoe Berriatúa Zoe Berriatúa - Rollo 13 episodes, 2000

User reviews



This TV Series was one of the best we could see in the Spanish TV. Great actors and better scripts. Who could follow all the chapters could see that the scripts spoke of real life, but they were as well funny. And also this TV Series got to explain to people what was actually the "work" that social workers could do, something very difficult to explain sometimes. For this reason an Spanish association of social workers gave it a prize.

Finally I would like to say that at the end of each chapter a different musical group or singer appeared at the bar singing a version of the TV Series song (composed by David Broza) and believe me, they were very different and excellent versions of an excellent song.

We miss TV Series like "Raquel...", although nowadays there is another one, called "Al filo de la ley", which could reach the same level.

(Very brief) Sinopsis: Raquel (Leonor Watling) is a young social worker who came to a new city to work, she came from a rich family and she has studied in the best schools. The night before her first day at work, one of her neighbors had a party. As she couldn't rest, she decided to join to the party. There she knew Manuel (Nancho Novo) and they had an adventure. Next day, when she came to work, she realized that Manuel not even worked with her, but also he is the boyfriend of her boss, also named Raquel (Cayetana Guillén Cuervo) a very involved social worker. Around an office of public social workers, the two women lived their loves and hates, their professional and personal problems, and all the situations where the outsiders could need their help.


  • Was a best spanish TV serial of the last years but the bad hours of your emision became the public doesn´t known very well. (Emited Mondays at last time) . The low audience level was not continued for more season. Specially the two first actresses nowadays are of the best of spanish ones.

Leonor W. new "Almodovar woman" and Cayetana Guillen Cuervo , sister and daugther of a very good actress and actors family and last couple of JL Garci (one oscar for best film foreing spoken leanguage) .

Excuse me for my bad english.