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Olympia (1998) Online

Olympia (1998) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Bob Byington
Cast :
Jason Andrews,Carmen Nogales,Damian Young
Writer :
Bob Byington,Johnny McAllister
Type :
Time :
1h 16min
Rating :
Olympia (1998) Online

Rather ridiculous story attempts a romance between a Mexican soap star with a dream of competing in the Olympics and escapes her country by swimming the Rio Grande with a man who is totally possessed by his Mother. However, upon the meeting the soap star and realizing her dreams, he shakes off his Mother's possessiveness to coach the star in her training.
Cast overview:
Jason Andrews Jason Andrews - Bill Daniels
Carmen Nogales Carmen Nogales - Olympia Miraflores
Damian Young Damian Young - Ed Pedernales
Patricia Fiske Patricia Fiske - Bill's Mother
James Monroe Black James Monroe Black - Motel Manager
Lee Hunsaker Lee Hunsaker - Librarian
Joe Stevens Joe Stevens - Whistle Man
Mark Miks Mark Miks - Cowboy
Samara Paysse Samara Paysse - Border Guard
Bill Stott Bill Stott - Hot Dog

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A low-budget Field of Dreams straight out of left field, OLYMPIA charts a Mexican soap opera star's single-minded quest to become a javelin-throwing sensation. Newcomer Carmen Nogales is the monomaniacal Olympia Miraflores, who chucks fame and fortune in pursuit of her impossible dream. Her surly manager (Damian Young, AMATEUR) winces watching his meal ticket swim across the Rio Grande clutching her javelin as if it were a magic milagro bean to ward off evil and misfortune. But the headstrong Olympia won't be dissuaded and in Laredo finds an unlikely ally - a slovenly sad-sack coach named Billy (Jason Andrews, BOOGIE NIGHTS), whose previous athletic training has consisted of parading in a taco costume at a fast food restaurant. Shot on a shoestring budget, Olympia has an affable charm buoyed by its game performances, especially that of Andrews as a loser who needs a stiff shot of encouragement to redirect his aimless life.


This sweetly innocent yet infectious movie diagnoses the malaise of an interdependently skilled society and prescribes a dose of premeditated spontaneity as nepenthe. The movie will change you. The javelin throwing Oly and her bumbling obsessed coaches will remind any viewer of their own fascinations with the unattainable love paradigms that others present to us. Rock on Mr. Byington! We salute you.