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Suure Paugu teooria The Opening Night Excitation (2007–2019) Online

Suure Paugu teooria The Opening Night Excitation (2007–2019) Online
Original Title :
The Opening Night Excitation
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Mark Cendrowski
Cast :
Johnny Galecki,Jim Parsons,Kaley Cuoco
Writer :
Chuck Lorre,Bill Prady
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Suure Paugu teooria The Opening Night Excitation (2007–2019) Online

Professor Proton visits Sheldon in a dream and gives him advice about whether to go see the new Star wars film or spend the time with his newly reunited girlfriend Amy on her birthday. Meanwhile, Leonard, Howard and Raj try to decide who will get their extra ticket to the movie premiere.
Episode complete credited cast:
Johnny Galecki Johnny Galecki - Leonard Hofstadter
Jim Parsons Jim Parsons - Sheldon Cooper
Kaley Cuoco Kaley Cuoco - Penny Hofstadter
Simon Helberg Simon Helberg - Howard Wolowitz
Kunal Nayyar Kunal Nayyar - Raj Koothrappali
Mayim Bialik Mayim Bialik - Amy Farrah Fowler
Melissa Rauch Melissa Rauch - Bernadette Rostenkowski
Kevin Sussman Kevin Sussman - Stuart Bloom
Bob Newhart Bob Newhart - Arthur Jeffries
Wil Wheaton Wil Wheaton - Wil Wheaton
Jeff Witzke Jeff Witzke - Moviegoer (voice)

The only episode where the episode title is shown.

Will Wheaton is shown using his Star Trek background to taunt the Star Wars moviegoers and play up the rivalry between the two fan bases. In real life, Wheaton has actually been a Star Wars fan since childhood, predating his connections with the Star Trek franchise.

The highest rated episode of the series. (as of February 2016)

"Live long and suck it!" Is what Sheldon said about Zachary Quinto's Spock cutout. When the first new Star Trek came out.

Based on the events of this episode, Amy's birthday is December 17.

In a geeky reference to Star Wars there is a scene between Sheldon's bedroom and Amy's bedroom where the scene change swipes left to right which was a technique used in the original trilogy.

he beginning of the episode mimics the opening of the star wars movies with the word crawl,the episode number and title of the episode.

Bob Newhart reprised his role as Professor Proton (Arthur Jeffries) in Young Sheldon (2017) - episode 1.1, Young Sheldon: Pilot (2017).

This is the second Star Wars themed episode with an Angie Dickinson reference. The first came in The Convention Conundrum (2014) with James Earl Jones as guest star.

Mid-season finale.

This episode was taped on November 17, 2015.

Sheldon Cooper finally has coitus with his girlfriend Amy Farrah Fowler.

User reviews



Big Bang Theory had been slipping away and the writers seem to have finally revived the show. Sheldon's character which has been in a rut for over a few seasons now, thankfully moves ahead.

The episode craftily leads to the "end-game" where both Amy and Sheldon don't seem to be rushed but ready. The Star Wars intro was quite apt and hilarious.

This episode will give you a few good chuckles (unlike the last few seasons!) and a hope for better episodes in the future. (Finally!)

The rest of the cast were bang on and the parallel reactions in the end was quite smart and funny.

A good, refreshing, much needed episode.


What a great episode! It's as good as the first episode of the season was disastrous and that' saying a lot.

First of all, Sheldon's "first time" was adorable, sometimes hilarious and treated respectfully. There's nothing I hate more than when the writers incessantly use Sheldon's Asperger's or many OCD's to get laughs. I always thought it to be a cheap device and self-deprecation is funny for a moment, then it gets sad and a little pathetic.

I loved the parallel drawn between Sheldon and Amy's first time and the rest of the guys and Wil Wheaton going to see the new Star Wars. Amazing! Finally, tip of the hat to whoever came up with the idea of having Will arrive to the screening in a Vulcan outfit pointing out to everyone that "it's just a movie." Bravo!


A really good episode - I'd say the best of the season so far!

The plot is simple yet great, the incorporation of the SW premiere and the opening text crawl were a really good idea. As was Will's idea on how to upset the movie premiere a little.

And coming to Sheldon's side of the story, although I was a bit surprised about his choice, once he reached his decision he applied his genius to the b-day gift dilemma and came up with a perfect yet logical choice :-)

I was a bit afraid of Arthur's return because I haven't been really excited about "his" previous episodes. But he was really good in this one and his final conversation with Sheldon rocked me off my chair (have to get a new one now).

So...overall 9 out of 10, the only point down being for things in this episode which were a little unrealistic - Sheldon's decision and Amy's "First Time" experience.


Any Sheldon and Amy fan will be thrilled that the two of them finally had coitus but in this fan's opinion it happened too soon (yes, even after five years).

After keeping the couple apart for so long, they should have gotten more mileage out of their break-up and reunion. We should have seen Sheldon on a date or two with another woman. We should have seen Sheldon and Amy with respective dates bumping into each other and seeing their reactions. And most importantly, if they were going to have them come together in a carnal way, there should have been a modicum of passion on Sheldon's part.

Yes, the writers wanted to keep Sheldon true to his character but the prompt to "give Amy coitus" should have introduced something that sparked within him. While their bedroom scene was sweet and tender, it would have been so much more gratifying if we heard some pillow talk. The other storyline of the opening of Star Wars was pretty good and tied into the Sheldon and Amy event. I did love the episode and there were plenty of laughs (particularly from Amy and Sheldon), I just didn't expect them to be brought together so soon and with a relative lack of passion.


Basically a real fan of Star Wars prefers to miss the premiere and have sex with his girlfriend for the first time.

I call bulls*t. I've watched the episode with my girlfriend and she KNOWS I would rather go to the premiere even if it meant not having sex for months...

Oh! And they both have fun and enjoy it, the first time... yeah right. As if having sex for the first time would be that fun for any girl.

They should change the name to "The Big 90210"

I loved Will Wheaton in the episode though, the rest was a load of crap.

Honestly, can't find the words to express how disappointed I am with this episode.


As I was watching this episode, it dawned on me something quite huge: if this episode fails, "The Big Bang Theory" is eternally screwed. It takes a group of nerds and places them in the midst of an event we have all been waiting for: the release of Ep VII. And thankfully, "The Opening Night Excitation" for the most part, does work pretty well although it is hardly deserving of an IMDb rating of 9.4!

The gang have pre-ordered tickets for the opening night release of "Star Wars". Months later, as the day draws closer, Sheldon realizes that the opening night conflicts with Amy's birthday and ultimately, decides to go celebrate her birthday rather than seeing the movie he's been dying to see. In the meantime, the guys are forced to take another guest to the film, in place of Sheldon.

This is the aspect of the plot that is totally unrealistic and implausible: why would Sheldon go to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday over "Star Wars"? The writers completely missed out on what an important occasion this is for Sheldon, and threw it away weakly.

Berneadette is as annoying as ever, her facial expressions and her voice still remain one of the most irritating aspects of this show. As Bearnedette became more and more of a key character, the show's quality began to decline increasingly. Penny offers very little humour to the episode, and Kaley Cuocou continually gets those big cheques for doing nothing!

I am still having a bit of a hard time accepting the fact that Sheldon and Amy have engaged in coitus. But it is done well enough that I am able to interpret it as being away from Amy so long has pushed him to a position where he is more open with her, and willing to make decisions he wasn't the first time around. The problem with this show in general is it does not build up its characters well at all. As such, motives such as Sheldon's in this episode cannot quite so easily be justified.

Bob Newhart makes another guest appearance as Force Ghost Proton, and he is again great in this reprising role. However, the episode truly shines with Wil Wheaton and his attendance to the "Star Wars" premiere dressed in "Star Trek" attire. That was classic!

"The Opening Night Excitation" is actually funny. From the opening scene alone, there does seem to be a better injection of humour into the story. This is the plot that could not fail, and it certainly does not. The episode offers some heart, enough humour and just enough oddities that it is an above average "Big Bang Theory" episode.