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Search for the Afghan Girl (2003) Online

Search for the Afghan Girl (2003) Online
Original Title :
Search for the Afghan Girl
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Lawrence Cumbo Jr.
Cast :
Steven Brian Conard,Sharbat Gula,Steve McCurry
Writer :
Lawrence Cumbo
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Search for the Afghan Girl (2003) Online

The fascinating journey to find the mysterious "Afghan Girl" whose haunting gaze captivated the world in a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine cover.
Credited cast:
Steven Brian Conard Steven Brian Conard - Kasher
Sharbat Gula Sharbat Gula - Afghan Girl
Steve McCurry Steve McCurry - Himself
Sigourney Weaver Sigourney Weaver - Narrator (voice)

User reviews



they need to give this girl some money and or let here emigrate to USA, they have made tons of money on her she should get some of the benefits. If she would have grown up here she could have been a super model or something over there life is hard and it shows on her face which now looks like a much older then her 30 years. This documentary needs to be replayed also. I only saw it once and would like to see it again. Its strange how she did not even know she was famous. It shows how isolated life is over there and how different life must be living in a refugee camp. It makes me wonder if national geographic ever pays for its photos or i mean the subject of its photos. Obviously they do not pay the animals but how about the people, or do they just make money on em and not give em anything.


I haven't seen the movie yet, only planning to. But - how on earth would she KNOW being THERE that she is famous in US because of that photo??? You expect her in this situation read National Geographic or American newspapers?? :) I seriously doubt she would ever learn about all this if such a trip didn't happen. I think her daughters surely have a chance to become educated, but I think we should forget this great idea of giving some money to them from what was "made on her" :)) It never works that way, unfortunately!! I'd love to see that happen though as well!!

I'm always very sad to see such stories since I come from Russia, even though I know I'm personally not responsible for that mess and bloodshed, but it's just in my mind every time. Just like reading Husseini's "Kite Runner", you live through all this once again...