» » Pcin Dolny Destination: Royston Vasey (1999–2017)

Pcin Dolny Destination: Royston Vasey (1999–2017) Online

Pcin Dolny Destination: Royston Vasey (1999–2017) Online
Original Title :
Destination: Royston Vasey
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Steve Bendelack
Cast :
Mark Gatiss,Steve Pemberton,Reece Shearsmith
Writer :
Mark Gatiss,Steve Pemberton
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Pcin Dolny Destination: Royston Vasey (1999–2017) Online

Now unemployed Pauline has to face the scorn of her successor Cathy Carter- Smith. Meanwhile Papa Lazarou brings his Pandemonium Circus to Royston Vasey. He has a disconcerting habit of hypnotising women and carrying them off, telling them "You're my wife now." A more willing volunteer to join Papa's freak show is Barbara, who ends up fighting with the bearded lady. Unfortunately during Papa's act the entire audience suffers from a nose bleed so he decides to leave town. Hilary Briss has refused to give a special order to Mr. Collier, who threatens to call the police but Inspector Cox - who also has a nose bleed - seems to have got there before him and sees him off. Harvey gets a new toad, which appears to be able to grant him wishes but whilst trying it out he is interrupted by a dishevelled Benjamin, who has escaped from Edward and Tubbs.
Episode credited cast:
Mark Gatiss Mark Gatiss - Various Characters
Steve Pemberton Steve Pemberton - Tubbs Tattsyrup / Pauline Campbell-Jones / Harvey Denton / Wolf Lipp / Pop / Charlie Hull / Mike Harris / Reenie Calver / Maurice Evans / Dave Parkes / Daddy / Dr Ira Carlton / Ally Welles / Jed Hunter / Farmer Jed Tinsel / Ava De Courcey Ernest Foot / Dr Lucas Wesley / Mary Hobbs / Barry Baggs / Mr Best / The Mechanic / Bob Chagall / Nancy Glass / Oshi Kurosawa / Dr Timothy Majolica / Inspector Shakespeare / Tish Guppy / Iain Cashmore / Anne Hand / Barbara Dixon (voice)
Reece Shearsmith Reece Shearsmith - Edward Tattsyrup / Papa Lazarou / Ross Gaines / Benjamin Denton / Geoff Tipps / Ollie Plimsolls / Dean Tavalouris / Keith Drop / Vinnie Wythenshaw / Judee Levinson / Stella Hull / Sam Chignell / Rich / Reverend Bernice Woodall / Mike King / Judith Buckle / Matthew Parker / Bobby Hart / Noel Glass / Cathy Carter-Smith / Olive Kilshaw / Chris Frost / Pamela Doove / Henry Portrait / Jeanette Stevens / Dr Edgar Fish / Joseph Lisgoe / Peter Foot / Terry Lollard / Dr Singleton Boothby / Shirley Shelley / Patch Lafayette / Reg Ingleby / Look North Interviewer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Frances Cox Frances Cox - Annie Raines
Rusty Goffe Rusty Goffe - Simba
Paul Hays-Marshall Paul Hays-Marshall - Barbara Dixon
Jon Key Jon Key - Tik-Tik
Scott Langridge Scott Langridge - Patsy Towers
John Lebar John Lebar - Irish Giant
Johnny Leeze Johnny Leeze - Inspector Cox
Alison Passey Alison Passey - Bearded Lady
Paul Popplewell Paul Popplewell - Collier
Gerald Staddon Gerald Staddon - Pebbles
Brett Wilson Brett Wilson - Toad Transit Guy

Pops is based on Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton's landlord when they shared a flat together. He would only speak to Pemberton and made a point of continually ignoring Shearsmith.