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Keep Going (2016) Online

Keep Going (2016) Online
Original Title :
Keep Going
Genre :
Movie / Short
Year :
Directror :
Yayu Lin
Cast :
Tseng-Wei Wang,Zhi-Xuan Wu,Ariel Lee
Writer :
Yayu Lin
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Keep Going (2016) Online

Shan, a 2nd grader of Junior high school, and Jia who is in 3rd grade of elementary school. They are brothers who love baseball games. Pei-Lin, Shan's crush, is going to move away very soon. Therefore, before her departure, they made a promise of exchanging their favorite signed baseballs. In the meanwhile, Jia is on a field trip at the Metropolitan Park, but unluckily lost his brother's QiaQia signed ball. For his crime, Jia encourages his disheartened brother to search for the ball with him at the Faraway park. The next morning, they ride a bike to the park and begin the operation. Yet they have to arrive at school around sunset. Although there are many bloopers along on the road, Shan still tries to reach their goal, like what he told to Jia -"Keep going and we'll be there."
Cast overview:
Tseng-Wei Wang Tseng-Wei Wang - Shan
Zhi-Xuan Wu Zhi-Xuan Wu - Jia
Ariel Lee Ariel Lee - Pei-Lin
Hao-Ming Chang Hao-Ming Chang - Father