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Notebook (2006) Online

Notebook (2006) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Musical / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Roshan Andrews
Cast :
Roma,Mariya Roy,Parvathy
Writer :
Type :
Time :
2h 28min
Rating :
Notebook (2006) Online

Three teenage girls in boarding school invite serious trouble when one of them gets pregnant.
Credited cast:
Roma Roma - Seirra Elizabeth
Mariya Roy Mariya Roy - Sreedevi
Parvathy Parvathy - Pooja Krishna (as Parvathi)
Sooraj Sooraj - Suraj Menon
Suresh Gopi Suresh Gopi - Brigadier Alexander
Seetha Seetha - Pooja's Mother
Aishwarya Aishwarya - Elizabeth
Prem Prakash Prem Prakash - Swaminathan
Sukanya Sukanya - Sridevi's Mother
Raveendran Raveendran - Doctor (as Ravindran)
Mejo Joseph Mejo Joseph - Feroz
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Harith Cnv Harith Cnv

Actor, musician and director Vineeth Srinivasan has provided his voice to the character Suraj.

User reviews



It is a movie about friendship between three girls in a boarding school. All the main characters have done a very good job and Rosshan was able to bring out good performances from each of them. Story wise it will be an all new experience for Malayalam movie goers.The director/script writers had the daring to discuss all things that were supposed to be taboo according to Malayalam films formula.On the downside the climax is too lengthy and some of the dialogs are irritating. Rating Story&screenplay -3/5 Direction-3.5/5 Camera -4/5 Music and background score-4/5 Performance of lead characters-4/5 Climax-2/5

Rating overall- 3/5


A sensation in the making, Notebook is the story of teenagers, brought to life with the magical spell of Director Roshan Andrews and scriptwriters Bobby & Sanjay. It's a story happening around us, but never spoken or discussed in an open forum. The film is an advice for the youngsters and a warning to their parents. The story unfolds the problems of the youth in their growing up years and how these problems can turn into disasters. The music of this film is a feat for the ears. The debutant music director Mejo Joseph has made an excellent entry into the industry. The photography by Divakar is enchanting, shot at the exotic locations of Nilgiris. What is unique about the film is that all the characters are portrayed by new comers, who have made this film worth watching.


This is one of the best movies I have seen last year. Roshan Andrews once again showed us his talents. He was brave enough to talk about the subject that most of the directors won't, and with new faces. The first half is a bit dragging, but the second half really makes it up. Mejo Joseph did a good job in composing the music for this movie. The movie will keep a feeling in your mind even after the movie is over. I don't know why this movie is not a super hit (it may become). When this movie was released I heard all kind of negative reviews, but I think it is making its way to the top now. Thanks P.V Gangadharan and Gruhalakshmi productions for showing the courage to take a movie like this. I recommend everyone to see this movie (especially parents).


Must watch it, Good friendship movie, I love it.. One of my favorite film.. Its a story of 3 friends studying in a boarding school, One of them got in a trouble and they plan to escape from that situation,The film is an advice for the youngsters and a warning to their parents. this movie will Show us a true value to friendships, all characters played their role very well, Hats off to director Rosshan Andrrews and the whole team for giving a wonderful movie like this ... Everyone should watch it, it is now available in torrent, We can realize the value of friendship.. Beautiful songs, good visuals.. Overall an awesome movie.. I'm giving 10/10 to this movie.


Even though Udayananu Thaaram was a hit , we were not very impressed by Roshan Andrews first movie. For starters, it had the original script by Steve Martin's Bowfinger to build upon. Then our brilliant scriptwriter, Srinivasan, who has many original scripts to his credit chose to add the usual Dasan-Vijayan routine to adapt it. The movie had a critical look at the happenings behind the camera and the personal jabs at the eccentricities of the superstars had us laughing since the last time we heard it was in Harikrishnans.

Burdened with the success of Udayananu Tharam, expectations were high from director Rosshan Andrews. This time the script by Bobby and Sanjay was an original one and not "inspired" in Priyadarshan style. There have been movies which have dealt with the teenage adventures of boys, like Sethumadhavan's Venal Kinavukal based on M T Vasudevan Nair's script, but so far we have not seen movies told from the point of view of teenage girls. Roshan has to be commended for picking up a topic which has not been dealt with the seriousness it deserves.

Notebook turns out to be an interesting movie, mainly from the interval to about the point Suresh Gopi makes a guest appearance which is about 45 minutes later. It takes the whole of the first half to reach the first plot point, which is that one of the girls, Sridevi, gets pregnant during a romantic rendezvous during a school picnic. Till then the script writers entertain us with the happenings in a school whose locale looks like one of those 7 Mega Pixel photos on Flickr.

The line in the story would have read "Boy and Girl fall in love", but stretching it to the entire first half was, lets say a stretch. To fill the time, we get to see the kids running around singing couple of songs, which we guess is mandatory in such schools. Such transgressions can be forgiven for these techniques are used by veterans like Sathyan Anthikkad too when the story line is as thin as angel hair pasta.

There is an a lengthy episode involving a student, Feroze, who is interested in music and is expelled from the school for suddenly scoring good grades. Feroze, played by Mejo Joseph who is also Roshan's brother-in-law, disappears somewhere in the middle of the first half never to be seen again and makes a five second appearance in the end as a successful musician. If the incident was to tell us that the school gives importance to academics, then it was redundant as it is obvious in various conversations among students.

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