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Dinosaurs Earl's Big Jackpot (1991–1994) Online

Dinosaurs Earl's Big Jackpot (1991–1994) Online
Original Title :
Earlu0027s Big Jackpot
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Year :
Directror :
Mark Brull
Cast :
Bill Barretta,Tim Blaney,Rickey Boyd
Writer :
Michael Jacobs,Bob Young
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Dinosaurs Earl's Big Jackpot (1991–1994) Online

When a tree falls on Earl at work and he breaks his foot, B.P. fires him and Robbie sues WeSaySo for medical costs. But the jury decides to award Earl a sum of $800 million and Earl lets his new-found wealth go to his head and turns his back on his friends when WeSaySo astronomically raises the prices of everything in Pangea to get back the money.
Episode credited cast:
Bill Barretta Bill Barretta - Earl Sinclair
Tim Blaney Tim Blaney - Additional Dinosaur Performer
Rickey Boyd Rickey Boyd - Baby Sinclair
Julianne Buescher Julianne Buescher - Additional Dinosaur Performer
Kevin Clash Kevin Clash - Baby Sinclair (voice)
Tim Curry Tim Curry - Winston (voice)
Tom Fisher Tom Fisher - Additional Dinsoaur Performer
David Greenaway David Greenaway - Roy Hess
Sherman Hemsley Sherman Hemsley - B.P. Richfield (voice)
John Kennedy John Kennedy - Baby Sinclair
Bruce Lanoil Bruce Lanoil - Charlene Sinclair / Judge (voice)
Pons Maar Pons Maar - Roy Hess
Drew Massey Drew Massey - Additional Dinosaur Performer
Sam McMurray Sam McMurray - Roy Hess (voice)
Stuart Pankin Stuart Pankin - Earl Sinclair (voice)

We learn that B.P. Richfield's first name is Bradley.