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The Lost Planet (1953) Online

The Lost Planet (1953) Online
Original Title :
The Lost Planet
Genre :
Movie / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Spencer Gordon Bennet
Cast :
Judd Holdren,Vivian Mason,Michael Fox
Writer :
George H. Plympton,Arthur Hoerl
Type :
Rating :
The Lost Planet (1953) Online

Dr. Grood has succeeded in winning control over the planet Ergro as the first step in his desired conquest of the Universe. Reporter Rex Barrow, his photographer Tim Johnson, Professor Edmund Dorn and his daughter Ella are all captured by Grood, who plans to make use of the professor's knowledge. With the help of the professor's inventions, Rex is able to free Ergro of Grood's domination, while Grood is sent on an endless voyage into space.
Complete credited cast:
Judd Holdren Judd Holdren - Rex Barrow
Vivian Mason Vivian Mason - Ella Dorn
Michael Fox Michael Fox - Dr. Ernst Grood
Forrest Taylor Forrest Taylor - Prof. Edmund Dorn
Gene Roth Gene Roth - Reckov
Ted Thorpe Ted Thorpe - Tim Johnson
Karl 'Killer' Davis Karl 'Killer' Davis - Karlo - aka Robot R-4 (as Karl Davis)
Jack George Jack George - Jarva
Frederic Berest Frederic Berest - Alden
John Cason John Cason - Hopper
Lee Roberts Lee Roberts - Wesley Brenn - aka Robot R-9
Nick Stuart Nick Stuart - Darl
Leonard Penn Leonard Penn - Ken Wopler
Joseph Mell Joseph Mell - Lah
Pierre Watkin Pierre Watkin - Ned Hilton - Editor

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Dr. Grood, a mad scientist, plans to conquer the Earth using his scientific inventions directed from a lost, but nearby planet Ergro. While investigating a flying saucer crash near Grood's earth hideout in the hills, Rex Barrow (news writer) and Tim Johnson (staff photographer) are kidnapped and sent to Ergro by Grood, along with Ella Dorn, whose father is on Ergro, used by Grood to develop his gadgets. For 15 chapters, Rex, Ella, Tim, and Prof. Dorn must overcome the hypnotic effects of Grood's mind control devices to prevent Grood from taking over the world. A very imaginative serial with new gadgets and inventions popping up in every chapter make this late Columbia chapterplay fun to watch. The serial is repetitive and probably has the least amount of fistfights of any serial (I think they all happened when Rex was invisible "fighting" Grood's planet guards.) The addition of the racketeer character, Wolper, doesn't help the serial like the character should have. The bad characters should have been meaner, IMO. Rating, based on serials, 4.


Hilarious paper mache space serial from the last wobbly days of Columbia's serial production line, this provokes screaming gaping laughter from kids if they are lucky enough to see it. in fact you owe it to yourself and anyone you know to watch it episode by episode, night after night and attempt to follow what is going on. In the same demented league as FLYING DISC MAN FROM MARS or the near pornographic 1936 Republic masterpiece UNDERSEA KINGDOM, let me assure you we are NOT in Flash Gordon territory. ..well we are if PRC ever made serials, but they didn't so Columbia made a few as if they did. It looks sort of like the TV superman episodes, except there is a turnip looking space rocket that has sparkler/fizzer fireworks and a lot of visible wires. It goes to and from the Moon apparently, except all we really ever see is it arriving and leaving from the same brown paper cave. Fantastic!! Someone wants to do something to Earth...or something.