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Necromaniac: Schizophreniac 2 (2003) Online

Necromaniac: Schizophreniac 2 (2003) Online
Original Title :
Necromaniac: Schizophreniac 2
Genre :
Creative Work / Comedy / Drama / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Ron Atkins
Cast :
John Giancaspro,Pete Coleman,Angela Summers
Writer :
Ron Atkins,Ron Atkins
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 33min
Rating :
Necromaniac: Schizophreniac 2 (2003) Online

Deranged and drug-addled misogynistic lunatic Harry Russo suffers from painful flashbacks concerning the abuse he suffered from his parents as a kid. Accompanied by his ventriloquist dummy pal Rubberneck, Russo embarks on a brutal psychotic spree in Las Vegas in which he rapes and murders old ladies, lesbian hitchhikers, and sleazy two-bit whores. Meanwhile, two scummy cops try to nab Russo.
Credited cast:
John Giancaspro John Giancaspro - Harry Russo
Pete Coleman Pete Coleman - Otis
Angela Summers Angela Summers - Shower Girl
Kristin Wilcox Kristin Wilcox - Janet / Harry's mother
Leisa Mitcheltree Leisa Mitcheltree - Kelly
Jennifer Atkins Jennifer Atkins - Kim Jenkel
Garvin Lee Garvin Lee - John Baxter
Nick Palumbo Nick Palumbo - Lt. Hayes
Scott Polera Scott Polera - Larry Russo
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ron Atkins Ron Atkins - Camera Man / Jesus Christ

User reviews



If you ever wanted to see a gratingly overwrought Howard Stern all jacked up on speed horribly overplay a demented, cross-dressing, masturbating, mother-hating, whore-slaughtering, high decibel profanity-spewing, corpse-fornicating ("I love *beep*in' 'em when they're dead"), smack-shooting, brain-eating, gay-bashing, spastic fit-throwing, hallucinating, totally whacked out of his mind with a toxically murderous mixture of misogynistic rage and psychopathic fury racist lunatic serial killer who went around the bloodthirsty bend because his nasty abusive slut of a mommy liked to shove a beer bottle up his butt as a little boy and now gleefully butchers folks as a crazed nutjob adult when he isn't running around stark naked screaming unprintable vile epithets at the top of his lungs in a hideously redundant, tiresomely strident, completely uninsightful and so aggressively base that it's merely annoying instead of remotely amusing or offensive downright lousy gore opus, then this fetid, obnoxious, sex, rape, nudity and violence-laden worthless chunk of dreadfully puerile splatter porn schlock is just the movie for you. Me? I'd rather rewatch the outstanding "Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer" again than sit through this godawful interminable bilge a second time.


If you've had the dubious "pleasure" of witnessing the god-awful piece of garbage SCHIZOPHRENIAC: THE WHORE MANGLER, then you'll know exactly what to expect from this next entry, but this one amps up the obvious racist and gay overtones of director Ron Atkins and "star" John Giancaspro. Obviously Atkins is a closet homosexual and a racist and misogynist based on the "dialog" of this piece of garbage film. But I do have to say that the dialog in this film is some of the most amusing that I've ever witnessed.

Harry Russo is at it again, this time in Vegas, screaming constantly about "hoo-uhs" (that's "whores" for those of you that don't speak New York-ese...) and nigg*rs and spics and faggots (his words - not mine...) and basically causing low-budget havoc in offensive but hilarious fashion. The best part is when Harry meets Jesus and threatens to f!ck him in the ass...

NECROMANIAC is low-budget film-making (if it can be called that...) at it's absolute worst. The only crap that I've seen that is worse than this is LUCKER THE NECROPHAGOUS, and anything by Andreas Schnaas - but I will admit, the dialog is so ridiculous and over-the-top that it's comical and truly quite amusing...and I have to give it points for that, and for a few good nudie shots. The constant talk of doing everyone in the ass - and racist/sexist/homophobic overtones are so ridiculous that they are truly laugh-worthy. Drink a rack of liquor and watch this one if you aren't offended by blatantly offensive language - You may get as much of a kick out of it as I did...which ain't sayin' much...an EXTREMELY generous 4/10 - and it's only because this piece of crap falls into the "so bad - it's still bad" category...


My wife is a total horror freak and got this movie from Netflix. She was making a copy of it to watch later when I turned on the T.V. After seeing about 30 seconds of it... I couldn't stop watching. Kind of like a car wreck or a Tijuana donkey show... It's vile, wretched, sick, disgusting, offensive... and I can't stop watching... WHAT WILL THIS MANIAC DO NEXT?! Needless to say, I went out and bought both of them because I had to have these two in my collection.

The performance put out by John Giancaspro as Harry Russo was amazing. The funny thing is, I found out that in real life, he is a laid back artist and not like that at all. I was almost completely convinced that Ron Atkins had broke him out of the Psyche Ward! The way this guy tears through Vegas like a hurricane, actually made me concerned for his safety. I don't think I've ever ever seen an actor with the same kind of energy.

It's funny how some people consider this movie "racist". It isn't. Harry Russo is a Misanthropic (a person who hates everybody equally) in the purest form. This movie is an all out assault on society in general. If you are the type of person who can find entertainment in something like a GG Allin show, then you will probably love this stuff... if you are the type of person who laughs until your sides hurt at shows like "Friends" or Rob Snyder, then this is probably way over your head.

So love it or hate it, I guarantee that this won't be anything like you have ever seen before. This one will shock even the most hardened film viewers. If your ready for the most offensive, politically incorrect, laugh riot of your life, then you have got to see this.


This sequel to Schizophreniac (1997) is actually worse than the original. I know, it's mind- boggling! See my review on the first film and then add these comments for this sequel. Apparently this is how the director makes his movies: Borrow the family video camera and a couple of bucks for gas money. Round up your untalented, stoner friends and say, "Hey gang, let's make a movie!" Cast the same lead "actor" (or any other real-life mincing, dwarf-size semi-clubfoot screamer) and let him rant without script or direction for 90 minutes. Note to director: puh- leeze never let John "run" again-that weird one-leg-is-shorter-than-the-other-lope of his does nothing but make us guffaw. Get $3 or $4 bucks and hire the most unattractive strippers you can find, have their characters get immediately naked, then point the camera at their love dugout no matter what else is happening in the action. This is shot in Vegas. You would think he could find some good looking cheap strippers! Jeesh. Gets lots of catsup and plastic bleach bottles, some oatmeal and a mannequin and the special effects take care of themselves. This is a terrible waste of film and YOUR time. Skip it. Skip everything this "director" touches. For true guerrilla film-making on a shoestring-check out the films of Nathan Schiff-now they are so bad they are good.