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Casados con hijos  Online
Original Title :
Casados con hijos
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy
Cast :
Carlos Humberto Camacho,Santiago Rodríguez,Lorna Paz
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
Casados con hijos Online

Remake of Maried with Children to latin america {locallinks-homepage}
Series cast summary:
Carlos Humberto Camacho Carlos Humberto Camacho - Óscar Pachón / - 39 episodes, 2004-2005
Santiago Rodríguez Santiago Rodríguez - Francisco 'Paco' Rocha 26 episodes, 2004
Lorna Paz Lorna Paz - Dolores 'Lola' de Rocha 26 episodes, 2004
Lina Luna Rodríguez Lina Luna Rodríguez - Kelly Rocha 26 episodes, 2004
Ivan Gonzales Ivan Gonzales - Willington 'Willy' Rocha Young 26 episodes, 2004
Maria Isabel Henao Maria Isabel Henao - Amparo Pachón 26 episodes, 2004
Jorge Marín Jorge Marín - Jefferson 26 episodes, 2004

User reviews

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This is a third-world remake of a classic show. Simply put, there's no point of comparison, the original series is way better. Someone overlooked the fact that The Bundy's are a phenomenon of North-American culture, outside the US their situations are not funny anymore. They once represented the anti-American family just like The Simpsons nowadays.

With terrible actors and an even worse adaptation of the scripts, this show should not be presented but to educate future television producers on how to spoil a great show and turn it into garbage.

Recently TV Azteca from Mexico took the risk of presenting this horrible Colombian product and had such a bad experience that it didn't even last a month on the air.


A very good remake of Married with children that comes from Colombia. When i first watched this program i thought " I don't think this will beat the American version" and while i was right it still was entertaining. Something new? Very few actually the episodes are basically the same as the American version with only a few modifications. The actors here did a good job with their characters. Lorna Paz was hilarious as Lola(Peggy). Katey Seagal was amazing but Lorna is funny too. Paco Rocha (Al Bundy) is good but the character in the American version is unique so his Colombian counterpart is a tad bit different, still funny but different. Willington(Bud) is very much alike like his American counterpart. The only one who didn't do a good characterization was the girl who plays Kelly. She exaggerates too much and she looks even more trashier than Christina Applegate did! The neighbors here in my opinion are better than in Married With Children. Seriously they seem more real here. To keep short i recommend this program.