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Nullpunkt (2014) Online

Nullpunkt (2014) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Mihkel Ulk
Cast :
Märt Pius,Epp Eespäev,Uku Arop
Writer :
Margit Keerdo-Dawson,Margit Keerdo-Dawson
Type :
Time :
1h 55min
Rating :
Nullpunkt (2014) Online

Johannes, son of a schizophrenic mother who frequently avoids her meds, transfers to an elite high school to help his career as a poet (and remains the only family member willing to live with his mom). His school reputation soon becomes wrongfully tarnished by a former classmate. Now aggressively blackballed, he also falls victim to plagiarism by a visiting graduate music producer. Furthering his troubles, ne'er-do-well pals from the streets get him trouble with the law and lend no support as Johannes runs afoul of a hot-tempered street hustler. When you hit bottom, it's time to climb and determine who your true friends are.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Märt Pius Märt Pius - Johannes
Epp Eespäev Epp Eespäev - Johannes' Mother - Ema
Uku Arop Uku Arop - Zaiid (as Suur Papa)
Tambet Tuisk Tambet Tuisk - Gunnar Post
Saara Kadak Saara Kadak - Bianka
Linda Kolde Linda Kolde - Liisa
Reimo Sagor Reimo Sagor - Bert
Henrik Kalmet Henrik Kalmet - Esko
Brigitte Susanne Hunt Brigitte Susanne Hunt - Paula
Liis Lindmaa Liis Lindmaa - Riina
Aleksander Eeri Laupmaa Aleksander Eeri Laupmaa - Karmo
Ingmar Jõela Ingmar Jõela - Raimo
Christopher Rajaveer Christopher Rajaveer - Mihkel
Külliki Saldre Külliki Saldre - Teacher Irina
Kärt Tomingas Kärt Tomingas - Teacher Pille

Near the end of the movie, in a scene with three security guards, the author of the novella on which this film is based appears for a short role as a security chief.

User reviews



Even thou movie was not based on true story it could totally be it as things that happened in the movie do happen in real life on daily basis. You can always choose how to respond. Main actor was a strong and persistent individual. So go and watch what did he do and what happens next. It is a movie but you can learn from those mistakes. Suitable for everybody from 12 to seniors. I give it almost a perfect score. I did notice that some things were too short (good movie is always too short) comparing to real life. More details means that runtime would extend way over 2 hours and that is not what everybody wants. Also no tears. That is also nice.


Being aware that I am not a member of target audience here, I am also aware that Estonian films have become more interesting; we have always had good performers, but most scripts were "domestic" and/or subject to ideology.

The current century has brought a new breath of air into Estonian cinema and I am glad to announce that Nullpunkt is a good example of a mix of convincing plot, realistic characters and distinct performers (casting). 25-years-old Märt Pius is persuasive and realistic as 18- years-old Johannes and the background and situations he meets with are part of modern society in Estonia as well - social exclusion, stratification, drug use, cliquishness and many other largely negative phenomena the youth has to come across and deal with in a way or another. Even if you win, there are consequences, so the victories are often Pyrrhic...

As for other performances, they are all at least good, although I saw more joint dynamism in "older" characters, all performed by acclaimed Estonian actors, in spite of the role scale. Some Johannes' classmates seemed a bit sketchy, their inclusion was not always grounded, although it provided some wide scope and view.

So, a good youth film, apparently easily to identify with - for the younger generation. For me, the last words of Johannes were a bit odd and out of context, but then - see my first words of my review... :)