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Straight Down Low (2013) Online

Straight Down Low (2013) Online
Original Title :
Straight Down Low
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Zach Wechter
Cast :
Danièle Watts,Shamar Sanders,Jules Theodore
Writer :
Jack Seidman,Zach Wechter
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Straight Down Low (2013) Online

Straight Down Low is a neo-noir, set in the inner city. A shrewd high school detective must solve a curious gangland crime to protect the girl he loves.
Credited cast:
Danièle Watts Danièle Watts - Amber Adams
Shamar Sanders Shamar Sanders - The Student
Jules Theodore Jules Theodore - Tyson
Matias Ponce Matias Ponce - Carlos
Darius Devontaye Green Darius Devontaye Green - Biggs
David C. Hernandez David C. Hernandez - Eastside Bandito #1
Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr. Joe Rudy Guerrero Jr. - Eastside Bandito #2
Matthew Gallenstein Matthew Gallenstein - Man at Payphone
David Wechter David Wechter - Detective #1
Tom Seidman Tom Seidman - Detective #2
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ryan David Bengford Ryan David Bengford - Police Officer #1 (as Ryan von Bengfort)
Rick Graves Rick Graves - Medic
Mark Guerrero Mark Guerrero - Eastside Bandito #3
Allan Hunt Allan Hunt - Library Patron
Andrew Kailon Andrew Kailon - 10th Street Gangster #1

User reviews

Impala Frozen

Impala Frozen

If you are going to make a film that takes modern day students and places them into the noir genre complete with tough dialogue without a single 'like', 'dude' or 'totes', then you're going to have to deal with the fat that your film is going to be compared to Brick. In the case of Straight Down Low, this is not a comparison that it can totally stand up to (perhaps to do with the difference between the resources of a short and a feature) but it does more than well enough to work on its own, even if it never stops feeling familiar.

The plot is well scripted and takes in a lot of themes – some of which are obvious (race) while others perhaps less so. I enjoyed the pace of the dialogue and the manner in which the mystery plays out, but I think the film fell a little short in making it totally convince. I'm not sure I totally felt the danger of these murderers, the rush of time closing in etc – the film seemed a little too slick and smart and maybe could have done these aspects better to up the tension at times, but it does still work. It works as a genre piece and it is fun to see it in a different context. Stylistically the film looks good, with clear images in the darkness (internal or external) without losing that sense of it being dark. The music is not quite as on point, with it being a little on the heavy side at times, but mostly it is what it needs to be.

The performances are mostly good – keeping what makes them modern characters but yet also having that tougher, noiresque dialogue and delivery to match the film's tone. I enjoyed Sanders in the lead a lot, while Watts was also good; the others perhaps were not quite as strong but did what was asked of them. For sure it is very much in the shadow of Brick in terms of what it does and how it does it, and it doesn't ever totally shake that off, but this is not to say that it isn't an engaging and professionally made film – which it is.