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Academic Recommendation  Online
Original Title :
Academic Recommendation
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Cast :
Makoto Inamori,Takayo Kashiwagi,Moeko Matsushita
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
Academic Recommendation Online

19-year-old student Junichi Tsubuki failed the entrance exam to the university of his preference. He has never been motivated to study or give a little importance to his education until he meets the beautiful and intelligent Yukiko Takatou. When Yukiko introduces herself and tells Junichi that she is studying at the university, due to the shame, she is forced to lie to him by telling him that she is a freshman doing her bachelor's degree in economics. Can Junichi pass the entrance exam before Yukiko finds out the truth? Or will everything become a waste of time?
Series cast summary:
Makoto Inamori Makoto Inamori - Seiro Tsubuki 8 episodes, 2007
Takayo Kashiwagi Takayo Kashiwagi - Chiaki Sakakibara 8 episodes, 2007
Moeko Matsushita Moeko Matsushita - Reiko Igarashi 8 episodes, 2007
Masaya Nakamura Masaya Nakamura - Shun Tokunaga 8 episodes, 2007
Akiyoshi Nakao Akiyoshi Nakao - Junichi Tsubaki 8 episodes, 2007
Takuya Nakayama Takuya Nakayama - Katsuya Tsubaki 8 episodes, 2007
Reina Reina - Yukiko Takato 8 episodes, 2007
Yuki Terada Yuki Terada - Mahiru Kiichi 8 episodes, 2007
Naomi Tokuda Naomi Tokuda - Keiko Tsubuki 8 episodes, 2007