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Maragateria: una coreografia (2013) Online

Maragateria: una coreografia (2013) Online
Original Title :
Maragateria: una coreografia
Genre :
Movie / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Pablo Alonso González
Budget :
Type :
Rating :
Maragateria: una coreografia (2013) Online

Maragatería: one choreography is an ode to the region of Maragatería (León, Spain). The documentary seeks to uncover the region to explore the different ways of life of its heterogeneous population, challenging traditional argument and narrative structures. Far from a traditional view of the land and their customs,the documentary is situated at the intersection between the different social groups who inhabit the region nowadays. From the local peasants, grown in a decaying pre-industrial world, to the hippies and eco-rurals who repopulate abandoned villages, the various characters that occupy abandoned enclaves in the Camino de Santiago to help pilgrims, and urban dwellers returning to the rural in search of their roots and contact with nature, or the immigrants who came to this peripheral and poor area in search of a better life. The complex entanglements that occur here make foreigners adapt maraga to traditions, while northern European hippies see local peasants' ways of life as ...