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Viper - Ein Ex-Cop räumt auf (1994) Online

Viper - Ein Ex-Cop räumt auf (1994) Online
Original Title :
Bad Blood
Genre :
Movie / Action / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Tibor Takács
Cast :
Lorenzo Lamas,Frankie Thorn,Hank Cheyne
Writer :
Neil Ruttenberg
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Viper - Ein Ex-Cop räumt auf (1994) Online

Travis Blackstone, former cop was sent to prison because he destroyed the proofs for his brother's guilt. Now, he is again free but Rhonda, his former love and the present lover of his brother Franklin informs him that Franklin is again in trouble owing $5 million. Travis leaves her to help his brother. His jealous lover Lindee thinking that he left her for Rhonda, sends the killers on his track.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Lorenzo Lamas Lorenzo Lamas - Travis Blackstone
Frankie Thorn Frankie Thorn - Rhonda
Hank Cheyne Hank Cheyne - Franklin Blackstone
Joe Son Joe Son - Chang
Kimberley Kates Kimberley Kates - Lindee
John P. Ryan John P. Ryan - John Blackstone (as John T. Ryan)
Sigal Diamant Sigal Diamant - Kim
Cole S. McKay Cole S. McKay - Baggy (as Cole McKay)
Stan Yale Stan Yale - Preacher (as Stanley Yale)
Tom Bloom Tom Bloom - Mohawk Thug
Beau Starr Beau Starr - Bo
Vinnie Curto Vinnie Curto - Will Sharp (as Vinnie J. Curto)
Tony Peck Tony Peck - Kovacs (as Anthony Peck)
Simon Rhee Simon Rhee - Thug Lee
Chuck Zito Chuck Zito - Toots

User reviews



As of now, this is the third Lorenzo Lamas movie I've seen as well as the TV series Renegade. The other two being CIA 2: Target Alexa and the absolutely abominable Gladiator Cop. Keeping in mind that from what I've seen of him, he's one of the least charismatic and most wooden "actors" in the genre, I wasn't expecting much from this. I wasn't let down in that aspect as it didn't exactly deliver much but unlike Gladiator Cop, it didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth either.

The plot is standard genre stuff, pretty thin but nothing more or less than I would expect from this stuff. It's not paced particularly well either, and there's a couple of pointless sex scenes which last for several minutes and are only an excuse for some nudity and to extend the runtime but at the same time, it's rarely boring. As for Lorenzo Lamas, there's nothing much I can say for him other than "wooden". There's no better word than that, he's just wooden. As far as acting goes, he simply reads his lines and that's that, without showing any form of emotion or varying his tone. Although I didn't find him as annoying as say, Michael Dudikoff, or Jalal Merhi, he really is poor. Giving him minimal dialogue may have worked better, but unfortunately he is given more than I would have liked to have heard from him.

What saves this from the bottom of the barrel heap is generally good production values and the action scenes that are there are well handled. The fight scenes were better than in other Lamas movies I've seen, and were generally quite entertaining. The villains are suitably despicable, so at least I wasn't longing that they'd just blow away Lamas and that would be the end of it. The climax IS entertaining, and ends with a high bodycount and a large amount of explosions and sparks flying.

Overall, this was a cut above what I'm used to from Lorenzo Lamas, but I still can't recommend it. Overall it's a pretty average direct to video action movie. If there's nothing better on TV then give it a go, but there are many better movies which do pretty much the same thing with much better acting and pacing, so I wouldn't bother recommending you to buy or renting it unless you've already seen most.


Travis Blackstone (Lamas) is a man whose name tells you he means business. He works in a salvage yard working on trucks and being as manly as humanly possible. Because he has a sweet side, he coaches little league in his spare time. The problem is, he used to be a cop, but when he destroyed evidence to protect his annoying brother Franklin (Cheyne), he went to prison and was kicked off the force. Now that pesky Franklin is at it again, owing five million dollars to an underground criminal syndicate populated by baddies Jimmy Chang (Son), Baggy (McKay), Lee (Rhee), and the sadistic enforcer Toots (Zito). As if all this wasn't enough, Travis' girlfriend Lindee (Kates) believes he is cheating on her with former love Rhonda (Thorn) so Lindee, in an unjustified act of female revenge, works with the baddies and helps them find Blackstone. Now the stage is set for the ultimate confrontation. Will Travis Blackstone clear up all the BAD BLOOD? Lorenzo Lamas is truly the man we love to love. As far as we're concerned, based on what we've been viewing lately (his 90's action output), his star is in the ascendant. We believe he is underrated and under-appreciated. He always has a cool quip, some cool Martial Arts moves, is handy with guns, and lest we forget his luxurious hair. What more can the man do to win you over? Here, every time he executes a cool move, there is a corresponding musical sting. Sure, his southern drawl may go in and out, but he pioneers the art of "Brickfighting" - and whether by accident or design, Travis Blackstone can defy gravity. Like how if you were on another planet, you would weigh much less, Travis seems to have less gravity in his body. Maybe he's from another planet. Just check out the infamous "super jump" around 64 minutes into the movie.

Plus, he's equally adept at playing jazzy piano as he is beating up baddies at the drop of a hat.

Another nice thing about Bad Blood is its cast of B-movie names. A standout is Joe Son, who also appeared in Shootfighter (1993), Shootfighter 2 (1996), Bloodfist V (1994) and Army Of One (1993), among not too much else. Even though he'd been in a bunch of things we'd seen, it took until us viewing this to really notice him, but to be fair his part is more substantial here. Cole McKay finally gets a decently sized part after all his great stunt work, while Simon Rhee's part is not too big. Cheyne was good casting as Lamas' brother, that does certainly look possible. And we didn't even mention John P. Ryan (of Avenging Force (1986) and Delta Force 2 (1990) fame as their father) and Sigal Diamant (who also appeared in Shootfighter and Army of One, as well as other Lamas vehicle Blood for Blood (1995). The list goes on and on! Also we noticed Gordon Hessler was second unit director, who is a great director in his own right, having done the Sho Kosugi movies Pray For Death (1985) and Rage of Honor (1987), as well as the underrated Out on Bail (1989).

The final warehouse shootout certainly gives Hard Target (1993) a run for its money, and the many goons allow Bad Blood to deliver the action goods. The heroic music booms as Lamas proceeds to kill everybody. Just like he did in Blood for Blood. It's a toss-up as to whether Bad Blood or Blood for Blood is the better Blood Lamas movie - but let's not forget there is an alternate edit for this movie under the title of Viper. From what we've been able to tell, they're the same except for a sequence of a baddie killing a kid was removed from the Bad Blood edit. So there are no other major differences that we know about. But seeing as how only one character calls Travis "Viper" only once in the movie, perhaps all references to that being his name were taken out, but we don't know that for sure.

Bad Blood is classic 90's video-store action all the way and is a lot of fun to watch. We recommend it.

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Lorenzo Lamas stars as an ex-cop who reluctantly goes into one man army mode to protect his louse of a brother, after said brother rips off mobsters a big amount of green. The brother also stole Lamas' girlfriend and despite all this, Lamas sees to it, that said brother doesn't sleep with the fishes. The action sequences are overly choreographed, one sided and in general unexciting, but the main problem with the Lamas loser is simply the question of why. And by that, why is Lorenzo Lamas willing to protect his idiot of a brother? The brother openly endangers family members, love interests (Including Lamas' new girlfriend) and through out the whole film is openly lying about not having the money. Said brother is a smarmy, dull and arrogant jerk in need of bullet therapy. Ergo, by having such character be the reason for Lorenzo Lamas jumpkicks and jumping over fireballs, none of it seems to be really justified. Lorenzo Lamas is no better or worse than he usually is, once again his movies were more made toward female action fans, as he is there to strike Fabio poses and bare his chest, but the problem is that there is no rooting interest in anyone. John P. Ryan shows up as Lamas' father, but alas, is completely wasted in a nothing role. This guy was a great bad guy in Death Wish 4, Avenging Force, Runaway Train, Bound and gave the perfect Patton impression in Delta Force 2. As Bad Blood's running time went on, I wished I was watching those films instead, and that about sums it up.

* out of 4-(Bad)
Steamy Ibis

Steamy Ibis

Also known as Viper, I hired this one night, not cause of Lamas, well may'be a little bit, but because it was R rated. As having had enough of him in Falcon Crest, and surviving him in Body Rock, that razzie nomination, well deserved, I thought I'd give this one ago. I would snub a lot of the Lorenzo flicks on the shelves, including the Snake eater's, cause I knew too well, it wasn't gonna be Oscar watching night. But with this one, wellllllll.... I was pleasantly surprised, not by Lamas's acting, that is 40 percent standard, but because of all the spectacular action, and some nice sex scenes, involving the blonde hottie, Lorenzo's doing. Lamas, used to be a cop, but was thrown in prison, for destroying evidence, that would put baby brother in prison. Now working as in a salvage yard, yeah he really sunk, and playing the piano, that's at least better than his acting, he's called upon by a messenger. The girlfriend employs Lamas to help baby brother Franklin, out of another rut, as owing a great debt to some really bad people. Personally I'd let the loser rot, but if I did, I wouldn't be guaranteed all this action in plenteous supply, but really I don't understand why idiot Lamas feels obligated to help the brother who's just gonna keep f...ing up. The real baddie, an Asian fatty guy, does Lorenzo's girl in both definitions of the word. He doesn't mind killing kids either, and also doesn't like it when you mess with his camera. John P Ryan (Bound, Breathless) at least adds real acting support as Lamas's ill father. If it's actin.... sorry if it's action you want, and heavy violence, you'll get it here, believe me. I know the main star is bad, but just overlook that. Lorenzo actually improved in that very slowwwwwwww moving show, The Bold And The Beautiful.


Lorenzo Lamas once again displays all the sensibility and emotion an actor should be able to show. This film is a great homage to the trucker world. Every trucker should thank him for that, because they are at last shown under a different light. Superb work, Lorenzo!