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Original Title :
Morgen hör ich auf
Genre :
TV Series / Crime / Drama
Cast :
Bastian Pastewka,Susanne Wolff,Janina Fautz
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
Morgen hör ich auf Online

An overwhelmed family man (Bastian Pastewka) starts to produce counterfeit money in his own run down print shop.
Series cast summary:
Bastian Pastewka Bastian Pastewka - Jochen Lehmann 5 episodes, 2016
Susanne Wolff Susanne Wolff - Julia Lehmann 5 episodes, 2016
Janina Fautz Janina Fautz - Laura Lehmann 5 episodes, 2016
Moritz Jahn Moritz Jahn - Vincent Lehmann 5 episodes, 2016
Katharina Kron Katharina Kron - Nadine Lehmann 5 episodes, 2016
André Jung André Jung - Andreas Gerlach 5 episodes, 2016
Margarita Broich Margarita Broich - Sunny Palatzky 5 episodes, 2016
Wolfgang Rüter Wolfgang Rüter - Rainer Fellbaum 5 episodes, 2016
Dennis Mojen Dennis Mojen - Tobias 5 episodes, 2016
Torben Liebrecht Torben Liebrecht - Rolf 'The Wolf' Dannenberg 4 episodes, 2016
Uwe Preuss Uwe Preuss - Werner Tauchert 4 episodes, 2016
Stephan Grossmann Stephan Grossmann - Enno Wevel 4 episodes, 2016
Georg Friedrich Georg Friedrich - Damir Decker 4 episodes, 2016
Alexander Scheer Alexander Scheer - Hauptkommissar Schnabelbach 3 episodes, 2016
Marie Bendig Marie Bendig - Dana 3 episodes, 2016
Cornelius Obonya Cornelius Obonya - Hauptkommissar Riemers 2 episodes, 2016
Simon Schwarz Simon Schwarz - Blaschko 2 episodes, 2016
Barbara Philipp Barbara Philipp - Lehrerin von Nadine 2 episodes, 2016
Gode Benedix Gode Benedix - Pudelmann 2 episodes, 2016
Jan Pohl Jan Pohl - Utz Becker 2 episodes, 2016

Jochen's car is a Mercedes ML 230.

The printing machines Jochen uses to produce the 50 Euro note are manufactured by Heidelberg, a famous german printing machine fabricator.

User reviews



Germany had big problems with producing TV series that are worth mentioning outside of the borders, other than comedy and a few classics which are often only suitable for the German audience anyway and would not make much sense even when translated for the international market.

"Morgen hör ich auf" is about a family father owning and working in a print shop taken over from his father, which is on the brink of bankruptcy. In consequence, the father fearing the financial future of his family and not accepting external support, begins to fake bank bills and tries to wash them. This leads him progressively into unfortunate actions and crime.

This series, although not translated to English and cancelled after the first season, would be worth mentioning if translated in my opinion. It lets you remember the good old Breaking Bad type of story, but with a faster pace and a much more serious feeling. It integrates a touch of the German lifestyle and also a sense of realism other TV series lack of but which a lot of German series follow (which I would descibe as well-done, maybe a bit dull realism instead of exaggerated action).

It shows what unrevealed potential Bastian Pastewka is capable of when it comes down to drama, who is otherwise a well-known comedian in Germany which one would not expect to be so great in other genres as well.

Pretty sad it was cancelled. It was produced for a public service channel, which probably wasn't a good idea since it does not offer any service to the public other than entertainment and they probably wouldn't translate it to English even when becoming more successful. Now it's just a pretty good mini series for Germans only.


Intelligent and realistic story, dark, good acting. Reminds me of Fargo.