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Riding in Vans with Boys (2003) Online

Riding in Vans with Boys (2003) Online
Original Title :
Riding in Vans with Boys
Genre :
Creative Work / Documentary / Music
Year :
Directror :
Matthew Beauchesne
Cast :
Chris Cote,Brandon Parkhurst,Micah Mattson
Type :
Creative Work
Rating :
Riding in Vans with Boys (2003) Online

In the summer of 2002, blink-182 invited the little-known band Kut U Up to accompany them on The Pop Disaster Tour. Kut U Up is not known primarily for their music. They are however, worshipped for their innate ability to cause havoc, concern authorities, and leave destruction and laughter in their wake. Along with their instruments and several gallons of booze, Kut U Up packed a few cameras in their new van which resulted in: RIDING IN VANS WITH BOYS: THE DOCUMENTARY. RIDING IN VANS WITH BOYS is unfettered, s*#$-faced, start-to-finish hilarity mixed with real-life drama. This film is an uncensored look at four friends as they live their rock star dreams and trash everything in their path. Unbreakable bonds of friendship are formed and lifetimes of emotions are lived in two months. This documentary is a must-see for anyone who has ever been to a rock show and wondered, "what really goes on backstage?" RIDING IN VANS WITH BOYS also features great music -- live performances from: blink-...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Chris Cote Chris Cote - Himself
Brandon Parkhurst Brandon Parkhurst - Himself
Micah Mattson Micah Mattson - Himself
Brendan Raasch Brendan Raasch - Himself
Thomas DeLonge Thomas DeLonge - Himself
Mark Hoppus Mark Hoppus - Himself
Travis Barker Travis Barker - Himself
Billie Joe Armstrong Billie Joe Armstrong - Himself
Mike Dirnt Mike Dirnt - Himself
Tre Cool Tre Cool - Himself
Jim Adkins Jim Adkins - Himself
Rick Burch Rick Burch - Himself
Tom Linton Tom Linton - Himself
Zach Lind Zach Lind - Himself
Matthew Beauchesne Matthew Beauchesne - Himself

User reviews



This movie is so hilarious, the best thing i have ever seen. Its this minor band (Kut U Up) on tour with some bigger bands (green day, Blink-182, Jimmy eat world) its so great, and they go out and get really drunk and stoned and just have a great time and entertain us the whole time, its awesome! i think that every person who has ever listened to punk rock in there entire life will enjoy this dvd. If your out for a good laugh buy this DVD, you will love it, i sat and laughed for probably an hour straight. This movie is not appropriate for children and if your a protective parent dont even consider it, but if you dont care! go for it!


I bought this,expecting a serious documentary.Since i love Blink 182,Jimmy Eat World,and Green Day,I bought it.I didn't notice at the top it said "Kut U Up In"...until the day after i bought it.I laughed the whole time i watched it,and i would suggest you buy it.If your a "protective parent" don't buy it,'cause it does have a lot of "foul"language.But....BUY IT!!!IT IS MOST DEFIANATLY WORTH IT....OK.lol,some quotes now. "Hey,if I heat this up,can I brand you?" "Somehow we didn't think it was gay to hold each other softly."


"Oh,I'm going to puke"*imitates puking noise* "I didn't wanna go in with bad breath,so I puked it all out."

"Ok,im gonna go back to the bus and watch satellite!"


I seen this I believe on MTV about a few years ago and I thought it was good so in the summer of 2004 I purchased this in the summer. Then I watched it and I was amazed how good it was. The movie is about a small band with the name of kut u up touring with Blink 182, Green day and Jimmy eat world. Just to let you know Kut u up is a small band used to playing in small dance clubs and stuff. So the band goes on tour and the movie just gets funny and funny. If you like to laugh I recommend this. Also If you like any of those bands than this is your movie. Its worth it and everything. This movie is filled with humorous things and has awesome performances from all the bands I mentioned. So go see this if you like to laugh or play a instrument or dreamed of rocking out.