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All Relative (2014) Online

All Relative (2014) Online
Original Title :
All Relative
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
J.C. Khoury
Cast :
Connie Nielsen,Jonathan Sadowski,Sara Paxton
Writer :
J.C. Khoury,J.C. Khoury
Type :
Time :
1h 25min
Rating :

Things couldn't be going better for Harry and Grace, a young New York City couple in love, until Grace's mother turns Harry's world upside down.

All Relative (2014) Online

When Harry, a graduate student in New York City, meets Grace, he immediately falls for her. With the help of some dating tips from a seductive divorcee, Harry successfully courts Grace. But when he's introduced to her parents, a shared secret turns his world into a living nightmare. Forced to survive a weekend riddled with tension and socially awkward moments, the bonds of both couples are tested to their breaking point.
Credited cast:
Connie Nielsen Connie Nielsen - Maren
Jonathan Sadowski Jonathan Sadowski - Harry
Sara Paxton Sara Paxton - Grace
Al Thompson Al Thompson - Jared
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
David Aaron Baker David Aaron Baker - Phil
Stefan Cangea Stefan Cangea - Man at bar
Liz Fye Liz Fye - Melissa
Audrey Jessup Audrey Jessup - Kate
Sarah Steele Sarah Steele - Beth
Erin Wilhelmi Erin Wilhelmi - Liz
Rob Yang Rob Yang - Ven

Some scenes were actually shot in Westchester, NY

User reviews



A very sweet movie with an unpredictable twist near the end -- that's my 7 star rating.

Mostly a chic flick (which is not a bad thing) but some people turn away from that sort of movie. But here in 'All Relative' the story flows along nicely. The only give away is the first kitchen scene when you realize what is about to happen.

So we have two love birds wanting to get married and two long married who are at the breaking point in their marriage. How it's all resolved is the story.

For just pure entertainment this is a good choice for both men and women. Not too much to have to think about!


This is a new film, and my review might be BRIMMING with CRUCIAL SPOILERS, so proceed at your own wish.

Wow...just got done watching this one on OnDemand and let me just clarify that there is no prejudice in me when I say this film goes far deeper than any recent romcom I've seen. The trailer is sweet and shows the film's comic side, but I'm so happy that when I saw the film in its entirety, it presented its very dramatic side. There's no slapstick or farce here. These are real people, real problems, and real behaviours that result in real conflicts.

The one thing that nagged me is that someone should have really pointed out to Grace (Sara Paxton) that the event that lead to all of the conflict and misunderstanding took place only hours after she met Harry (Jonathan Sadowski). She and Harry were not committed to anything solid. Though I never doubted that she genuinely liked Harry, it is pretty evident early on that Harry really, really REALLY likes Grace, and her admission that she had another party of interest hit him kind of hard. In genuine distress and loneliness, he does hook up with Maren (Connie Nielsen) the beautiful sexy older woman, but let's remember, he was single. Let's also remember he was still recovering from a broken engagement, in which he was cheated on no less.

There was never a moment in this weekend where Harry was sure Grace would become someone he could have a relationship with. He didn't cheat on anybody, and even Maren was talking nothing but casual sex and fun while they were spending time together. She lied by omission when he asked her if she was divorced.

Suddenly, once something real with Grace presented itself, Maren's casual attitude evaporated and she became all to commonly bitter and scorned. I felt that in the course of this film, Harry was unfairly and repeatedly punished,tortured and manipulated by Maren. In his words, he did nothing wrong. She had motives. Though Nielsen does an amazing job, it is very hard at times to like Maren and not see her as a passive-aggressive, vengeful bitch. If her husband Phil (David Aaron Baker) hurt her so (and of course he did...I never doubted for a minute that Maren is a very sad and hurt person) why not divorce him? Why not sit his ass down and tell him, "You do that to me again, and I'm out of here...no questions asked."

Instead, she is either testing whether she's still got "it" by sleeping with a lonely guy...or she's plain just punishing Phil from afar. If that wasn't enough to get my back up at her, she deals a harsh blow at both Harry and Grace by sending Grace a breakup text in Harry's name...because she wasn't going to let him tell Grace the truth, so that he could deal with the consequences, good or bad. She was selfish, and I discerned a desire to continue "punishing" both Harry for deciding to be with someone else, and Phil for an affair he had sometime back. It is only after everyone confesses to each other their sins as it were, that I began to believe Maren really wanted to atone for her own destructive deeds, and that she and Phil could somehow find the happiness they once knew.

Maren and Harry indeed DID NOTHING WRONG when they slept together. She had no idea Harry would end up dating her daughter. Harry had no idea Maren was Grace's mother, or that Maren was still married. I just found it sadly amazing that Harry spent most of the film punishing himself for something he shouldn't have been punishing himself for. I was very frustrated because that crucial tidbit, "Your mom and I slept together BEFORE we really had anything going on," seemed omitted. Grace was wounded, and it's hard for me to tell if she was just shocked at the fact that it's that small of a world, or if she truly thought Harry and Maren hooked up AFTER Grace and Harry began to date officially. If he had been established as Grace's boyfriend before meeting Maren, yes, I would agree with her smacking Harry in the face and shutting him out, but otherwise no.

Sorry this is so long...thought provoking movies do this to me...I love the movie, but it made me think about things...it really made me examine its characters, and even if my review sounds like I hated the film, the opposite is true. I love character studies most of all. It is a credit to JC Khoury's writing and direction, as well as the amazing cast bringing these four complicated all too humans to life. This is the first romcom in a long time that made me cry more than laugh, but I like it.


This movie is visually stimulating. It is visually stimulating because the actors starring in it are very attractive. Especially the females, one of whom is the very pretty Sarah Paxton who is lovely to look at and also Connie Nielsen who is gorgeous.

Unfortunately it fails to be stimulating in any other way. The story is formulaic and uninspired. After watching it, I felt like I'd seen this sort of movie a million times before, but often better written.

For a romantic comedy it's far more awkward than romantic and I did not get to laugh once, which is saying a lot as I'd had a few glasses of wine before my viewing and I'm a pretty jovial young lady as is.

You are constantly reminded that the characters are not real but instead actors playing a part. The lines and acting in this film feel scripted and inorganic.

It seems like a made for TV sort of movie. Perhaps that is what it is and if so it is adequate but it's definitely a one time watch only kind of film.


I saw the movie last night in NYC. The theater was packed and the movie delivered big time. There were many honest moments throughout the film.

Beautiful storytelling and a great cast, with NYC as the backdrop how can you go wrong. This was an incredibly funny and engaging movie.

You can put yourself in the shoes of the characters and feel the suspense emerge. With great twists and turns, this movie had me laughing and thinking.

It reminds me of comedies from the 80s. J.C. Khoury does a fantastic job as writer/director and Connie Nielsen from Gladiator lights up the screen!

Don't miss this movie. Definitely worth a look.

-Johnny G. @ All Things Creative


It's quite rare for me not to finish a movie. I've seen uncountable movies and perhaps walked out on two or three. Call me a prude but at the base of this entire story was a cheap sex coupling. I can deal with that subject, but it always bothers me that sex is so casual these days.

In many movies a couple meets and then they have sex very quickly after meeting. But the story continues and they enjoy each other's company and fall in love, perhaps to get married. This story had no such promise of love. It was simply sex that brought the mother and lead character together.

I felt really uncomfortable for the characters. I had no interest in seeing this through to the end. No outcome would be acceptable to me.

Yea I guess I'll call myself a prude. I'm looking for another romantic comedy to watch tonight.


Well that's 1 hour and 25 minutes of my life I won't get back! This story has been told much better before, and not just the once in varying formats. I struggled to sit though this as the performances were weak, stunted with no depth to them. I can honestly say I have cared more for a prawn salad than I did any of the characters and I don't like prawns! The only likable character was the daughter and even her acting seemed in places forced and frankly wooden. This wreaked of low budget and really didn't need to as the script in places was OK, not moving or Oscar worthy but alright for a rom com or was this supposed to be a 'dramady' it couldn't make up it's mind for the most part. To be honest I didn't laugh once so perhaps this was just supposed to be a drama but then I didn't find it moving or engrossing either. I think they were telling the age old story of boyfriend shags girlfriend's mum and relying on the 'god I never saw that coming' shocker (even though it was coming at you like a train from the outset) to carry this entire flop of a film. In my opinion and it is only my opinion, don't tell a good story half heartedly after all you wouldn't make war and peace using punch and judy. If you want to watch this story being told properly watch The Graduate and see real acting and film making or go 80's for a different slant and watch Class but spare yourself this two bit punch and judy show its a rotten tomato from me I'm afraid. Ps I am not denying the male lead Jonathan Sadowski is handsome but those eyebrows - wow they were very distracting, I kept thinking of Danny La Rue all the time!


All Relative is a 2014 film currently available on NetFlix Instant Download Streaming. It is a comedy drama directed by J.C. Khoury and written by J.C. Khoury. It features Connie Nielsen, Jonathan Sadowski, Sara Paxton, Al Thompson, David Aaron Baker, Liz Fye, Audrey Jessup, Sarah Steele, Erin Wilhelmi and Rob Yang. The story is about a young man in architecture school who falls in love with a young student. However, the plot thickens when he meets up with a beautiful blond woman who just happens to be the mother of his girlfriend unbeknownst to him. This plat comes close to that of the classic film by Mike Nichols, "The Graduate" which received a superlative rating of 10. I was only able to give this film a 6. Dale Haufrect