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Too Much Dutch (1923) Online

Too Much Dutch (1923) Online
Original Title :
Too Much Dutch
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy
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Too Much Dutch (1923) Online

Cast overview:
Joe Rock Joe Rock

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"Too Much Dutch" is a very forgettable silent comedy...one that if you never see it you won't be missing much. It stars Joe Rock and Fatty Alexander. However, unlike the Fatty Arbuckle comedies, this one repeatedly makes fun of Alexander's weight and has a lot of cheap fat jokes. In addition, the rest of the story ain't so hot either!

The story is set in Holland...and what a bizarro version of Holland it is! The two men spend the entire film vying for a young lady and in the end, a bear comes onto the scene and there is a friend dressed up like a bear...which is dumb but REALLY dumb when you wonder what a bear is doing there! Very contrived and only a few small laughs.