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The El Paso Kid (1946) Online

The El Paso Kid (1946) Online
Original Title :
The El Paso Kid
Genre :
Movie / Western
Year :
Directror :
Thomas Carr
Cast :
Sunset Carson,Marie Harmon,Hank Patterson
Writer :
Norman Sheldon
Type :
Time :
Rating :
The El Paso Kid (1946) Online

In one of the most-used plots of the B-western genre, sometimes officially and sometimes just "borrowed" (see Movie Connections), Sunset Carson (Sunset Carson) is a member of an outlaw gang led by Gil Santos Robert Filmer), who have been holding up gold shipments dispatched from Laramie City. Sunset rebels when the gang leaves old Jeff Winters (Hank Patterson) to die alone after he has been wounded in a hold-up gun fight. Sunset and Jeff break with the gang and begin operating on their own, or plan to. On their first attempt, they rout Santos and his gang, and Sally Stoner (Marie Harom'), daughter of Laramie City Sheriff Frank Stoner (Edmund Cobb), assumes they are honest citizens who just saved the gold shipment. She takes Jeff to a doctor and Sunset is made a deputy sheriff. Shortly afterwards, Santos and his gang pull a robbery and implicate the innocent Sunset, and the aroused townspeople, convinced they have been double-crossed, are ready to shoot Sunset on sight.
Complete credited cast:
Sunset Carson Sunset Carson - Sunset Carson aka El Paso Kid
Marie Harmon Marie Harmon - Sally Stoner
Hank Patterson Hank Patterson - Jeff Winters
Edmund Cobb Edmund Cobb - Sheriff Frank Stoner
Robert Filmer Robert Filmer - Gil Santos
Wheaton Chambers Wheaton Chambers - Doctor Hamlin
Zon Murray Zon Murray - Henchman Moyer
Tex Terry Tex Terry - Henchman Kramer
Ed Cassidy Ed Cassidy - Well Fargo Agent Blake (as Edward Cassidy)
Johnny Carpenter Johnny Carpenter - Express Guard (as John Carpenter)
Post Park Post Park - Stage Driver
Charles Sullivan Charles Sullivan - Ed Lowry

User reviews



The love of pretty Marie Harmon keeps Sunset Carson from reverting to his previous outlaw ways in The El Paso Kid. Sunset starts out on the wrong side of the law, but no cowboy hero is going to stay outlaw.

Carson was raised by old outlaw Hank Patterson and when Patterson is wounded and treated badly by the rest of the gang, Sunset and he split from the crew. As a little payback they throw a monkey wrench into a planned stagecoach holdup. But Harmon sees them and makes them to be heroes, especially to her father Edmund Cobb who is the sheriff.

The El Paso Kid has seen a pair of previous screen incarnations. I can't believe they're any better or worse than The El Paso Kid. I'm not thinking we'll ever see a fourth remake of the same story.


At one point in time, the site displayed three movie connections showing this 1946 film was a remake of: "The Lone Rider(1930)", with Buck Jones, and "The Pocatello Kid (1931)" with Ken Maynard, and "The Thundering West (1939)" with Charles Starrett. Evidently, some misinformed contributor, who most likely has never seen the other films, sent the site a vastly-incorrect deletion request of those three connections. Same plot in all four films...same incidents...different character names. I've resubmitted those connections. But that won't keep the uninformed deleter from deleting them again. But he sure can't delete them from here.