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Future of Discipline (2018) Online

Future of Discipline (2018) Online
Original Title :
Future of Discipline
Genre :
Creative Work / Documentary / Short
Year :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Future of Discipline (2018) Online

Credited cast:
Mark Irwin Mark Irwin - Himself

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Future of Discipline (2018)

*** (out of 4)

Cinematographer Mark Irwin put his name to some pretty big horror remakes including THE FLY and THE BLOB and this featurette here takes a look at his work on CLASS OF 1999. The cinematographer does a very good job at taking you behind-the-scenes to look at the actual cameras used on the picture and he explains how he must work with not only the director but also the special effect guys. If you're interested in cinematography then Irwin does a very good job at explaining his job as well as going over the types of cameras and lenses that were used on this picture. He talks about the low-budget nature of the picture and how that played into things as well. Fans of the film will certainly enjoy the bits and pieces of information given but those interested in camera work will really be the ones who enjoy this.