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Original Title :
Degrassi Talks
Genre :
TV Series / Documentary
Cast :
Rebecca Haines,Neil Hope,Pat Mastroianni
Type :
TV Series
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Degrassi Talks Online

Degrassi Junior High (1987) cast members travel around Canada to talk to teens about sex, alcohol, abuse, depression, drugs and sexuality.
Series cast summary:
Rebecca Haines Rebecca Haines - Herself 1 episode, 1992
Neil Hope Neil Hope - Himself 1 episode, 1992
Pat Mastroianni Pat Mastroianni - Himself 1 episode, 1992
Stacie Mistysyn Stacie Mistysyn - Herself 1 episode, 1992
Siluck Saysanasy Siluck Saysanasy - Himself 1 episode, 1992
Amanda Stepto Amanda Stepto - Herself 1 episode, 1992

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Sure we cringe when we see those dated hair and clothing styles, but if you really listen to what this show has to say it is really quite good. It was neat to see the Degrassi actors out of characters and no acting like their character. I recommend these for the classroom, but the kids might be laughing at the styles! I know there is no link here, but videos of this series can be bought over the internet. Also Amazon has the book series for Degrassi Talks.
one life

one life

episodes of this documentary series are on the Degas's junior high season 1 DVD set. these shows deal with real life situations that every person deals with as teenagers. Degas's talks is a show that informs youth about the dangers of drugs and unprotected sex, among other topics.before i saw this documentary series, i didn't realize that things like this can happen at such an early age. but cast members of Degas's junior high interviewed young people around canada. teenagers talked about their early experiences with drug use and how it had very bad affects on their lives.it was very dramatic seeing young people in jail telling their addiction to drugs as early as age eight. it was also shocking to me to see single mothers telling their stories of how they had babies as early as age thirteen with fathers who had no intension of holding any responsibility to the child. this show deals with all kinds of heavy subjects from puberty to homosexuality.the topics discussed in this documentary can be informative to people of all ages, but especially teens. some things that we go through, we might feel as if it is something to be embarrassed about. but the people on this show talks about things that might be embarrassing to teens and then you feel better once you've seen that you're not the only one who goes through these experiences, you feel better about yourself. when you watch this show, you feel better about not growing as fast as your peers around you. this show covers a lot of important questions and answers people have or will deal with eventually.