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Slatko od snova (1994) Online

Slatko od snova (1994) Online
Original Title :
Slatko od snova
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Musical / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Vladimir Zivkovic
Cast :
Dragana Mirkovic,Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic,Nebojsa Bakocevic
Writer :
Aleksandar Barisic,Srdjan Dragojevic
Type :
Time :
1h 36min
Rating :
Slatko od snova (1994) Online

Deni, a young woman working in McDonalds, has dreams of fame. When a producer discovers her singing talent he gets her into the game. However, she soon feels overburdened. Fortunately, the ghost of Elvis is there to help her.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Dragana Mirkovic Dragana Mirkovic - Deni
Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic - Baks
Nebojsa Bakocevic Nebojsa Bakocevic - Aleks
Branka Katic Branka Katic - Djina
Rambo Amadeus Rambo Amadeus - Bruno X
Giogany Fantastico Giogany Fantastico - Toni
Zoran Cvijanovic Zoran Cvijanovic - Bucer
Branko Cvejic Branko Cvejic - Spigeti
Zivojin 'Zika' Milenkovic Zivojin 'Zika' Milenkovic - Gazda (as Zivojin Milenkovic)
Milorad Mandic-Manda Milorad Mandic-Manda - Duh Elvisa Prislija (as Milorad Mandic)
Gorica Popovic Gorica Popovic - Kelnerica
Olivera Viktorovic Olivera Viktorovic - Baksova druga zena
Zorica Atanasovska Zorica Atanasovska - Baksova majka
Milan Delcic Milan Delcic - Disk dzokej
Ratko Tankosic Ratko Tankosic - Nosac I

User reviews



This movie is a bizarre (though not unsuccessful) attempt to make a music and movie fairy tale in Serbia during the war in Former Yugoslavia (91-95).


Deni (Dragana Mirkovic) is a regular young girl, who works in a Mcdonalds in Belgrade, and dreams about fame and stardom. She is discovered by a musical producer Bruno X (Rambo Amadeus) and becomes a huge pop sensation in the country, but with success her sweet and sugar-free sweet troubles begin. There is a subplot about a ghost of (The) Elvis (Milorad Mandic), who befriends her and gives her advices. Aleks (Nebojsa Bakocevic) plays her love interest.

Plot end.

Dragana Mirkovic was (at the time) one of the most popular pop-folk singers in Serbia. This movie uses her enormous musical success at the time as it's fuel, for it is nothing more then the vehicle for her.

Some of the famous rock musicians appear in side rolls, such as Milan Delcic (rock singer) and Zika Milenkovic (singer of rock group "Babe" (The Grandmothers)).

In the very desperate period for the country this movie was released as a "release valve", and as a sure moneymaker offering the most popular pop-folk singer at the time on the big screen, "peace" between pop-folk and rock musical genres and simple sweet dreams plot for the public to escape to.

If you like Dragana Mirkovic you'll like the movie. If you don't, chances are that you'll still watch it, if nothing else for the sake of pure amazement that something like this was made so shamelessly or just as a living document of the times gone.

It's an over the top musical comedy, but not quite unsuccessful attempt.


I just saw this film on Pink Plus, and I was surprised when I saw Dragana in main role. Well, she knows to act, and doing it pretty good! Too bad the film is not good as she is, it`s boring and uninteresting. Too bad Dragana left acting after this film, it is not her fault that film is bad. Maybe she`ll try again...