» » L'@mour est à réinventer La mouette (1996– )

L'@mour est à réinventer La mouette (1996– ) Online

L'@mour est à réinventer La mouette (1996– ) Online
Original Title :
La mouette
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Nils Tavernier
Cast :
Natacha Régnier,Marion Cotillard,Nils Tavernier
Writer :
Clarisse Battas,Clarisse Battas
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
L'@mour est à réinventer La mouette (1996– ) Online

After agonizing for 2 weeks and finally coming to terms with being in love with another woman, the protagonist comes out to and confesses her love for her best friend through a cassette tape.
Episode complete credited cast:
Natacha Régnier Natacha Régnier - Valéria
Marion Cotillard Marion Cotillard - Laurence
Nils Tavernier Nils Tavernier - Christophe

User reviews



I was quite pleasantly surprised by this little gem of only under five minutes of running time. In it Nils Tavernier was capable to convincingly create a very suggestive atmosphere of almost tactile qualities. His lucid and dynamic use of movie language possibilities was met with the superb performance of, above all, Natacha Regnier and (to somewhat lesser extent-mostly due to the script) also Marion Cotillard. The movie opens with Laurences' (Regnier) dreams (as we learn later) about Valeria (Cotillard). After Laurence awakes she sets about to recreate in real life the experiences from her dreams. Through her journey to meet the beloved Valeria, she leaves behind her previous existence and embraces new horizons (visible in the scene on the boat crossing the "waters"), which is also (in my mind) the meeting point, where dreams, fantasies and realities come together- before the final encounter of both protagonists takes place. In an ironic and almost feminist cameo (the male as the Other) we get a glimpse of Nils Tavernier himself- this is the only time that a male figure appears in the movie. It is only towards the end that the going-on takes a twist, which sheds a new light on the whole story.