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Madness (2006) Online

Madness (2006) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
William M. Johns
Cast :
Michael Rose,Jami Ross,Michelene Pancoe
Writer :
William M. Johns
Type :
Time :
1h 36min
Rating :
Madness (2006) Online

Alex is a disturbed young man bent on destruction, but his plans are interrupted by his step-sister and her four, hot college roommates. Confined to their parent's house as a blizzard moves in, the power goes out and one of the girl's 'accidentally' dies making Alex's odd behavior more suspect. He tries desperately to cover his tracks, but discovers an even darker deed and in the end.
Credited cast:
Michael Rose Michael Rose - Alex
Jami Ross Jami Ross - Megan
Michelene Pancoe Michelene Pancoe - Karen
Devan Lindsey Devan Lindsey - Leah
Laura Cool Laura Cool - Heather
Bernadette Lords Bernadette Lords - Jenny
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Alex Biats Alex Biats - Young Alex
Jeffrey Ryan Haber Jeffrey Ryan Haber - Danny
Shelly Marks Shelly Marks - Bonnie
Rick Montgomery Jr. Rick Montgomery Jr. - Paul
Andy Schofield Andy Schofield - Newscaster

User reviews



I was able to attend the premier for this film and very much enjoyed it. Bill Johns has a way of making his scenes stand out in their beauty and this movie displayed that gift of cinematography admirably. He was able to create a full-length feature on a small budget with new talent and the results were definitely something to go and see. There was surprise to be had as the plot twisted with more than one shocking revelation before the suspenseful final scenes concluded the film. Overall, the director was able to capture what he was working to show his audiences. The creativity and hard-work that went into this movie shows in the final results displayed on-screen.


I was fortunate enough to be invited to the cast and crew prescreening of Madness and I enjoyed it. The cinematography is outstanding, the shot composite, the cg that was included were excellent. The pacing can be improved but overall, it was enjoyable, and I am sure the director will continue finalizing this movie before it is readied for the public.

For an indie film of low/no budget, this film has way better quality than most indie films I've seen lately. Which I have seen a lot, and even can rival to those big studio made films.

I am looking forward to Bill's next feature when it's out. Kudos!


This is just another one of those ''home''-made horror thrillers with c-span actors,a stinking story, and far too many inconsistencies in the plot . there are after all a power outtage in this film, but there are far to much light in the house, and there are lots of machinery noise ,especially in the kitchen takes.good filmmakers do film in darkness, these doesnt.

there are murders but they are far too easy conducted, and you start wondering how brain blasted a girl can be continuing to be in that house.,i would have run, made a snow cave if so, and fought for my life, as an old grumpy man, recommended??? no, not at all


Cleveland's Indie community has something more to be proud of; Madness, the thriller from producer/director William Johns. Madness is a thriller that investigates the all to real lives of step-children and the hells they face. This film had some of the best cinematography I've seen in Indie films in a long time and boasts a cast of "up and comers". Madness marks the feature debute of soon-to-be "pop star" Jamie Ross. Madness is a great film and I highly recommend it to anyone out there! Nicholas J Villa II - President - Old School Horror.com For more info and the review visit our site @ www.oldschoolhorror.com today!


I enjoyed Bill Johns' Madness! I thought the movie was well crafted.

For this being his first feature length effort it was well worth the watch! I have seen many of his short subject flicks, and have to say that this movie is at least equally as good and quite technically better than them. Everything in the movie was logical and explained somehow through narrative or visuals with no real loose ends or "Huh, but how did..." questions left hanging.

The cinematography and directing was excellent, the lighting was well handled and set the mood in scenes well. The music score choice was quite good and never seemed inappropriate to the scene. Acting was pretty good for the most part and the dialog was okay, but seemed just a little drawn out at times.

Overall, I think Bill Johns' Madness is quite well executed, and definitely worth the time to see.


Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Bill understands that you are lucky to work with a director of this caliber. Bill knows how to capture the true essence of what the film is trying to show. The movie was excellent with great camera angles and lighting. He had a very talented cast of actors that showed true chemistry on screen. I was very impressed with the story line and being a fellow actress enjoyed how the characters portrayed their roles. This is a suspenseful film with some twists that are not expected. He had a great location for the shoot and the outside shots were fantastic. I had the opportunity to see this in the theater and truly recommend it for the home collection. A Must See!!


The strongest thing about this film is - very good cinematography. Bill Johns uses artificial light extremely well. Each scene is carefully "painted" and looks very cinematic. For an independent film, produced on a very minimal budget - "Madness" delivers very good entertainment value, and it's directed well. The lead actor, M. Rose, is believable and strong in his role. The production design shows careful attention to details. The "murder" staging uses very interesting concepts, together with some CGI touches. Overall, this is a solid micro-budget independent film. Every film student who studies directing should watch this film - it's a perfect example of well made "one location" feature film!