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Danger Man The Dead Man Walks (1960–1962) Online

Danger Man The Dead Man Walks (1960–1962) Online
Original Title :
The Dead Man Walks
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Charles Frend
Cast :
Patrick McGoohan,Richard Wattis,Marla Landi
Writer :
Ralph Smart,Brian Clemens
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Danger Man The Dead Man Walks (1960–1962) Online

A group of tropical disease specialists who discovered a particularly virulent bacteria strain are all believed to be dead, with only one exception. Drake travels to India to talk with the daughter of the supposed survivor; but soon he begins to wonder if things are not as they seem.
Episode complete credited cast:
Patrick McGoohan Patrick McGoohan - John Drake
Richard Wattis Richard Wattis - Hardy
Marla Landi Marla Landi - Sita Shapadi
Julia Arnall Julia Arnall - Natalie Smith
Richard Pearson Richard Pearson - Keith Smith
Michael Ripper Michael Ripper - Rangit Pal
Bryan Coleman Bryan Coleman - Professor Hanbury
Joanna Dunham Joanna Dunham - Nawi
William Dexter William Dexter - Azad (as William Peacock)
Zia Mohyeddin Zia Mohyeddin - Wasing (as Zia Moyheddin)

User reviews



John Drake's Mission: Drake is sent to India to find a scientist thought to be dead. The scientist was part of team that discovered a very dangerous bacterial agent that someone may be using in experiments.

The Dead Man Walks is a below average episode. There's not a lot of action - mostly Drake following and speaking with an Indian woman. There's also more padding than usual. It may have taken me 38 episodes, but I've finally figured out that all of Drake's scenes with Hardy are filler. Some are more entertaining than others, but they're still filler. The acting is okay. The Dead Man Walks includes Michael Ripper and a host of other British actors trying to pass themselves off as Indians. And, some of the sets look incredibly cheap. The jungle Drake walks though is full of plastic plants.

Overall, 4/10 is the best I can do.


The episode begins with a murder, though it's designed to look like a suicide. Next, Drake (Patrick McGoohan) is being given the case. It seems that not only has the man died in the opening scene but EVERYONE but one associated with a bacteriological research program. All the deaths seem accidental but the coincidence is too great. So, Drake sets off for the Kashmir region to find the lone survivor and get to the bottom of the case.

All in all, an adequate episode and nothing more. I did laugh, however, in the first scene that was supposedly in India, as Drake narrates that it's during the monsoon season and "...I was in a steam bath"--yet he isn't sweating at all and his suit is 100% clean and neatly pressed! Never was it so obvious that the series was filmed in a studio and not at any of the locales in the plots.