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Original Title :
Meet the Magoons
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy
Cast :
Nitin Ganatra,Phaldut Sharma,Sanjeev Kohli
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
Meet the Magoons Online

Series cast summary:
Nitin Ganatra Nitin Ganatra - Nitin 6 episodes, 2005
Phaldut Sharma Phaldut Sharma - Paul 6 episodes, 2005
Sanjeev Kohli Sanjeev Kohli - Surjit 6 episodes, 2005
Hardeep Singh Kohli Hardeep Singh Kohli - Hamish 6 episodes, 2005
Vincent Ebrahim Vincent Ebrahim - Nitin's Dad 4 episodes, 2005
Moray Hunter Moray Hunter - Alan 3 episodes, 2005
Tony Roper Tony Roper - Mr. Corrigan 3 episodes, 2005

User reviews



Remember those posters you used to be able to buy. They had a picture of a soldier who had just been shot and was in the motions of falling to the ground dead. They were stark black and white and in one corner had the word why and a question mark. Well they should update those posters and feature a publicity picture of this mess. Its not funny, although I laughed once at the hello sailor gag, but only as it reminded me of Dick Emery. Perhaps its just me, am I missing something? Maybe it really is the greatest thing since sliced Nan. I guess not everything can be a hit. Perhaps it will be released in DVD format and the bonus features will be all the jokes.


To the other negative comments I have read - Did you watch the same show as I did?

Language was shocking, several episodes just finished with no escape from the situation they are in but everything is back to normal in the next episode, & if you know Glasgow then the car trips made no geographical sense what-so-ever.

BUT, that is what made it so funny.

Reminded me of the illogicality of the Fast Show.

Really hope they bring it out on DVD

Why does IMDb say I don't have enough lines. Maybe they should wrap a bit better.


Well, have to say I was very disappointed with Meet The Magoons. Sanjeev Kohli was a great actor in Still Game, but him and his brothers attempt at writing a comedy fall flat on its face. Constant swearing, dire jokes, and poor plot lines lead to a crap "comedy". Its like the bits that fell off of Father Ted and Still Game: its an embarrassment. The first episode, in which the crew take part in a football tournament, was unimpressive, and it just goes downhill from there on. It does not try to improve itself, and continues with its poor attempts at having the nation in fits of laughter. The Disgusting language makes you believe your ears will rot off. I love comedy, particular one set in my home country of Scotland. I welcomed a comedy involving ethnic minorities, but this disgrace was just not worth its own time. Its ridiculous that Channel 4 gave the comedy a 9:30 time slot, and surprising it was aired at all. In its six episodes, it does not look at all deserving of another chance.