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Original Title :
Virgin of the Secret Service
Genre :
TV Series / Adventure
Cast :
Clinton Greyn,Veronica Strong,John Cater
Type :
TV Series
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Virgin of the Secret Service Online

The dashing adventures of the British Secret Service's most heroic officer, Captain Robert Virgin. Aided in his task by the fiesty Mrs Cortez and his loyal batman Doublett, Virgin traveled the world battling evil in the name of the British Empire; frequently, this evil was represented by the dastardly Von Brauner & his twisted aide Striebeck.
Series cast summary:
Clinton Greyn Clinton Greyn - Capt. Robert Virgin 13 episodes, 1968
Veronica Strong Veronica Strong - Mrs Virginia Cortez 13 episodes, 1968
John Cater John Cater - Fred Doublett / - 13 episodes, 1968
Noel Coleman Noel Coleman - Col. Shaw-Camberley / - 13 episodes, 1968
Alexander Doré Alexander Doré - Karl von Brauner / - 13 episodes, 1968
Peter Diamond Peter Diamond - 2nd Arab / - 7 episodes, 1968

User reviews

Silly Dog

Silly Dog

Now you must be aware that I was around 11 years old when this was aired and I was totally in 'love' with Captain Virgin...... I remember eagerly awaiting each episode and scanning TV Times for any articles about the programme. I would love for the series to be brought out on DVD so that I can relive a little of my childhood! Seeing as VCR's weren't around in those days there is probably no chance that there is even a copy around anywhere to view. I remember that as the characters moved around the World in each episode (they probably never even left the studios!) everything seemed so exotic. The costumes were particularly beautiful and the men were all so manly - while Mrs. Cortez, although very independent, relied on Captain Virgin to come to her rescue when needed. Pure escapism for a young girl, if only it was available again.


Here's another one who remembers {vaguely} Virgin of the Secret Service. It appealed to all those kids who grew up with Dr Who and Adam Adamant and was a bit like a Victorian Biggles {without all those annoying airplanes} complete with a plethora of stiff upper lips and cries of 'For King and Country' a jolly undemanding spoof that could almost fit in with Michael Palin's Ripping Yarns series. At least it was original programming. You get the feeling it springs from that time when TV companies were still experimenting with programming. Shows like this and Adam Adamant and Big Bad Breadwinner Hog, were original, creative, they didn't always work but at least an attempt was being made to entertain us with something more than cheap reality TV shows, or Soap Operas. It says a lot that one of the most popular shows on TV at the moment is a revamped 60's idea, Dr. Who. The Golden Days of Innovative British TV shows are, I'm afraid, long gone


I remember this show well and could never understand why it died an early death. It was a fun, tongue-in-cheek and thoroughly enjoyable piece of pseudo late Victorian/Edwardian tomfoolery in which countless historical and literary stereotypes were cheerfully sent up.

In our family at least, the show's catch phrase, "I haff a plan of the utmost simplicity", lives on. We use it every time any of us has a brain wave that is foredoomed to failure. In the show it was always used by the resident German pantomime villain shortly before he was foiled by our hero, Captain Virgin of the Secret Service.

Happy days.

Must go, for I haff yet another plan of the utmost simplicity to put into effect.......


Yes, I remember Virgin of the Secret Service. A spoof of Batman, but with the same impossible villain each week, who always had 'a plan of the utmost simplicity', and was invariably foiled by Virgin. Complete with a moustache of outstanding proportions he was the perfect English officer. The plots were simple, the dialogue agonising and the characters more wooden than Thunderbirds, but we loved it! I'm not surprised it disappeared without trace.