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Fade to White (2014) Online

Fade to White (2014) Online
Original Title :
Fade to White
Genre :
Movie / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Elizabeth Lucas
Cast :
Arthur Aulisi,Ryan Bronz,Richard Busser
Writer :
Sammy Buck,Alex Goldberg
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Fade to White (2014) Online

Three stories set in the future, each 50 years apart but all in the same Central Park location, reveal that the unexpected consequences of love lost can echo across generations. 2019 - At winter's first snowfall, a married teacher cuts school to meet up with her much younger lover for what she hopes will be the last time. 2070 - A father-to-be desperately searches for a mysterious object that will save his unborn child while on the run from a cybernetic security officer and a man who will do anything to stop him. 2130 - A brother and sister, who have spent their whole lives underground are banished from the colony and must weather the inhospitable surface of a destroyed planet.
Credited cast:
Arthur Aulisi Arthur Aulisi
Ryan Bronz Ryan Bronz
Richard Busser Richard Busser - (as Rick Busser)
Julie Craig Julie Craig - Seffer
Santino Fontana Santino Fontana
Tom Gualtieri Tom Gualtieri
Liz Holtan Liz Holtan
Demetrios Kalkanis Demetrios Kalkanis
Jason Moreland Jason Moreland
Margie Stokely Margie Stokely
Jesse Swenson Jesse Swenson

User reviews



Though it's not a "sci-fi" movie packed with special-effects and action scenes (in fact, very little of either), it still seemed rather well acted. It came off as a somewhat complicated story of three interrelated periods occurring in the future that can be hard to follow (if you didn't already have something of a synopsis of what's going on). Plus, from a realistic point of view, the "science and technology" portrayed in the move - lets just say that it require a considerable amount of "dramatic license."

It appeared to be more of a psychological interaction story but set in a "before and after Armageddon" scenario. Though it definitely could have benefited from a more detailed indication of what was going on in each "time period."

And I'm more of a "happily ever after," "the hero triumphs dramatically in the nick of time" type of person. In fact, my philosophy is that real life can suck bad enough, so I don't need to watch things that are more depressing and end badly for the "good guys." Though I have seen much worse endings than this one.