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Esto sí se hace (1987) Online

Esto sí se hace (1987) Online
Original Title :
Esto sí se hace
Genre :
Year :
Directror :
Mariano Ozores
Cast :
Antonio Ozores,Adriana Vega,Rosina Pantoja
Writer :
Mariano Ozores
Type :
Time :
1h 16min
Rating :
Esto sí se hace (1987) Online

Cast overview:
Antonio Ozores Antonio Ozores - Casimiro Gachas
Adriana Vega Adriana Vega - Adela
Rosina Pantoja Rosina Pantoja - Amante de Julián
Alfonso del Real Alfonso del Real - Bartolo
Rafaela Aparicio Rafaela Aparicio - Paca
Rafael Hernández Rafael Hernández - Alcalde
Marga Herrera Marga Herrera - Pepita
Prado Rivera Prado Rivera - Amante del Alcalde
Luisa Armenteros Luisa Armenteros - Carlota (as María Luisa Armenteros)
Carmen Vidal Carmen Vidal - Aurelia
Elvira Menéndez Elvira Menéndez - Clienta
Fedra Lorente Fedra Lorente - Martirio
Juanito Navarro Juanito Navarro - Julian

User reviews



And then Antonio Ozores became a Tv star. And so his wise brother saw the opportunity to turn that into filmgoers. The result was a competent Ozores movie, with a nice pace but no memorable moments. The only thing to remember is the title which, alongside "No Hija No", serve as an indestructible memory of that great Spanish tv show conceived by Chicho Ibañez Serrador called "Un Dos Tres". Only for that we should be grateful, again, to the genius of Mariano Ozores.