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Original Title :
Hannah Montana
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy / Family / Music
Cast :
Miley Cyrus,Emily Osment,Jason Earles
Type :
TV Series
Time :
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Adventures of a teenage pop star who keeps her identity secret from even her closest friends by using a disguise on-stage.

Ханна Монтана Online

Miley Stewart might seem like an average girl, but she isn't. She moved from Tennessee to Malibu and is adapting to a new lifestyle. Miley has a huge secret only known by her dad and manager Robbie Ray Stewart, her weird brother Jackson Stewart, and her two best friends Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken. Miley Stewart's huge secret is she leads a double as the famous pop singer Hannah Montana, along with her friend Lilly, who also has a double life as Lola, Hannah's friend.
Series cast summary:
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus - Miley Stewart / - 101 episodes, 2006-2011
Emily Osment Emily Osment - Lilly Truscott / - 101 episodes, 2006-2011
Jason Earles Jason Earles - Jackson Stewart 101 episodes, 2006-2011
Billy Ray Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus - Robby Ray Stewart 101 episodes, 2006-2011
Mitchel Musso Mitchel Musso - Oliver Oken / - 92 episodes, 2006-2011
Moises Arias Moises Arias - Rico / - 78 episodes, 2006-2011

Although playing the older brother Jackson, Jason Earles was more than fifteen years older than his character.

Jason Earles said on an interview with Jimmy Fallon that Jackson was originally very introverted and shy, and that he was only able to talk through a puppet he carried with him everywhere. While rehearsing a scene, Earles did so well, that the director was convinced to rethink the character.

The series' original ending was that the entire show was a fantasy of a young Miley Cyrus. It was never used.

Almost every episode's title references a famous song.

Mitchel Musso wore his hair below his ears throughout the show's run in order to hide his earrings, except for the final season.

Joanna "JoJo" Levesque was offered the title role, but turned it down.

To prevent it from falling, the wig's fringe is glued to Miley Cyrus' forehead.

When Miley Cyrus originally auditioned, she was told she was too young and could not be in the show, but a few weeks later she got the call, and was cast as Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana).

Miley Cyrus was eleven-years-old when she first auditioned for the show.

As stated in an interview, Miley Cyrus shut down the rumor that she would burn the wig after the show's end, and said that she will most likely keep one, and donate the rest to museums.

Miley Cyrus originally auditioned for the role of Lilly Truscott, but they thought she would be better for the role of Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana). When she auditioned for Hannah Montana, she was told she was too young, and could not be in the show, but a few weeks later she got the call, and was cast as Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana).

Taylor Momsen auditioned for the part of Chloe Stewart, later changed to Miley Stewart.

Rico's name means "rich" in Spanish, hence, his character is wealthy.

According to Robbie Ray's yelling, Jackson's full name is Jackson Rod Stewart, named after the singer Rod Stewart.

This series became such a big hit for the Disney Channel that it led to live concert tours, a line of clothing for little girls, and the production of Hannah Montana (2009).

Taylor Momsen and Miley Cyrus were up for the role of Hannah (Chloe Stewart), but Cyrus eventually got the role, and Momsen starred as "Jenny Humphrey" on Plotkara (2007).

Despite the fact that he played a teenager on the show, Jason Earles was twenty-nine when the show began.

Miley Cyrus' real-life sister Noah appeared as the little soccer girl with the taser mom.

One of Disney's most successful television shows to date.

On-screen, Miley and Lilly were best friends, and, despite rumors, the actresses were good friends in real-life as well.

In the episode in which Robbie Ray hurts his back doing the limbo, he says, "Ow, my achy, breaky back!", a reference to the popular 1992 country song "Achy Breaky Heart", which was sung by Billy Ray Cyrus.

In one episode, Miley told Lilly she named her pig Lou until they found out it was a girl and then changed it to Louanne. In another episode, she told Lilly that her pig was named after her evil cousin, Louanne, who tried to reveal Hannah's secret.

The photo of the front of the building, known as the "Roof", was a picture of the historic Majestic Theater in downtown Dallas, Texas, which opened in 1922.

The show was originally going to be called Alexis Texas.

The show is set in Malibu, California.

With the exception of the clip show, Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana), Lily Truscott, and Jackson Stewart are the only characters that appeared in every episode.

Third longest Disney show, behind That's So Raven (2003) and Wizards of Waverly Place (2007).

The façade of the house that was the Stewarts' house, was the same house used in Diagnoza: morderstwo (1993).

After another character said something unexpected, Miley gave him or her a nickname appropriate to the situation followed by "Say What?"

Season one, episode twenty-three, "Schooly Bully" is the only episode where Miley did not appear as Hannah Montana.

Although Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez were portrayed as rivals. They were good friends in real-life.

When Miley, Robbie Ray, or Jackson was frustrated, they said, "Sweet niblets!"

This is one of the only shows that outdoes Disney's 65-episode rule.

The same doctor from Good Luck Charlie (2010) season two, episode six, "L.A.R.P. in the Park", appeared in season two, episode five, "I Am Hannah Hear Me Croak".

After the airing of the series finale, Disney Channel consequently pulled the plug on the show's airwaves due to Miley Cyrus's controversial persona, as most parents feared of allowing their children watch this show due to this.

Rachel Quinn auditioned for the role of Chloe Stewart but the part ultimately went to Miley Cyrus. Quinn was later cast as Megan Stewart in Michael Goi's Megan Is Missing (2011).

Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus are father and daughter not only on the show, but also in real-life. (You don't say!)

Shortly after Hannah Montana ended, both Jason Earles and Moises Arias's brother Mateo Arias (who made a brief cameo appearance in season 2, episode 20, "I Will Always Loathe You") went on to star in the Disney XD Original Series Z kopyta (2011).

User reviews



Why is this show so immensely popular? Back in 2006, I saw the first episode and thought, Hey, this isn't so bad. As the series progressed, however, I found Hannah Montana to be incredibly dull, unrealistic, and a terrible example for children.

Let's start with the "dull" part: Hannah Montana completely lacks in just about everything. For example, the laugh track is played obnoxiously often throughout the show at moments that aren't even remotely funny. The "comedy" also desperately needs better acting; I haven't seen a difference in Miley's expressions at all, and it's always the same little grimace and hand motions. A good or even decent actress would know to vary facial expressions and movements. Simply walking around with hands and arms in the shrug position doesn't cut it. It's not just Miley that demonstrates the poor caliber of acting; nearly the whole cast is incapable of acting. Emily Osment is the only exception. Aside from the acting, the plot line is exceptionally bland; it chronicles the double life of a not-so-great teenager. Personally, I could think of so much more enlightening subjects around which to base a show.

Moreover, the show is totally unrealistic. Blonde wigs don't magically transform people into mediocre singers (yes, I just called the singing mediocre). Any person can see that Miley looks exactly like Hannah Montana (hmm, wonder why), and therefore Miley would be mobbed as soon as she stepped out of her front door. However, she is totally able to keep her cover and keep her night life under the radar like magic.

Also, the show is an atrocious example for the young children who watch this show. It insists that it's okay to be exceptionally cruel to your friends; they'll always come back. It says to feel free to use all the sarcasm you want; it doesn't affect people. That is not the way the world works; cruelty should not be acceptable. It should not be funny, either. For some reason, we are supposed to find insults, sarcasm, and bad attitudes to be hilarious. Miley is basically a spewing fountain of sarcasm. I can't recall one episode where she hasn't used her "Ya think?!" line (multiple times at that, and apparently this is "funny"). Since when is shouting at your supposed "best friends" okay to do? I have a five-year-old relative, and she adores the Disney Channel, in particular Hannah Montana. About three months ago, her mother had to ban her from watching the show because she was developing an attitude similar to Miley's: mean, sarcastic, and trashy. Here was a five-year-old little girl who was back-sassing her parents, acting like she owned the world, treating her younger brother like dirt, and dancing in a very suggestive manner. Was the aim of the Disney Channel to produce a show that would transform all the innocent little girls of the USA into trashy preteens?

This show is possibly the worst show the Disney Channel has come up with. It's sad to see that this is what kids are watching. I advise everyone to stay away; the show is not all it's cracked up to be.

A very sad 1/10.


Did I like Disney at one time? I sure did. Especially the Disney Channel, which once had a whole variety of programs to choose from, including those from when Walt Disney himself was still around. But now, those days are over, and the company is now referred to as a has been. I've tried to tolerate Disney in recent years, but anymore, the majority of what comes out of it is plain crap. The show Hanna Montana is a good indication of that.

Quite frankly, I grew up with sitcoms, and back in the 80s and 90s, there was always a good sitcom to watch with the whole family. Not now. I honestly can't see why Hanna Montana is so popular among the kids and the young teens crowd. It is dull, and the laugh track that is common in sitcoms is played in even the most boring of parts. Miley Cryus herself displays poor acting, heck, I say the whole crew lacks talent. Like HSM, this show is just another poor example of what Disney nowadays seems to think as good entertainment. It is not.

Perhaps the most insulting is when Hanna (Miley) puts on a wig as a disguise. Suddenly, it's as if no one knew who she was. How pathetic is that? She also yells at her best friends, like that it's okay to do in real life. Miley pretty much uses her cheesy lines and cruel ways to deal with things, and in the end, her friends always return. She even has her father playing in this, helping her along the way just in case something bad happens. So to make myself clear, Hanna Montana is a joke, bringing in a bland plot line with some of the most wretched clichés I have ever seen.

I wish the Disney Channel would go back to the way it was. But concerning today's society, I doubt Disney will. I had respect for them, but I have all but lost it in recent years. So unless you have children who are overexcited for this cookie cutter show, avoid this at all costs. It is not what some people claim it to be.

1 out of 10.


One thing to say that just needs to be said which sums up this show in a nut shell : Disney have lost all credibility. First of all, to be fair, I am not a young kid so I don't know how young kids feel about this show, but the show consists of (apparently) teenagers. When are Disney going to stop trying to pull off a show about teenagers? Either stop being so conservative and actually show what real teenagers are like or stop humiliating these poor kid actors who are reduced to portraying ultimately complete dorks on the screen. This show is embarrassingly unfunny- Billy Ray Cyrus had one hit album like what a million years ago and now thinks of himself as an actor? Its painful to watch him act and I think bad acting is genetic because shes even worse. The only remotely funny people in the show are Mylee's two friends whom are still not given much to work with script wise but could probably be funny doing something real. The show is simply stupid and made for the mentally retarded. It offers no intelligence, no wit - just the same boring storyline every single episode with the same processed no good acting- I am still scratching my head as to why this show has done so well. Please God - just do us all a favour and take it off the air?


Hannah Montana is a famous pop' singer who has to lead a double life (by her own will it appears) as a normal pre-teen in Malibue, California. That sounds good, doesn't it? No. In fact this is one of the worst 'comedies' i have seen, and i've seen Reba and 8 Simple Rules. Hannah and her best friend are supposedly normal pre-teens (i shudder to think what normal adults will be like in the near future) who have to face the usual anticipated challenges of school, 'dating' and 'hanging around'. The idea of a famous star living a normal life could've been done so much better, but it wasn't. The music is awful (both the country music she sings (i admit i hate country music) and the background music) and the gags are terrible. The jokes and scenes involving Billy Ray, who is apparently her manager, aren't that funny either. The best gag i've seen is reminiscent of 'that's so raven'esquire jokes involving bold and unintelligent visual gags based on dim wittedness or lame attempts at covering up some crime or act. Put frankly, this isn't worth watching. Try an episode and you won't be screaming for an encore from this 'star'.


I do not find this show at all funny. I actually think it is much worse than any of the other terrible Disney channel sit-coms right now. Miley Cyrus is an interesting choice to play Miley aka Hannah Montanna, because she can't sing, and she can't act. The jokes on this show are terribly unfunny, and it makes it even worse when the only cast member that has a little bit (and I mean little bit) of acting talent is Emily Osment as Miley's friend Lily. Bily Ray Cyrus and Jason Earles portray Miley's father (and is her father) and Jason Earles portrays her idiot brother thats always getting in to some stupid shenanigan. Two words that can really describe this show is terribly corny. It's corny humor that only little girls find funny because their brains have not developed yet. Now I've explained my hatred for the acting and the horrible humor, what's next? The whole premise of the show is a stupid idea. She puts on a wig and suddenly nobody recognizes her? It's moronic. In summation, I hate this show, however little girls who do not have a concept of funny will enjoy it, so I guess that's what they're going for over quality.

My rating: Awful show. TV G. 30 mins.


Miley Cyrus plays Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana, a teenager who leads a double life who lives with her dad Robbie (has been Billy Ray Cyrus) and her idiot brother Jackson (Jason Earles). I just don't get why this show is so liked and popular, it has to be the worst TV show I have ever seen.

Firstly the acting is horrendous (with the exception of Emily Osment who is OK). Miley Cyrus has to be the worst actress I have ever seen and her dad isn't any better. Miley Cyrus always uses the same facial expressions and I can't stand her voice, she sounds like a middle aged woman smoking 50 a day. She can't sing and the only reason she has all this success is because of her washed up, has been singer dad Billy Ray Cyrus.

Also how can nobody not recognise it's the same person but in a blonde wig. Anybody can see it's just Miley Stewart in a blonde wig yet people on the show are stupid enough not to know. It's just pathetic.

And it's OK for Miley to treat her friends like dirt. She sets a bad example to younger kids and says it OK to be mean to your friends. They think being cruel, insulting, to have a bad attitude and being sarcastic is funny and great TV. And the amount of times she uses "Ya think" on the show is just annoying, my sister is always saying that and it gets on my nerves. Miley Cyrus is a terrible example for a role model.

The supporting cast of Lilly (Emily Osment) and Oliver (Mitchell Musso) are probably the only people on the show who do a decent job. Rico on the other hand is just as bad as Miley. He's like 10 or 11 and he's one of the most bratty, obnoxious, egotistical, arrogant, annoying person I have ever come across. Characters like that shouldn't be allowed on kids shows. And the laugh track is horrible and annoying, being played in parts were it's not funny and parts were Miley is being cruel which is not right.

This show is embarrassingly unfunny and I warn everybody to keep away from it.


This series is so short of a series, it might as well not have existed at all. I tried to watch this show after some convincing of the kids and since there was such a big hype about it. After watching the show, I stared into space and thought...What has Disney come to? This show basically consists of 4 main characters and a bunch of other side characters. Miley Cyrus plays a famous teen star called Miley Stewart /Hannah Montana who at the same time manages a life as a normal school girl. I honestly don't see how a girl manages two lives at once. It's totally unrealistic. Back on topic, Emily Osment plays Miley's "so called" best friend who is yelled at and ridiculed by Miley and they still seem to be "best friends". Jason Earles plays Miley's idiotic brother and always seems to get into trouble; Not to mention how he is always able to make very off-beat puns. He also seems to work at some sort of a snack shack for a demanding and extremely bratty 11 year old kid named "Rico" who is played by Moises Arias. Robbie Stewart who is played by Billy Ray Cyrus is the father of Miley Stewart who always seems to take care of or handle Miley's problems by talking to just her about it. Not her friends or anyone else, just talking to his daughter. Also, he tends to be very moist and vague to help any real life problem, and the problems always are usually simple, and predictable.

Disney, all and all, is trying harder and harder to get the public(s) attention with new shows that seem to get more abhorrent as each series passes. C'mon Disney! Just shut the hell up!


I don't have anything against Hannah Montana but her show should be taken off the air it is lame,corny,and boring after watching one episode i wanted to stop watching Disney channel all together it was that terrible she is not that funny. you can tell its her through the blond wig. She didn't really have to do anything to really get the job. there are real actors that are still trying to climb there way to the top and she gets the part no problem. She shouldn't have a Hannah Montana movie her show was only out for what about a year or two now and it is the lamest thing i have ever saw on television. I have one more thing to say why is it that the suite life of Zack and Cody is ten times better than Hannah Montana.


Personally and truthfully, I hate this show. I hated it from the start but I still can't pull myself to rate this show a 1 because, to be honest, I liked SOME of the episodes. But now, it's so unrealistically pitiful. Like how a bunch of people commented on her wig. I absolutely agree, I mean, you can't just put on a wig and expect everybody to not recognize you, how is that possible? It's not! Basically it's like sending out little signals to kids telling them that, it's okay to pretend to be someone else. When it's not. Settle on one! Be a rock star or be a regular kid, you can't have both of those ways. And what's with Jake Ryan Vampire Slayer Dude? One episode he's all sweet and loving and the next he's all super conceited. This show is so indecisive, it kills me.

Anyway, the acting, eh not so good. I've seen way better. And when Miley Cyrus speaks, I'm like "Lay off the cigarettes!" Her voice really really bothers me. Truly I only like Emily Osment and even then they make her look bad by causing her to be selfish about her friendship with Miley. I feel sorry for Mitchel Musso//Oliver whatever. He's one of Miley's best friends and he's a freaking background sidekick character! Oh and when there was that episode with Dolly and Miley grandma or whatever and Miley and Emily had to dress up to show how they acted, well that little get-up for Miley suited her. HA, no wonder she chose to pretend she's Dolly. Miley's freaking selfish in general, mean, sarcastic, and not a real person. Idk...I just give it a 2 out of 10. My rant's done.


This terrible show is another failed attempt by Disney channel to appeal to girls (and sadly some boys) between the ages of 10-14. The acting on the show is really annoying, and worst of all they make little annoying kids say "aaa oh!". Then the little kids see it, and think it originated from Hannah Montana. Little kids running around everywhere screaming "aaa oh!" (the RICO kid is the main culprit. one of the worst parts of the show is how it gives the idea that Hannah is a nice person. Yeah right. A girl like her would make fun of people for looking different than her: for example... if a kid did not have long hair and ride a skateboard she would call him a nerd and toy around with his emotions! The character is shallow and cruel. I am also sick with how Disney gives every boy in their shows long hair. oliver looks like a girl! It is making everyone now-a-days look alike. Why doesn't he grow a Mohawk, or even a mullet. anything to end this fad of looking like a skateboarder. Now i'm even for bringing back Spike hair. (i am also enraged at boys wearing tight pants. yeah they think they look cool now, but how will they feel in 15 years when they are sterile...)how cool would it be if every boy on the show looked different. the oliver kid could have a mullet, Jackson could have a Mohawk...etc. This domination of white kids with long hair and tight pants is really annoying..and shows like Hannah Montana aren't helping! Disney! bring back good shows. don't produce tripe like Hannah Montana that teaches kids to be fashion Na-z-is to one another!


This show is AWFUL! If this show is "Hannah Montana," it's not about her that much. Mostly Jackson, Robby Ray, Rico, and Oliver are the funny ones and Miley and Lily are barely shown and aren't that funny. Also, the plots are mostly about Miley protecting her secret life. Also, the effects are horrible. When someone is flying or picked up, you can obviously see they are fake. Overall this show is horrible. If anyone watches this and likes it, they are crazy. It's cheesy, overrated, and a waste of time. Finally, this show is too serious, it's always, "do the right thing" and it's never bad.

I hate IT!


Alright, let's get this started. Okay, so, first thing I'd like to point out about the Hannah Montana Series... How many names does this person have? Miley Cyrus, Miley Stuart, Destiny Cyrus, Destiny Ray Cyrus, Hannah Montana... How should I refer to her during this comment? I'll just go with "Miley"...

Okay, the show Hannah Montana is about a Southern girl (with the accent of a trailer-park smoking 90-year old man) from Tennessee who moves to Malibu to get her singing career started. As she doesn't want to lose her beautiful old life , she puts on a wig and she has a new life as a different person... Why didn't anyone point this out to me earlier? I could just wig-on myself and my car when I'm street-racing. In her normal-person life (see how confusing this can get?) she has two best friends: Emily Osment (Lilly) who is the only good thing about the show so she doesn't exactly blend, and Oliver (Mitchel Musso) who hardly gets ANY screen time. Lilly is also incorporated in Hannah's preteen-world-domination scheme by the alias of Lola. Miley's father, Robby Ray Cyrus is incorporated in both lives, as father and manager. She has a brother, Jason Earles (Jackson) who she treats like a pile of trash.

Doesn't sound WAY too bad, does it? "YA THINK!" would actually fit here for once... Miley owns the world in her eyes. She treats everyone like dirt and they keep crawling back to her in less than 10 minutes. Great example and rolemodel for her preteen fans.

Although I'm not much of a singer, I would have to say Miley isn't either. She's also not that much of an actress, and she should NEVER joke; it's just sad. The "laugh track" is played CONSTANTLY on the show, even when she's not saying ANYTHING funny (not that she ever does), seriously, NO!

Plot line, WHAT HAPPENED? Where did the plot line go? Are different people who never met or watched the show writing separate episodes?

Morale, what do I get from watching Hannah Montana? I mean, Lizzie McG and even That's So Raven had a lesson "at the end of the day" that you would learn by their experience. Hannah, where is the lesson? Is it, possibly, "treat your friends like Trash, they'll keep coming back"? Cuz that's all I learned from Miley or Hannah or whatever...

One question: What happened to Disney? Are they deliberately trying to lose all credibility they had? Weird shows with absolutely no connection to reality are popping up on Disney and the sad thing is: preteens like it. I seriously wonder what future adults will be like.

Okay so, let's just review the headlines: poor acting, singing, story, no lesson, bad role model, unfunny, and annoying accent... Why should I watch this?

My conclusion: an advice to you followed by a request to God. Don't watch the show, it's only encouraging the new Disney to be more horrible and lose all senses of credibility they once had. OH, LORD, PLEASE, EITHER TAKE ME OR TAKE THE SHOW OFF THE AIR, JUST DON'T TORTURE ME BY MAKING ME SEE IT.


Yes, I'm a guy, and yes, I've watched "Hannah Montana". The whole premise of the "pop star double life" is actually a great idea, and the only credit I'm giving to Disney in this review. However, the show is terrible in hundreds of ways. The acting is the worst I've ever seen in a TV show, with the exception being Emily Osment. The stories of the episodes are unoriginal and lame. The characters are shallow and basically just walking stereotypes. It is simply unrealistic that "Oliver", would hang with Miley and Lilly all day and get involved in their schemes unless he was gay which he probably is. And my last point, why on earth would Disney focus the episodes on dating and breaking up and high school and gossip when Disney knows the majority of the viewers are six year old girls? It's just not appropriate. Do the right thing, boycott this show.


This has to be one of the worst television shows that I have ever seen and that is saying something. Why is it so bad? Where to start? The acting is awful and not funny at all even though this calls itself a comedy. The humour is forced and it is like the actors are holding up "laugh" cards so the studio audience (who should be paid a fortune for sitting through it and forcing themselves to laugh) know when to. Miley Cyrus can not act and ever line she says is like she has been forced into to it. Her character is irritating as the pop star/ ordinary girl who just wants to be like everyone else but have the pop star life style as well. Each plot of every episode is Miley Stewart getting into a tricky situation, almost being uncovered as Hannah Montanna, then not and everyone is happy. Plus Miley walking around with her arms swinging about making a weird expression with her teeth. The other characters don't make this any more interesting and are just as annoying. Billy Ray Cyrus makes constant references to his one and only hit and writes songs for his daughter which, lets be frank, aren't any better. Jason Earls is the only reason this got one star as he can be quite funny but sadly that doesn't happen often. Overall a truly awful show that should be taken off the air immediately.


Some people say on here it's like That's So Raven, which is false. This show is great, I give it 7 out of 10. It just makes me laugh on a sad day. I can always look up to this show to make my frown to turn upside down. People in my grade feel dumb watching Disney channel, especially this show, but it's like, don't care what people say. Have you noticed that Disney sort of becoming teen or Junior High Standards, which is really good. This show has great actors and actress' in it. They share their talent with us, so we should respect them for that. Also, even though the show might have stupid things in it, it still is funny to me, and I still like it. Anyone can relate to them. Mitchel,(Oliver) the sweet guy, but gets picked on by the mean kids, and likes a pop diva. Emily, (Lilly) she is best friends with Miley, she tries her best at standing up for people, and always knows when to seek revenge. Miley, she wants to be a normal girl, with no problems in her life because of being a pop star. In a way, you can relate to them. That's my comments.


Some people don't like this show but I really love it. Destiny "Miley" Cyrus has a weird accent, she is from Tennessee and she lives in Malibu, California. She lives a double life as a normal eight grade teenager and as a famous pop star ("Hannah Montana"). It's funny sometimes and the characters are lovable like her brother Jackson trying to hook up with girls. Her best friend Lily who's a total dork (I know but she's my dork, lol)Oliver is the slow one (like Chelsea from That's so Raven) and her real life dad--"Billy Ray Cyrus" is so funny! Well I think that is all I can explain about the show...if you don't like the Disney Channel shows than you might not like it but if you do you will adore Hannah Montana.


Okay. To start off, I am a teenage male who is in the progress of creating a TV show idea himself, and while watching shows to find out which actors I want to use, I came across this.

I hang out around people who are very anti-Disney, and I pretend not to like this. I sort of do, but it is totally not my favorite and this is why.

Firstly, Hannah Montana is about a girl named Miley Stewart who lives a double life as a teen pop sensation named Hannah Montana, which is the most ridiculous, unrealistic main plot I have ever heard of. Now, you've all probably been told how dumb it is to have a blond wig disguise someone, and I think that as well. But, the show isn't really all that bad. Come on! Now, let me rate each part of the show.

Filming- 3/10- I absolutely hate the fact that every Disney show is filmed the way it is. The laugh tracks are annoying and the camera angle is not in a position where you feel like you're really relating to the situation. Totally unoriginal.

Main Plot- 6/10- Fun, but really ridiculous and unrealistic. Who ever heard of a person dressed up in a blond wig and disguising themselves as a singer and expect not to get recognized by their friends? (You've all probably heard that one before.) Episode Plots- 5/10- Easily the most on-and-off episode guide ever. One episode is great, the other one sucks. One has a good story, the other has a super bland and meaningless one. You get the idea.

Characters- 7/10- The best part. Miley is the only annoying one. With her, "say what", and "ya think" crap. And she is not the prettiest one in showbiz. But the other characters are cool. Lily is funny and sweet, and she seems to be the only one who is not very naughty. Oliver is a dork in the old episodes, but gets better as he progresses. Miley's brother Jackson has to be the most hilarious one on the show. His punchlines are always funny, and his quirky situations with Robby Ray (dad) are always funny too. He argues with Miley a lot, but that gets resolved. And Rico. Don't even get me started on how funny he is. He may be a brat, but he is still good for a laugh or two.

Punchlines/Jokes/Lines- 6/10- Aside from Jackson and Rico, most of the character's jokes are overused and get old as easily as the episodes. The punchlines are clever, and so are the lines, but they run out of ideas and can't think of ways both teens and adults can be entertained.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10 Very on-and-off show. I recommend it to people who enjoy small humor. But, if you like sitcoms like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Even Stevens, or The Game (shows everyone I know loves), don't watch this or anything on Disney. Get my message?


Warning: Spoilers

I'm having hard time remembering what I saw in this show the first time it aired. I thought it was refreshing to see another confident spunky girl like Raven who wasn't so self- consciousness and annoying like Lizzie McGuire. The reality of it is that this is a Disney show so its stupid to expect quality. First time I watched it I accepted this fact and I thought the show was enjoyable despite its unrealistic presence. But alas I was fool for buying into this crap. The more I watched it the more ridiculous and boring it got. The novelty of the spunky Hannah Montana character wore off probably because her over-exaggerated personality was shove down my throat so much it got to be ridiculous. Its called range Miley Cyrus. On top of that Miley's Cyrus look has become horribly fake (I'm not referring to her Hannah Montana look but her supposed Miley look)- why does Miley need a fake tan?! O and by the way I think Miley is being overworked; she developing wrinkles on her forehead. The only bright spots in this whole show are her sidekicks Mitchell Musso and Emily Osment and her brother which aren't featured enough probably because the writers have run out of ideas of what to do with them. In fact, I believe the writers have run out of ideas of the entire show as the plots become more ludicrous and humorless. Not to mention boring- Hannah Montana tries to sneak away to Florida- thats the whole plot?! At least Lizze McGuire was realistic. That's So Raven was good because it balanced the goofiness, didn't forget its secondary characteristics, and more importantly it had some good messages for teenagers. Some could argue that That So Raven plots were ridiculous, but at you understand where they were coming from. Miley's jealous that her dad likes the Jonas Brothers more than she so she dresses up as some drunk rocker? What the heck? Maybe Disney shouldn't spend much time promoting Hannah Montana and put more time into saving the show.


I gave this show a 2 because I kind of liked the first season, until Jake Ryan arrived. At the time, I thought Miley was quite talented (not excellent, but decent), cute, and full of potential.

Then, something happened along the way, and the show and actress herself began to suck. Of course, it's Disney and a "kid's" show (I use that term loosely), but it could be so much better. When season 2 aired, all hell broke loose. Everything changed for the worse, and Disney screwed it up.

I'll try to make this as short as possible, but my tolerance for the show has turned into hatred and concern for my young cousin's attitude.

1. Miley Stewart: She's a brat. Of course, she's the heroine of the show, lives a double life as a pop star and teenager, but she is not at all likable. No character is perfect, or supposed to be, but if you're going to make a protagonist, make him or her Likable and GOOD. She treats her friends like dirt, never has a nice thing to say about her brother, who is actually good to her in return, and insults her father. Unfortunately, Disney has brainwashed kids into thinking that this kind of attitude is "funny." That's where my 5 year old cousin is concerned. She has started to say "Ya think!" when she's angry, insults people for no reason, acts like a diva, talks about senseless boy issues that a teen should worry about, and even dresses quite suggestively. My aunt banned her from watching the show for these reasons. Oh, but the fun doesn't stop there. In season 2, Miley tells kids that high school is about looking cool, acting like a "girl"(since when is lowering your voice girly), and getting a hot boyfriend. Personally, she's not a very pretty girl. She's just lucky she has money and fame, and that the show is written to give her every guy she wants. Oh, and season 3 is about her driving. I stopped watching after season 2, but I saw the trailers. Because she had an "awesome" sweet 16 in real life, I bet she loves rubbing it into the faces of other teens in America that she can drive and they can't, and she has the money for her own car. I can see some DUIs coming in 2009.

2. The other main cast members: Oliver is an idiot. I may be kind of racist here, but he can't rap. He's a rich white kid in Malibu, and he fails at being ghetto. Epic fail, you ugly wuss. Besides that, what normal guy worries only about chest hair? And Lilly, well I feel bad for her, obediently following her "friend" into whatever stupid plan to please "Miley." If I were her, I would have murdered that hillbilly out of frustration. Come on, she knows she wants to. And of course, the idiot kid, Rico, who's supposedly a "genius." Why doesn't Jackson just quit the place already? And I hate the way their dad treats Jackson. He's a nice kid, funny, and quite happy, yet Robby Ray is a stupid hick that is only proud of his cash cow daughter.

3. The plot: The double life thing isn't bad. I guess the blonde wig thing is horrible and uncreative, but people in the show are stupid anyway, so why put all that effort into a disguise? It's actually Miley's "regular life." In one episode, her mid-term was only 45 minutes. My high school classes were longer! And she's got way too much free time on her hands.

4. Jake Ryan: Miley's man w**** and punching bag for boy issues. She dumps this "actor," gets back together with him, dumps him, and comes back again. He can have any girl he wants, and he picks the ugly spoiled brat that doesn't even like him for anything but his looks and fame. He might as well pick another girl, preferably one that doesn't dump food on him and is decent looking.

Basically, this show is a joke. It shouldn't be for kids, because lately, it has been about Miley's slut problems and bad attitude. It tries to be family clean and witty, but Miley Stewart is just rude and obnoxious, and get everything she wants in the end. Was the aim of this show to teach kids that you can act like a jerk all you want, and only good things will happen to you?

Congratulations, Disney. You turned an innocent 13 year old into a bratty, spoiled cash machine, and you've contributed more trash to our already messed up pop culture.

Seriously, what happened to good, friendly TV?


I originally thought here we go again, another annoying stupid lame t.v show that means nothing. But when i watched it i was really surprised. Hannah Montana is actually a really cool show. Miley Cyrus is so funny at times and is a likable character. Lily - is so funny and a character and is unique Oliver - is just plain weird but enjoyable to watch. Jackson - is the most relatable character in the series , if you are the middle child or an older sibling is always getting the attention , in this case Miley having all the attention. i personally relate to him. The episodes are very entertaining , especially when Lily and Oliver start dating. Overall an awesome show. 9/10


The new series of Hannah Montana have just come out, and so I'll make another review about it. I know that this one will be put way at the last pages for reviews because it's not a good review, but I'll write one anyway in hope that someone will read it:

First of all it's the whole plot line I find terrible: Miley Stuart is a "normal" schoolgirl who at night becomes a pop sensation Hannah Montana. How nobody recognises her is amazing - she simply puts on a wig. If you're running from the police, just put on a wig and the police won't recognise you! That simple! And I can't understand why Oliver and Lily are her friends anyway, because she's not even a nice person. She's always being mean to them, and the only time she's nice is when she feels guilty.

My next rant is about the acting, particularly from Miley Cyrus and Jason Earles (is he the one who plays the brother?) Miley Cyrus is probably the worst actress on Disney, even worse than the Sprouse twins from The Suite Life of Zack And Cody. She overacts and her facial expressions are just annoying, and her way of acting is shouting constantly. And Jason Earles is just down right annoying! Whether it's his character or the actual acting, I can't tell.

All in all, this show is stupid. The settings unattractive; the acting's atrocious; the actors and actresses are stupid; the characters aren't people you'd like to know and the plot line is awful! The only way you'd like it is if you've never seen anything decent.


The Disney Channel used to be a very good network in the 90's but for the past few years have put some of the stupidest shows on television on Disney and totally went down the drain in quality. So I never watched the network again, well at least not until now. The Disney Channel has something special with new series "Hannah Montana". When I saw the promo for this show before it aired I thought it was going to be just another corny show from Disney. I wasn't even planning on watching it but I was bored one day and there was nothing on so I decided to see how bad it really was. In a total surprise I thought it was a delightful and funny show, along with great characters, great acting, and funny scripts. "Hannah Montana" starts Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus who also plays her dad on Hannah Montana. Miley is really singing pop superstar "Hannah Montana", but most of her friends at school have no idea. In the show Miley and her dad moved from Tennessee to Malibu so she can have her music career. Miley's best friend Lilly, played by Emily Osment, adds a lot of humor to the show. The only thing I noticed is that the writers are still seem uncertain of how her character should be permanently act on the show. It seems like the past few episodes that she acts completely different from one episode to another, in different parts. But thats okay because her acting makes up for it. Miley's brother Jackson, played by Jason Earles, adds more humor to the show. I think the entire cast is great. But the best thing is that its a real funny show. Yes there are sometimes in the show where it gets a little corny but I can deal with that, plus I understand its geared for younger teens. I am 20 years old and never watch shows like this but this one is not just for kids, its for anyone. Its a cleaver show and its entertaining. I give it a 10/10 because it had to take something amazing to get me to watch a Disney Channel show, but "Hannah Montana" has got me hooked. It's way much better than Lizzie McGuire. I am not a fan of the music, but thats not my style anyways, but you don't have to like the music to think that Miley Cyrus is a great young actress. She has a big acting career ahead of her. Overall if you haven't checked out "Hannah Montana" yet, CHECK IT OUT.


I personally don't like Hannah Montana.

The show is so predictable. Every episode you know that Hannah is going to be stuck in some hard situation. Reeco's always going to have some sort of plan up his sleeve. Jackson is either hitting on a girl, or doing something ridiculous. Its really obvious how Hannah Montana talks... and how Miley Stewart talks and how much they look alike, that just makes cast in the show look dumb. I'm sorry to all who are fans of Miley but I don't think she can act OR sing at all whatsoever. She did NOTHING to get her where she is today. Its all because of her dad. "Daddy, I want to be a pop star" what did ya know, look where she is today. Sure she's pretty, but face it doll face... some of us out there have real talent and are working out butts off trying to get a music career, and what did you have to do? NOTHING!


The main reason that I wanted to see Hannah Montana the first time was because of Emily Osment, who I am a huge fan of. After I saw it, I was instantly hooked. The story of Miley, aka Hannah Montana, leading her double life in Malibu is touching, funny, and a definite Disney classic. In the role of Miley Stewert is Miley Cyrus, whose acting and singing prove why she was chosen for the leading role. Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment as her two friends Oliver and Lily, respectively, are both riots in their hilarious roles. The directors certainly picked the right people, and the chemistry between these three makes the show worth while. As Miley's dad and brother, Cyrus's real life father plays Robby the dad, while Jason Earles is knock-out hysterical in his role as Jackson the brother. The cast is all awesome, though the shining stars are, in my opinion, Osment, Musso, and Earles. One of my favorite parts about the show is the fact that the dad is not a dumb dad like in so many other TV series. The relationship between Miley and her dad is very cool, and it almost reminds me of my dad and I. TV needs a little more cool dad, like in That's So Raven, instead of dumb dads like Homer Simpson. All in all, Hannah Montana is a great new Disney show. I enjoy it, and I hope you will too.


When I first saw the previews of Hannah Montanna I was like 'Great,just another show that's for little kids'. But then when my friend who is 1 year OLDER than me started to RAVE about how good Hannah Montanna was, I decided I'd give it a chance.

When I watched it, I was AMAZED! I was like 'Woah...'. In Hannah Montanna I expected it to be JUST for little kids. I expected the characters to do 'nothing bad' or for them to do 'weird dancing' and stuff from like Lazy Town on Nick Jr.

But instead, it was funny,entertaining, and sweet! The characters can be VERY funny. Like Lily,Jackson,and Miley's dad!! And it can be sweet sometimes too when the characters realize they made a BIG MISTAKE and Apologize.

In All Hannah Montanna is great! Great Plot Great humor!9 stars!