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Shanghai Belle (2011) Online

Shanghai Belle (2011) Online
Original Title :
Shanghai Belle
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Jean-Louis Daniel
Cast :
Xin Wang,Marie Février,Elena Kuletskaya
Writer :
Jean-Louis Daniel,Christa Fenal
Type :
Time :
1h 54min
Rating :
Shanghai Belle (2011) Online

Based upon true stories, SHANGHAI BELLE, tells the destiny of five young women who all go through 'hell' to finally receive an unexpected redemption. Each of them states her intimate confessions through daily diaries. They experiment a journey on the 'edge'. The result of which is the loss of their innocence...
Cast overview:
Xin Wang Xin Wang - Xin
Marie Février Marie Février - Chloé
Elena Kuletskaya Elena Kuletskaya - Ira
Kate Rozz Kate Rozz - Sylwia
Benjamin Feitelson Benjamin Feitelson - David
David Atrakchi David Atrakchi - Roman
Tony Le Guern Tony Le Guern - Tony
Nadine Salem Nadine Salem - Clarisse
Swan Feitelson Swan Feitelson - Tina
Katharina Baron Katharina Baron - Irina (as Katharina Kowalewski)

User reviews



Shanghai Belle is an aspiring model turned prostitute, who is surrounded by cocaine addicted, party going young women who wander aimlessly in this disjointed mess of a movie. The only saving grace is an excellent soundtrack which is not available anywhere. Hand held camera shots alternate between color and black and white, and we are taken from scene to scene at random, as if we are watching a one hour and forty minute music video. Xin Wang is quite beautiful in the lead role, and she is frequently naked, which, along with the soundtrack is the only reason I am giving this film a 3/10. This could have been a contender, with better editing and a more structured story line; but as it is, it is just an exhausting effort for the unfortunate viewer.


The movie might attract an audience it doesn't really is made for. If you are thinking of watching something to arouse you, to be enticing, to spice things up. you are wrong here. Which might be a good thing, especially because it tries to find something. While looking it does change a lot concerning its cinematography. The filter/color tricks it uses are interesting.

But they also seem to be without a reason. I'm giving the movie the benefit of the doubt and pretend every gimmick is used for a specific reason, even though I can't really see it. But that is not what brings the house of cards down. The fact, that the movie seems to go for non actors, with a script that has more holes than swiss cheese, is what actually makes this movie almost unbearable.