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Dad's Army Getting the Bird (1968–1977) Online

Dad's Army Getting the Bird (1968–1977) Online
Original Title :
Getting the Bird
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / War
Year :
Directror :
David Croft
Cast :
Arthur Lowe,John Le Mesurier,Clive Dunn
Writer :
Jimmy Perry,David Croft
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Dad's Army Getting the Bird (1968–1977) Online

Rumours abound when Sergeant Wilson is seen with his arm around an attractive young woman in a WREN's uniform, causing an argument between himself and Mainwaring who catches him sleeping off a hangover in the church hall. Suddenly pigeons appear - Walker has got them to sell to Jones in the absence of other meat but he has yet to kill them, which he eventually does. However, a radio report reveals the disappearance of pigeons from Trafalgar Square, so he hides them in the organ loft and out they fly when Jones plays the organ. The young lady with Wilson is actually his daughter from a brief marriage.
Episode cast overview:
Arthur Lowe Arthur Lowe - Capt. George Mainwaring
John Le Mesurier John Le Mesurier - Sgt. Arthur Wilson
Clive Dunn Clive Dunn - LCpl. Jack Jones
John Laurie John Laurie - Pte. James Frazer
James Beck James Beck - Pte. Joe Walker
Arnold Ridley Arnold Ridley - Pte. Charles Godfrey
Ian Lavender Ian Lavender - Pte. Frank Pike
Bill Pertwee Bill Pertwee - Chief Warden Hodges
Frank Williams Frank Williams - Reverend Timothy Farthing
Edward Sinclair Edward Sinclair - Verger Maurice Yeatman
Pamela Cundell Pamela Cundell - Mrs. Fox
Alvar Liddell Alvar Liddell - the Newsreader (voice)
Olive Mercer Olive Mercer - Mrs. Yeatman
Seretta Wilson Seretta Wilson - the Wren

This story occurs an unspecified time after Dunkirk.

The episode title has a double meaning. Literally, it refers to the birds that Walker has, and secondly Bird was/is also a slang term for female/girlfriend that Wilson seemingly has.

User reviews



Getting the Bird is a definite favourite, probably not one that has 'classic' status, but it has some truly wonderful moments, we get Jonesy flirting with the magical Mrs Fox, that's always worth a good few laughs, plus we get the achingly funny scenes where a hungover Wilson is seeing Pigeons, and Maiwaring isn't, those sequences are comic dynamite. The scenes where Jonesy is playing the Church Organ and feathers are flying is also joyous, but there is also that poignant moment where Sergeant Wilson says goodbye to his daughter in a moving, almost tragic way. This is one of the finest episodes for James Beck (Walker) who's at his very best.

Getting the Bird would be in my top 10 episodes, love it. 9/10