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Dialogi (2013) Online

Dialogi (2013) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Irina Volkova
Cast :
Roman Artemyev,Olga Kavalay-Aksyonova,Agniya Kuznetsova
Writer :
Konstantin Steshik,Irina Volkova
Type :
Time :
1h 31min
Rating :
Dialogi (2013) Online

Five tries (chances )to say the most important things , through fear of being misunderstood and speechlessness. Five steps towards yourself ,through a reflection of the closest people .5 breathes , to keep going forward ,through emptiness and fear of death ,in searching and finding of true love .Different heroes walk this pass ,with only one desire ,to be heard and excepted for what they are . Is it possible ?
Credited cast:
Roman Artemyev Roman Artemyev
Olga Kavalay-Aksyonova Olga Kavalay-Aksyonova - (as Olga Aksyonova)
Agniya Kuznetsova Agniya Kuznetsova
Aleksey Maslodudov Aleksey Maslodudov
Vladimir Menshov Vladimir Menshov
Sergey Ovchinnikov Sergey Ovchinnikov
Mariya Shalayeva Mariya Shalayeva - Masha
Evgeniy Stychkin Evgeniy Stychkin
Olga Sutulova Olga Sutulova
Evgeniy Tsyganov Evgeniy Tsyganov
Aleksandr Yatsenko Aleksandr Yatsenko - Sasha
Aleksey Yudnikov Aleksey Yudnikov

User reviews



It's a very good movie and it's probably a reason why not too many people will watch it. No actions, just dialogs. The title doesn't lie. It pretty much explains why everybody is lonely in this world. The society is not something that consists of humans. It's just a facade we used to associate with communications, friendship, love, etc. In fact, we don't belong to it. We are just official members of it. Nothing else. We don't understand each other, and we don't care. Our universe starts and ends in our mind.


The movie is almost perfect - it is extremely original and powerful so it purely explains what it is trying to tell about. However sometimes a desire of going dialogue faster cames to the surface. The movie consists of several stories which are not connected to each other via persons or situations, but which are connected conceptually. Each story expresses, as far as I can see, the feeling of emptyness and unrighteousness of the modern life (more precisely, of the modern society in most cases) despite advantages that it has brought for us. The movie concentrates on the problem of lonelyness and forsakenness of the contemporary person, which losts their identity in the huge spectre of innovations.