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Deadline Torp (2005) Online

Deadline Torp (2005) Online
Original Title :
Deadline Torp
Genre :
Movie / Action / Drama / Thriller / Crime
Year :
Directror :
Nils Gaup
Cast :
Danilo Bejarano,Emil Forselius,Jørgen Langhelle
Writer :
Nils Gaup,Håkan Lindhé
Type :
Time :
1h 56min
Rating :
Deadline Torp (2005) Online

A faithful dramatization of the real life hostage drama that shook Norway in 1994. On September 28th, 1994, two Swedish men robbed a bank in the small Norwegian town of Larvik. Soon, with a massive police hunt underway, the robbers ended up taking two civilians and two police officers hostage. Next morning the drama would come to a deadly halt at nearby Torp Airport, where for the first time in history, a Norwegian police chief was forced to give the order to shoot to kill.
Credited cast:
Danilo Bejarano Danilo Bejarano - Miro Bilic
Emil Forselius Emil Forselius - Dovor Miadenovic
Jørgen Langhelle Jørgen Langhelle - Åge Lamberg
Sverre Anker Ousdal Sverre Anker Ousdal - Jørgen Schold
Gørild Mauseth Gørild Mauseth - Kristin Slettemark
Rut Tellefsen Rut Tellefsen - Astri Johansen
Ingvar Hirdwall Ingvar Hirdwall - Birger Johansen
Sven Nordin Sven Nordin - Per Kristian Hoveng
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Thor Michael Aamodt Thor Michael Aamodt - Psykolog Fred Antonsen
Thea Aursnes Thea Aursnes - Kaisa Lamberg
Jørn Bakk Jørn Bakk - Arne
Ståle Bjørnhaug Ståle Bjørnhaug - Mann i departementet
Jeanne Bøe Jeanne Bøe - Kvinnelig politi (as Jeanne Bøe Larsen)
Kåre Brekke Dahl Kåre Brekke Dahl - Kamera
Anders Dahlberg Anders Dahlberg - Ole Taup

Despite telling a real-life-story that most Norwegians knew the outcome of, the last episode was seen by 917,000 viewers, making it the highest rated Norwegian-produced drama series in the history of Norwegian television.

The TV premiere was postponed one week out of respect for the numerous Norwegians who had lost friends and relatives in the tsunami disaster.

Just as in the series, one of the hostage-takers did in fact demand that the police negotiator call him "Tony Montana" (the Al Pacino character in Scarface).

Shown on TV as 2-part one hour episodes

User reviews



I think maybe I had too high hopes for this series. At first I was a bit disappointed.

The story is based on the events of an actual Norwegian robbery and hostage situation back in '94 with a dramatic outcome. The story in it self is quite good and strong. Better than many Hollywood action/thrillers. However, the writing could've been a little better. Some of the lines seem a little fake and the characters could've been better. It seems they are not sure who the lead character is. They don't build up the characters good enough. At the end it's the story that saves this series.

Many of Norways most notable actors are to be found in this series. Never the less the all over performance isn't impressive. This might be because of the lack of characters. They are not believable enough. There are something that reminds me that they're just actors.

One of the things that bugged me the most and that I was most disappointed about was the cinematography. Probably (at least by the look of it) the series is shot on video. In it self not a bad thing, but I've seen better looking footage on the regular evening news. The lightning is not bad and the composition is good, but the low depth of field and the weak colors and the over all look of the picture is kind of cheap. The though behind it is probably to make it seem more real and give it a documentary/live news look, witch is a good though, but I'm sad to say it fail. The hand-held camera, however, works. The series has a bit of the 24 feeling with hand-held camera and multiple screens. They don't overdo it and it works quite well. It fits the series and the action. However, you don't get close to the characters. As with the acting you don't get caught up and feel anything for them. When watching you know it's just TV.

The music is quite well done. Yet, in it's simplicity it's strong and powerful. It catches the action and creates a very good atmosphere and feeling.

Deadline Torp has a strong story and is quite unique in many ways. As I watched it got better, but never quite got to where I expected it to be. Never the less it's a OK mini series, but unless you're Norwegian you probably won't have that much pleasure of it.


Deadline Torp is a close to reality miniseries about Norway's biggest (and most brutal) post office robbery to date (then, maybe not now). What happened could have been taken out of any Hollywood movie, but actually happened. All communication happened over the police radio, so the press knew what happened at all time. With full minute to minute coverage from both TV and radio, every one in Norway followed the intense drama that got to it's climax at Torp Airport. Created by Nils Gaup, one of Norway's most popular directors, and starring some of Norway's finest actors, this is a must see! Watch this one, and see that sometimes truth is better (or worse) than fiction!