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Мотель Бейтсов Gone But Not Forgotten (2013–2017) Online

Мотель Бейтсов Gone But Not Forgotten (2013–2017) Online
Original Title :
Gone But Not Forgotten
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Tucker Gates
Cast :
Vera Farmiga,Freddie Highmore,Max Thieriot
Writer :
Carlton Cuse,Kerry Ehrin
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Мотель Бейтсов Gone But Not Forgotten (2013–2017) Online

Four months have passed since the death of his school teacher Miss Watson and Norman still has no recollection of exactly what happened that night. He remembers being at her house but the next thing he recalls is running down the road in the rain. He visits her grave frequently and on one occasion manages to photograph a stranger standing at her grave. Bradley Martin, who attempted suicide after realizing her dead father was having an affair with a woman using the initial B, is released from a mental institution. She approaches her father's former business partner, Gil, who brushes her off. She decides to take a more direct approach. Norma meanwhile takes on the local municipal council after she learns that work has begun on the bypass.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Vera Farmiga Vera Farmiga - Norma Louise Bates
Freddie Highmore Freddie Highmore - Norman Bates
Max Thieriot Max Thieriot - Dylan Massett
Olivia Cooke Olivia Cooke - Emma Decody
Nicola Peltz Nicola Peltz - Bradley Martin
Nestor Carbonell Nestor Carbonell - Sheriff Alex Romero
Vincent Gale Vincent Gale - Gil
Paul Jarrett Paul Jarrett - Principal Tom Hutchins
Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill - Nick Ford
Ian Tracey Ian Tracey - Remo Wallace
Richard Harmon Richard Harmon - Richard Sylmore
Robert Moloney Robert Moloney - Lee Berman
Lini Evans Lini Evans - Amelia Martin
Aliyah O'Brien Aliyah O'Brien - Receptionist
Gillian Barber Gillian Barber - Dr. Helen Ginsberg

This episode was watched by 3.07 million viewers, making it the highest watched episode of the season.

Aliyah O'Brien (Regina) and Ian Tracey (Remo Wallace) both appeared on Continuum as Alyssa & Jason respectively.

This episode features Bach's Prelude from Partita No. 3. This piece was also used in Август Раш (2007), which also starred Freddie Highmore.

User reviews



Bates Motel has always been known to throw multiple main stories around at the same time and draw mass amounts of suspense. let me be the first to tell you that the second season does not disappoint those standards. trouble arises with Bradley that most of us would not see coming. the new bi pass that threatens the motels newly found sturdy cliental base prepares to start construction. Normans Teacher is found dead in her apartment (shocker). there is a 4 month gap from her funeral to the start of this seasons events. Bates Motel got surprisingly popular due to the amount of crazy people in this town and in the first season they remind you of it a hundred percent. To be honest this is one of the best season openers i have ever seen and am extremely excited for the rest of the season to play out.


At the end of the finale episode of season one, Miss Watson is mysteriously murdered. Nobody knows who did it. Norman was at her house the night she was murdered, but he has no memory of what occurred. He pays his respects to her rather often by visiting her grave, which manages to disturb Norma a bit. One day during a visit, Norman catches a strange man near her grave, decides to photograph him, and runs away. He confronts Sheriff Romero about it, but Romero winds up questioning Norman about the night of Miss Watson's death. Dylan wants to help pay rent at the Bates house, but Norma declines because of where Dylan gets his money. Meanwhile, Bradley Martin was sent to a mental institution to get some help after trying to commit suicide, by jumping off a bridge. She is unable to let the controversies surrounding her father go. Norman offers to comfort Bradley, strictly as a friend. Bradley confronts her Father's former business partner, Gill, who tells her to stay out of it. Bradley decides to try a more flirtatious approach. Dylan feels uncomfortable seeing Bradley because he doesn't wanna betray his brother. Norma learns that the bypass will commence and tries to protest

I saw this on Monday night, but haven't had the time to review it. Well ladies and gents, it's finally here! March 3rd seemed like such a long time to wait, but we no longer have to wait. I was amazed by how good season one was, so my expectations were extremely high. This season opener met them and then some. You know how season one was very intense? It looks like season two is gonna make season one look like a pussy cat in comparison. It's one of those rare times where everything clicks. There are twists and turns galore in this show, rarely giving you a chance to breathe. The first thing I'm gonna talk about is how Bradley has evolved. She is now a full-fledged crazy person herself, I dug it majorly. I'll be the first to admit that I talked a lot of trash when it came to her promiscuous personality. That all changes now. I actually felt sympathy for her here. It's not easy losing your father under unknown circumstances. I felt the pain and the agony, managing to look at her from a different point of view. This is NOT the same Bradley Martin from season one. I give all the credit to Nicola Peltz for giving a multi-layered performance. She was truly spectacular. There are so many direction's her character can go. I'll talk about her more near the end of my review. In my opinion, the murder of Miss Watson is easy to figure out. I believe Norman is the culprit, but they could throw in a big twist to throw me off guard.

This show has a habit of doing that to me, so I won't be surprised. They have many routes they could go. The fact that this show is going as far as to tease things such as suicide and incest, it isn't afraid to push the envelope, and then push it some more. The stranger that Norman takes a photograph at the cemetery, is certainly an interesting storyline. It manages to keep you guessing, wondering what he's all about. If you're a huge fan of the Psycho movies like I am, you'll most likely be very pleased with some of the developments. Norman cracking under pressure in certain situations is classic Norman. The bypass storyline is essential as well. I love how this show pays tribute to the movies, yet has its own agenda as well.It is the best of both worlds. Dylan and Emma are relegated to the background somewhat in this episode. I did love how Dylan didn't wanna break the "Bro code" by hanging with Bradley. I'm sure Emma will be involved heavily in the episodes to come. Vera Farmiga continues to be a revelation in this series. Her speech at the end was fantastic. Norma is so vindictive, yet dangerously sweet. I wonder how far they are gonna take the Norman & Norma relationship. Are they gonna actually kiss? Part of me wants to see it, the other part of me would be too disturbed. I'm anxious to see how far they are willing to go with it. There is an amazing cliffhanger ending that made me literally say out loud "WHAT?!" (In a good way) I have no idea where they are heading next. For once, I don't have the answers. I never thought I'd say this, but Bradley is officially one of the best personalities on this show. The ending will have you thinking about a lot of possibilities and where it might be heading. I thought the ending was sensational


This is as close to a perfect season opener as you will find. Everybody is developing wonderfully. As amazing as Freddie Highmore & Vera Farmiga are, Nicola Peltz stole the show in this one. Her character has me waiting to see what she pulls next. I love it when things are unpredictable, and I love this show. Can't wait for next Monday!



It has been a year since the first season premiered, and damn did I miss it. Highmore continues to show an emotional complexity which makes you wonder when he will become the famed Norman Bates, and everyone else remains their creepy complex selves. But, as for this season, it seems between the death of Ms. Watson, and someone else who dies, spoilers below, the show is ready to bring back the mystery, and unease, that made the first season so lovable.

Topic 1: A Grieving Person

With the death of Ms. Watson comes a lot of questions. For one, can Norman, without any doubt, possibly be the one who killed her? Or, could it be the only other suspect presented, which is Gil? You see, Gil was the man, well the likely one, Ms. Watson was arguing with last season. But, what makes things even more interesting is that Bradley's dad was having sex with her, while Gil was dating her. More on that in Topic 2 though. Anyway, as Norman grieves, a bit more than both his mother and the sheriff are comfortable with, you get this eerie feeling that as he begins working on animals for taxidermy, eventually he will likely dig up Ms. Watson and have her be his first human.

Norman's eccentricities aside, he is of the opinion Gil likely killed Ms. Watson, but there lies a problem of him blacking out. All he remembers from the night she was killed was seeing her undress, in a way which he makes sound seductive, and then him running home. And, as we know, somewhere between that time gap Ms. Watson was murdered. Now, when under stress, Norman does snap, but considering how many sex dreams he has had, though those had Bradley, you'd think his other, sort of, crush, Ms. Watson, wouldn't have made him so flustered to the point of killing her. Though, I haven't seen the final episode of last season more than once, so maybe I need to again to fully remember what happened.

Topic 2: A Grieving Girl

Now going back to Bradley, Norman's crush, and Dylan's jail bait, we learn she attempted to commit suicide by drowning, and then got locked up in a mental facility for four months, and nearly shoots herself in the head the day when she gets out. But, after meeting with Gil, and meeting with Dylan, she found purpose in her life. Much less, a very sweet conversation with Norman, seems to have renewed, in some way, her lease on life.

For, you see, part of the reason she tried to kill herself seemingly dealt with what has been going on in her family, and also Dylan cutting her off because of Norman. But, getting back to her renewed lease on life, seemingly she made her new life's purpose being that of revenge, and also learning more about her dad. Dylan is the one though who provides the pertinent information. Most of which is listed in Topic 1, the whole Gil and Ms. Watson dating, and how her dad was boinking her. With this information, and a gun, Bradley goes to Gil's house under the ruse of being a young girl who has a thing for him, but after some kissing, and this man having some confessions, right before it seems like he is about to get a BJ she pulls out her dad's gun and shoots him in the head. Leading her to run to Norman who, as we have seen, is pretty decent at covering up murders.

Topic 3: A Questionable Future

Leaving us with the only person left worth talking about: Norma. In the episode we do a 4 month leap forward and with this leap we see Bates Motel booming. There are no vacancies, Norma is smiling, and her and Dylan's relationship even seems to be good. Pretty much, her life is damn near perfect. However, she finds out that bypass is back on and with that, her business is threatened once more. So, having more passion than preparedness, she decides to go to the city council and basically gets degraded after she airs her grievances. And, not being one to take an insult laying down, she calls the council president a dick and, as usual, probably has made it so she has more enemies than allies. Though really, at this point, outside of her sons, who is really Norma's ally?

Making for an overall episode in which the only disappointed was Emma was barely in it. But, with Bradley killing someone, Ms. Watson's murder mystery, and Norma saying out loud how the town is built upon drug money, she (Emma) may likely end up lost in the mix. Plus, it is summer so outside of seeing her at the motel, and maybe around her dad's shop, it seems Bradley may take up the screen time as Norman may get some of his feelings reciprocated due to his loyalty.