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Agro's Cartoon Connection  Online
Original Title :
Agrou0027s Cartoon Connection
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy / Family
Cast :
Jamie Dunn,Ann-Maree Biggar,Holly Brisley
Type :
TV Series
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Agro's Cartoon Connection Online

Agro's Cartoon Connection was an Australian children's television show that aired on the Seven Network from 1990 to 1997. Shown on weekday mornings, it was primarily hosted by Agro, a puppet played by comedian Jamie Dunn.
Credited cast:
Jamie Dunn Jamie Dunn - Agro
Ann-Maree Biggar Ann-Maree Biggar - Herself
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Holly Brisley Holly Brisley - Herself (1995-1997)
Ian Calder Ian Calder - Crikey the Clown
Carol Gibson Carol Gibson - Dorm Boys (Matron) - Space Cadets (Computer) The Twonks
Jesse Gibson Jesse Gibson - Dorm Boys - Space Cadets - The Twonks
Michael 'Gibbo' Gibson Michael 'Gibbo' Gibson - Himself
Brad Hills Brad Hills - Himself
Brett Johnson Brett Johnson - Dorm Boys (Billingsly)- Space Cadets (Ginkobaloba) The Twonks
Charlotte La Rue Charlotte La Rue - Mia
Terasa Livingstone Terasa Livingstone - Herself
Sarah Monahan Sarah Monahan - Herself
Stacey Thomson Stacey Thomson - Ranger Stacey

Jamie Dunn would film Agros Cartoon Connection in Brisbane, Queensland. Then fly down to Melbourne that day, during the last years of Tonight Live With Steve Vizard quite often when Agro was standing in as host for Steves absense before Richard Stubbs took over.

Agros Cartoon Connection was broadcast 5 days a week, all except weekends. A Super Saturday show was later short lived, and also a Super Sunday show. The shows weekly run showed footage of an audience. The audience was fake and shot seperatly to the show, and only the weekend "Super" shows where filmed with a live audience of children and parents.

Agro started off on the show Wombat before channel 7 decided the puppet should be hosting kids cartoons over animal education and Agros Cartoon Connection was born, and keeping a small segment of the show for wild life rangers to bring animals on in a smaller time frame.

Agro made very little TV appearances since the cancelation of A.C.C. Up until 2013 when he began making appearances on The Early Morning Show as an interviewing puppet.

Filmings did not take place with a live audience due to Jamie Dunns frequent adult humour slipping through and often having to be told it was not suitable for a kids show. Outtakes surfaced on the internet many years after the shows end showing how dirty his humour could get.

Agro was the replacement show after the finish of The Earlybird Show with Marty Monster.

During the shows run, Agro released 4 albums with jokes and songs. The album sales where a mediocre success.

Agro's full name is Agro Vation.

Agro's design is based on Animal from The Muppet Show.

Agro had two video games based on him. One being "Agro Soar"on Game Boy, and "Agro's Fantastic Arcade Gateway"

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Launched in 1989, Agro's Cartoon Connection could be considered Australia's finest moment of spontaneous television comedy. Due to the devilish nature of this children's show, it appealed to the sensibilities of 'grown-ups' in ways its target audience couldn't comprehend. Improvised humour with an adult tinge and a child-like wonder propelled this Wayne Soutar produced cartoon vehicle to immense popularity.

ACC was spearheaded by Agro, an ill-mannered, bad-tempered puppet (performed by Jamie Dunn) and assisted by talented co-hosts over the years. Anne-Marie Biggar, Michael 'Gibbo' Gibson, Ian 'Crikey the Clown' Calder, 'Ranger' Stacey Thompson, Terasa Livingstone, Holly Brisley and Bradley Hills were all irreplaceable, equally irresistible partners in crime and essential in maintaining the show's entertaining quality. Amassing 7 Logie Awards, Agro's Cartoon Connection was quite simply Australian TV's greatest vestige - a veritable fart in the face of mediocrity.

Unfortunately, broadcaster Channel 7 didn't agree and gradually cut back the show in both length and financing - leading to its eventual decay and unfortunate cancellation in late 1997. Its legacy continues however in the hearts, minds and video players of its many enthusiasts who currently cower in anticipation of Agro's inevitable return to television...


Agro can still be heard on B105 in brisbane. I still think today that Channel 7 made the wrong decission of taking Agro's Cartoon Connection off the Air. Have you ever noticed that since ACC went off air there has been less Cartoons shown on free to air? PAY TV GET AGRO ON THERE SO I CAN Watch him!!! i'll even work on the show for nothing!!